B07 ~ Visiting the Alpha

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B07 ~ Visiting the Alpha

Revision 3 October 4, 2020 a 11 min read
B07 ~ Visiting the Alpha cover

Pestered by journalists, Aia and Kira decide that the best action would be visiting their boss…

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Revision 3 October 4, 2020:
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Thanks to all patrons of SpaceHighway and several anonymous readers.

Note: This chapter is published as a manuscript and might contain some grammatical and syntactical errors. If you find some, please comment or drop me a message. I am thankful for any hints as English is not my native language.

Enjoy the reading,
Siggy Simon Jr.

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B07 ~ Visiting the Alpha


“Morning, love,” Aia purrs as I wake up while she brushes her hand through my hair.

“Morning, slept well?” I ask her after a long yawn.

“With you, always,” Aia giggles. Déjà vu… “And now, even better…”

A kindling kiss follows…

Passion awakens, and we already are making out filled with lust.

Suddenly, Aia jumps up. “Catch me, if you can!” she laughs and runs into the living room.

Laughing loudly, I also jump up and follow her.

Giggling and laughing, we run through the small apartment. Aia is an expert in dodging my attempts to catch her.

The chase ends when I finally manage to grab her arm in front of the fridge…

Giggling and panting, Aia turns around and gleams at me.

“Got me~” she giggles. “What are you gonna do with me now?” she asks with a sultry tone in her voice.

“Eat you,” I chuckle and start to nibble her neck. She answers with seductive giggles…

“I never thought that sex in the kitchen could be so exciting,” Aia sighs happily as she exhales the smoke of her fag.

“Yeah…” I do the same as I stretch myself out on the sofa. “More so if a super sexy woman like you runs around naked…”

“Oh, you~” Aia giggles. “Breakfast after a shower?” she suggests.



“What should we do today?” Aia asks over the richly prepared breakfast table. “Right, we talked about making our relationship public…” she adds with a long sigh.

“Yeah…” I sigh too. “This is getting out of hand… Look…” I hand her my terminal. “Jim just sent me this…”

“Fuck… Journalists are besieging our apartment block? And our job place? Are they nuts?”

“It seems like they want to get evidence… Aren’t there laws against this?”

“Yeah, some… But—” she takes a deep breath, “yeah… We have to make it public.”

“Let’s call Yuuki… She surely knows how to deal with this stuff…”

“Good idea, love.” Aia grabs her terminal and selects Yuuki’s contact. “Hi, Yuuki~ Yeah, we’re fine,” Aia giggles. “Look, we’re in a pinch. Yeah, exactly. And… well, Mitsubishi-san invited us to chat too… so… Oh, okay, good idea. Just a sec…” Aia looks at me and says, “Yuuki suggests that we visit ’em and talk about what to do…”

“Sure, good idea,” I confirm.

“Okay, at what time? Around early afternoon? Perfect. Bye, thank you, Yuuki.”

We both sigh in relief. Yuuki is the most adequate person we know who has the knowledge on how to make this public in an orderly manner.

“Until then…” Aia sighs. “I wanted to go to the bank and open our joint bank account… I know it might look childish, but I wanna do it.”

“Let’s see if we can lose these losers…” I say with a smirk.

“Kira~” Aia charms. “You’re right.”


“Darling, do you think this dress is a bit too much?” Aia asks me while covering herself with the blue cocktail dress I bought her on the Yamato station.

“It’s perfect, love,” I assess.

Ugh~ My tan… you can see the tan lines with this dress…” she sighs.

“It’s beautiful. It adds something unique and sexy to you,” I tell her.

“If you like it~ Then I’ll wear it,” she purrs.

We finish dressing and prepare us to leave.

Just as I want to look down from our balcony to check for those journalists, a drone appears in my face. It’s taking pictures of me! Behind me, Aia cries out, startled by the sudden appearance.  

I manage to grab the pesky machine and crash it against the floor. After stomping it to pieces, I throw it at a group of journalists looking up from the sidewalk.

Aia is already on her terminal. She is calling the police… I hear her explaining what just happened and telling them that she just recorded it. Good reflexes, dear.

Less than fifteen minutes later, two patrol cars appear on the streets below and disperse the annoying journalists.

“Finally…” Aia sighs.

“Assholes…” I grumble. “Fucking our privacy up.”

“Fortunately for us, they crossed the line with that drone,” she says. “It’s illegal to use ’em to invade one’s privacy.”

“Yeah… Let’s go as long the coast is clear…”



Thanks to Aia’s trusty sportster and its tinted windscreen and windows, we reach the bank’s building.

Without much fuss, we are received by our financial consultant, an elderly Knoreliaz. Without questions about our relationship, she advises us on our decision to create a joint account. In the end, we opt for creating a joint account while each of us keeps their own individual accounts. Each month, a fixed amount of money will be transferred automatically from our accounts into the joint one. All bills will, from the next month on, be collected from this new account. We get our chips updated with the new bank account, and now we have both access to it for cash payment.

We do not forget our promise to Irina and Jack, and we transfer them our investment. The friendly Knoreliaz handles it swiftly, requesting confirmation about the transfers, and we are set.

After we signed the last documents, she only tells us to be careful with the journalists who might be outside and wishes us a good day.


After nearly running over some journalists on our way out of the bank, we opt to ask Yuuki if we could come earlier than suggested. She immediately confirms that it wouldn’t be a problem, even tells us that she already instructed Charlie to send us to a special set of parking spaces. Wow!


“Good morning, Queen, Phoenix,” Charlie greets us. “You’ve got special airlock number A1 for as long as you need. The boss himself requested it.”

“Wow! Thank you, Charlie,” Aia says, amazed.

“My lips are sealed,” he laughs. “But…”

“We’ll tell you later,” I laugh.

“Damn… Okay, your decision,” he laughs again. “But you owe me a beer for this,” he adds with snorting laughter.

“Sure, a six-pack,” Aia confirms.

“Deal!” Charlie laughs, then gives us the vectors and closes communication.


Brown?” I ask astonished as we step out of the airlock.

“Good morning, Aia, Kira,” he greets us. “Given the circumstances, I’ll be your bodyguard for today.”

“Wow, really?” Aia asks.

“Indeed…” He nods as good as he can with his cyborg body. “The press is pestering every department by now…”

“Fuck… That’s why we want to talk to the boss,” I say.

“Then please, follow me,” Brown says and turns around. “The boss is awaiting you.”

On our way, we barely meet people, and those we meet are from the security department. 

“I’ve never been in this part of the Alpha…” I say overwhelmed by the excessive security.

“It’s the ISTM’s main office,” Aia explains as we walk through several corridors.

“The core of the ISTM is managed from here,” Brown confirms too.


Still amazed by the many corridors and closed doors, we reach a section after passing a security door. Now, this is becoming more familiar…

“I’ll wait here. Please…” Brown says and opens us the door to Yuuki’s office.

We both thank him and cross the threshold.

“Ah! Welcome, welcome!” Yuuki shouts from her desk as she hurriedly stands up and approaches us. “Really excited, I am! Omedetō! Congratulations! This is wonderful!”

Frankly, I am shocked to see the always composed and serene Yuuki express so many emotions at one time.

We can’t even answer as the door to Mitsubishi-san’s office springs open, and our boss meets us in a hurry.

Omedetō gozaimasu!” he shouts as he approaches us too. “Aia-chan, Kira-kun, congratulations!”

“Marvelous…” Yuuki adds dreamily.

Overrun be their best wishes, we are only able to thank them. They shake our hands lively and heartily.

“Come in, come in,” our boss offers, pointing at his office. “We have to celebrate! Yuuki…” He doesn’t have to finish his sentence, as she already brings a bottle of champagne and four glasses.

Aia and I sit on the couch while Mitsubishi-san and Yuuki take an armchair each. This must be the place where our boss has his usual business meetings, I guess…

Omedetō gozaimasu!” the old man repeats as he lifts his filled glass. “Kanpai!”

Omedetō, Aia-chan, Kira-kun,” Yuuki also adds after clinking our glasses.

This champagne is delicious. Tastes familiar… Venus Blue… Even our boss enjoys it?

“Excuse me, youngsters,” Mitsubishi-san says, “for being so emotional. I am still moved…”

“Since Saturday night,” Yuuki adds, giggling. Aia and I look at each other in astonishment.

“Oh, yes… “ our boss confesses. “I was contacted by Eloise, the owner of the place and a good friend of mine, after you had left the Dutchess. Needless to say, I was not prepared for such a big event.”

Hai,” Yuuki confirms. “I had big hopes after Kira-kun asked me for the venue, but not so huge…” she adds with a short giggle.

“Ah… ye—yeah…” I stutter, overwhelmed by the emotions these two overflow with. “Thanks for the orchestra, by the way…” I add, slightly bowing to him.

“Oh… You figured it out,” Mitsubishi-san laughs. “Yes, it was me. And Yuuki called the Dutchess and reserved my usual table under your name.”

“So that’s why…” I sigh, then laugh. “Aia, dear… The Dutchess was booked up until I told my name…” I tell her.

“Oh! Then thank you, Mitsubishi-san,” Aia says with a bright smile. “It was the best evening of my life.”

“No need for thanks, youngsters,” the old man says with a short chuckle. His pleased face tells us everything… He is glowing for having played a small part in our night out. “When Yuuki told me in confidence that Kira-kun asked her about a romantic venue, and she recommended the Dutchess, I knew you two would take the first steps towards a partnership. But to the point of engagement… I did not expect that…”

“How was it, Aia-chan?” Yuuki asks dreamily.

“Wonderful,” Aia replies. “The ambiance couldn’t have been better. But everything was blown away the moment Kira kneeled down in front of me and asked me…” she sighs happily while showing Yuuki and the boss her engagement band.

“Beautiful…” Yuuki muses.

“Indeed…” the old Mitsubishi confirms and nods.

“And Aia proposed to me afterward,” I add and show them my engagement ring.

“So wonderful…” Yuuki sighs dreamily.

“Aah…” Mitsubishi-san also sighs happily. “I knew that you two were made for each other.”

“You did?” I ask him.

“Indeed… The same day I have met you. And I knew that you would have a positive influence on poor Aia-chan’s health.”

“Boss…” Aia sighs.

“Do not worry about it now, Aia-chan. I agree with Mitsubishi-sama, your health came back as soon as you have met Kira-kun. We actually rooted for you two so much,” Yuuki confesses.

“Indeed…” the boss nods, “I saw that you two would be happy together, and hoped that you two can work it out.”

“Tha—tanks, Mitsubishi-san,” I stutter. “I—We’re moved…”

“But is it really okay? I mean, work-related…” Aia asks with a hint of preoccupation.

“No problem, no problem,” the old man laughs, “you two are already two of my best employees. I could not be your way, not the slightest. I am happy for you two.”


“Do not worry about work,” Yuuki says. “Right now, you are on vacation,” she adds, giggling. “But, you said that you are having problems…”

“Yeah…” I sigh.

“The press…” Aia adds with another sigh.

“I see…” Mitsubishi-san says and brushes his hand through his long beard. “Do you want to make it public?”

“Yes,” Aia confirms.

“We just don’t know how. Maybe a public statement or…” I shrug as my voice trails off.

“Why not a press conference? Where you can answer some questions to the press,” Yuuki suggests.

“Good idea,” our boss assesses.

“What do you think, dear?” I ask Aia.

“Yeah… Better now than running… I already hated the stupidities they wrote about me, but now it’s ludicrous.” Aia sighs and takes my hand. “I think we should.”

“Right,” I nod, “let’s do it.”

“Yuuki, call everyone for a press conference. Is press hall One free today?” Mitsubishi-san asks.

Yuuki checks her tablet computer. “In one hour. It is free in one hour as it is being cleaned,” she confirms. “I will call every stationed journalist. Shall I call some others?”

“Good. Yes, make it public. Let us fill that hall to the brim,” our boss laughs. “Then make it in two hours, so those on Gaia can come too. Ah, do not state the exact reason. It will be a surprise,” he adds.

Wakarimashita, Mitsubishi-san,” Yuuki says, stands up and leaves for her office.

“Now, youngsters,” he says, “would you have a light meal before the press conference?”

Aia and I look at each other, giggle and chuckle, and confirm.


After Yuuki finished her calls, she orders some food for us four.

We enjoy a rich meal together with our boss and his secretary in his office.

With another glass of champagne, we keep on talking until it is time for the press conference.

“Such a beautiful dress,” Yuuki observes as we walk towards the hall.

“A gift from Kira, on our first haul together after his hospitalization,” Aia says.

“Such a great gift,” Yuuki muses. “And these new earrings?”

“Another gift,” Aia giggles. “From yesterday, on Venus.”

“Aww~ He truly pampers you, doesn’t he?”


Both women giggle while Mitsubishi-san looks proudly at me and smiles broadly while Brown leads us.

To be continued in:
Space Highways The Queen and the King   B08 - Press Conference

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