This Character appeared first in chapter A02 ~ The Rebirth of the Phoenix II

Jim Mix

One of the recurring secondary characters of the SpaceHighway series.
He is renown for being one of the best hazmat cargo truckers in the Orion sector.

Basic Data

Name: Jim
Surname: Mix
Pronunciation (IPA): no input.
Name in other language: no input.
Nickname(s): Space Cowboy
Gender: Male
Sexual orientation: Heterosexual
Species: Gaian-Human
Ethnicity/Race: Gaian/Caucasic
Age: 32, gY (Gaian Years)
Birthdayno input.

Physical aspects

General description

Tall, skinny but strong.
Always wears cowboy-clothes and two stunguns.
Tries to comply with his cowboy-image: speech, behavior, …

Detail description

Skin color: White
Height: 1.93m
Hair style: Short
Hair color: Dark brown


  • Tries to keep shaven, but usually has stubbles.


  • Human
  • ..


  • none.

Living place

Nameno input.

Addressno input.




  • Aia Asdiekx: Considers Aia a good friend.
  • Enya Xeviryo: Has a crush on Enya since they met.
  • Kira Matsumoto: Best friend.
  • no input.


  • Spouse: none
  • Kids: none
  • Father: no input. Human.
  • Mother: no input. Human.


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