Published on May 12, 3025
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via GNN

The Phoenix barely survived Crushmont!

Breaking news!
Sources from the ISTM confirmed that the Phoenix, real name Kira Matsumoto, was inside the Crushmont station during the bombing attack.
At the time of writing and according to our sources, the Ace of Aces is flown to a classified hospital on Gaia, with his life hanging on a thread.
The ISTM already condoned the act of terror before it was known that the Phoenix was gravely injured during the senseless massacre of innocent civilians.
The Phoenix’s prognostic is still reserved. However, it is understood that his life is in danger due to his injuries and the delay in rescue due to the massive terror attack.
Half of Crushmont has disappeared, and most survivors were far from the passenger port or in shielded sections.
The IPS laments the vile act calling it an act of cowardice and futile. It further laments that most casualties and injuries were on civilians, not law enforcement or IPS personnel, as their sector is the farthest away from the passenger port.
The InterPlanetary Security force was already moving resources to the sector to keep the terror group NewCrush in check. The first flotilla arrived about a Gaian-hour after the last detonation took place. Its timely arrival was paramount for the successful rescue of many survivors from the blasts, being the Phoenix one of them.
We will follow up with more details once the ISTM offers an official press announcement about the Phoenix’s health and whereabouts.