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SpaceHighway series status

NSFW/Adult/Mature chapters are only available for tier “Instructors+” patrons on Patreon and are marked with

eXtended editions are  available for tier “Instructors+” patrons on Patreon and are marked with  (eXtended chapters will be marked upon publishing)

Extra chapters are special chapters telling more about the SpaceHighway universe and might appear out of the chronological order. They are marked with

Data updated: November 11, 2019

Current chapters' progress

B05 ~ Home, Sweet Home

Status: Out for Everyone

Completed: 100%

100% Complete
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B06 ~ Venus Beach

Status: Revisions

Edition: 100%

100% Complete
Revision: 90%
90% Complete
Completed: 58%
58% Complete


B07 ~ (TBA)

Status: Edition

Development: 100%

100% Complete
Edition: 25%
25% Complete
Completed: 25%
25% Complete

B08 ~ (TBA)

Status:  Development

Development: 15%

15% Complete
Completed: 3%
3% Complete

SpaceHighway series stats

These stats include only the chapter’s total published words. Notes, comments, references, footnotes and annexes are not included.
Note: These statistics include the chapters’ full text, including the eXtended sections.

ChapterEditionRevisionNr. of words
B00 ~ Prelude 32.377
B01 ~ The Great Night Out 29.112
B02 ~ The Queen and the Phoenix, The Couple 210.717
B03 ~ The Parents of the Bride 27.245
B04 ~ A Day on Mars 28.513
B05 ~ Home, Sweet Home 28.777
B06 ~ Venus Beach 1-
Total words46.741
Average words7.790,2
Chapters with word count: 6 Total chapters: 7

Total Stats

Totals include only chapters with word count.
  • Total number of chapters, including extras: 27
  • Total number of published words: 248.877
  • Average words per chapter: 8.028,3
  • Unique characters appeared until now: 16
  • Highest revisions number of a published chapter: 7
Author’s stats:
  • Discarded texts: never counted…
  • Coffees: lost count…
  • Sleepless nights: huh?
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