B05 ~ Home, Sweet Home

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B05 ~ Home, Sweet Home

Revision 3 May 24, 2020 a 46 min read
B05 ~ Home, Sweet Home cover

Aia and Kira’s escapade to Mars ends after an eventful morning.
Now it’s time for a good time alone.

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Revision 3 May 24, 2020:
  • Fixed: some more minor grammar slip-ups.
  • Polished: swapped even more words with better synonyms.

Thanks to all patrons of SpaceHighway and several anonymous readers.

Note: This chapter is published as a manuscript and might contain some grammatical and syntactical errors. If you find some, please comment or drop me a message. I am thankful for any hints as English is not my native language.

Enjoy the reading,
Siggy Simon Jr.

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B05 ~ Home, Sweet Home


We finally reach the peace statue towering the vast square. Aia is huffing and blushing deeply…

“Shouldn’t you—”

“It’s okay, Kira,” Aia interrupts me while smirking. “It’s sexy… Just let me take a breath before meeting my parents.”

“If you’re okay with it…”

“Yup!” she giggles. She is still wearing the vibrator while the remote is in my pants’ pocket. She insisted on wearing it even if we’ll be with her parents for some long hours more…

“There ya are!” Jack laughs as we approach them.

“Sucha nice dress, darling!” Irina exclaims.

“Thank you~” Aia giggles and twirls around, showing her parents the new dress off.

“Marvelous! It fits ya perfectly,” Jack confirms.

“It’s from Jani,” Aia says.

“Ah~ The red girl’s?” Irina asks. “She’s so nice. Bought some dresses from her too.”

“Yeah, she is,” I confirm.

“But so shy… Poor girl…” Irina sighs.

“She’s our friend now,” Aia says, and I confirm.

“Ma~ma~ That’s wonderful,” Irina giggles.

“Found something else?” Jack asks.

“Yeah…” Aia giggles and blushes. “Something intimate…”

“That’s nice.” Jack nods but then sighs. “We haven’t found anything useful… But something way more important happened! The dictator’s out!” He starts laughing loudly.

“Yeah! Finally!” Irina accompanies Jack’s laughter.

Aia and I look at each other and smirk.

Jack interrupts his laughter. “Ah, yes! This’ to be a fun family day, right?”

“True… Where’d we go first? Oh, yeah… Why not the Red Tower’s panorama floor?” Irina suggests.

“That would be great,” Aia giggles.


At a few minutes’ walking distance away, a huge red building towers over the rest. We enter its hall at the ground level.

Jack and Irina guide us straight to one of the many elevators.

“This building’s observation platform lets us look over almost all Mars City,” Aia explains as we flit upwards.

“Interesting.” I nod.


“Impressive…” I say awestruck at the view.

“Isn’t it?” Aia giggles.

We step to the huge windows while Irina and Jack have a seat at one of the café’s tables.

“Let’s see…” Aia thinks aloud. “Ah, yeah… See that greenish dome far to the left?” I confirm with a nod. “That’s the university where I studied. Actually, you only see the tower’s dome and the University Hospital to its right. The university is quite low built, in comparison to the rest. But the campus is huge. I did the internship at the University Hospital once I finished the degree.”


“Right? Although I haven’t set foot on the campus again since I’ve fetched the diploma…” Aia giggles again and goes on, giving me an hour-long sight-tour over Mars City.

“And your parents’ home?”

“Ah, yeah… See that yellow building?” Aia points to the left, and I nod. “It’s almost straight ahead from there.”

“It’s actually quite near…” I confirm.

“Yeah. But we don’t have a reliable public transport system going so far out…” Aia sighs. “Thanks to some grants for my excellent grades, it was cheaper for me to share a flat or stay in the dorms rather than commuting.”

“It took us less than an hour and a half to reach the city…” I observe. “But would be a lot of time lost if you’d commute every day.”

“Exactly. Using public transport, it would have taken me about three hours, per way.”

“That’s crazy…”

“You say it.” Aia sighs, then giggles. “Student housing was actually quite cheap at that time. That’s because the former governor—Ah… the former of the former…” she giggles. “That governor had visions of making Mars City the best university city of the Gaian sector.”

“That’s a good investment for the future.”

“Truly. There were many grants for excellent students coming from a low-income background such as me. But there were also special grants for students wanting to study here despite residing on another planet.”

“Wow… So… If we had a kid who wants to study here…”

“Yeah, the kid would have a scholarship for lodging. That is, if the new government reactivates the scholarships…”

“You mean…”

“Yeah…” she sighs. “That Lackester canceled any scholarship coming from the Mars government. Only private grants or from NGOs were provided since then.”

“That must have been hard on the students and their families…”

“You say it…” Aia sighs. “Fortunately, I still got the scholarships I needed at that time. I was finishing the degree while he took over. Actually, he canceled any public scholarship as a retaliation against the university… At least, that’s the widespread rumor.”

“No fuck?”

“No…” Aia sighs while shaking her head. “Carles also studied there, but could barely pass easy subjects. He repeated many subjects while harassing everyone, including professors.

“Allegedly, Lackester went to the university board to bribe some stellar grades for Carles out. The board rejected it, so he abolished any new scholarships. Fortunately, he couldn’t bar those who already had one granted…”

“That’s wicked… What was the official version? It couldn’t be that easy, right?”

“Yeah… He justified it with the low governance budget he had set after he vowed to reduce the high public spendings. According to him, the government was on the verge of bankruptcy when he took power. But his new public spending policy was so low that private companies sprung up to fill the void left.”

“And most of them were surely linked to him, right?”

“That could never be confirmed, but looked quite so…” Aia sighs. “These private companies collected huge paychecks for their services…”

“Typical corruption scheme…” I sigh. “What will happen now?”

“I don’t know,” she sighs again. “Let’s hope the future government will do better…”

“Yeah…” I sigh too.

“Better let’s change topic, it’s getting depressing…”

“True… Ah, yeah… Didn’t we want to call that clinic today for an appointment?”

“Oh, yes… Let’s call ’em.” Aia produces her terminal from her purse and finds the clinic’s contact. “Hello? Yes, my name is Aia Asdiekx. Oh? Ehhnah? Is that you? Yeah, for an appointment. On Thursday? Ah, Kira is nodding. Yes, that’s perfect. Where’s the clinic? Hmm… Oh, yeah, I know that park. Sure. At eleven o’clock? Perfect. We’ll be there. Ah… How’s your baby? Reki, right… Fufu~ Nice. See you on Thursday. Thanks, bye~bye~”

“Thursday, at eleven o’clock. That’s perfect,” I assess.

“I want it to be possible…” Aia sighs and hugs me.

“Me too, darling. Me too…” I also sigh and hug her.

After a while hugging her, I glance over at her parents. They started to wave at us.

“Your parents seem to call us, darling.”

“Oh… let’s see what they want,” Aia giggles.

We approach them holding our hands.

“Ma~ma~ Sucha cute couple,” Irina giggles.

“Yeah…” Jack chuckles.

“Wanna coffee? They make great one here…”

“We shoulda have one at Ricky’s though…” Jack says.

“Right…” Irina giggles.

“Yeah… I miss that coffee,” Aia giggles. “Not as excellent as John’s, it’s the best coffee you can get on Mars,” Aia explains.

“Sounds great,” I confirm.


After taking a groundbus and walking some minutes, we reach a coffeehouse at ground level.

“Not the best views, but the best coffee,” Jack remarks.

We enter the modern styled café. It’s quite cozy. Each table has sofas or armchairs instead of the usual benches and chairs.

Irina picks a table near the ample windows with a sofa on both sides. It’s absolutely perfect for two couples.

An Ïiha server takes note after Jack orders a coffee named Black Mars for each of us.

“It’s the best coffee you can get,” Aia informs me. “It’s a special kind of coffee that only grows here, on Mars.”

“Yup~” Irina giggles. “One of my childhood friends has the second biggest coffee farm from the northern hemisphere.”

“Yeah, I remember him…” Jack chuckles. “He was wooing ya for the longest time…”

“Yeah~” Irina giggles. “Even before I’ve meetcha. But was neva interested in him. Too dependent on his father’s money. Always preferred self-sufficient guys, such as Jack.” She gives him a peck. “Still a good friend, but I prefer a modest life with the guy I really love,” she adds giggling.

“Darling…” Jack sighs happily.

“Although, not that modest anymore,” Aia giggles. “Not if the big beer manufacturers are feeling threatened by your beer.”

“True…” Irina giggles. “But our life is still humble. Even if we make a real profit nowadays.”

“Exactly.” Jack nods. He opens his mouth to go on, but is interrupted by the arrival of the waiter.

The waiter serves us the freshly brewed coffee with a smile.

“Thank you~” Aia sings happily.

“Delicious…” I marvel after the first sip.

“Truly~” Aia giggles.

“Yeah~” Irina sighs happily.

“Ah, yeah…” Jack says after his first sip on the coffee. “Ever since adopting Aia, we got to break even with the expenses. Even more, after she started to part-time and sending us money home—”

“Even if we initially refused,” interjects Irina and giggles.

“Yeah…” Jack chuckles. “From then on we had a steady increase in profits. But we grew too large over that time…”

“Yeah…” Irina nods. “We never thought that in the future we won’t be able to tend the fields. That’s when we began to experiment with beer brewing.”

“And after telling Aia bout it, she invested into our nascent business,” adds Jack.

“Yeah~” Aia giggles. “I tasted the beer, and it took my breath away.”

“It truly is one of the best, if not the best I’ve tasted yet,” I confirm.

“Kira~” Aia sighs happily. “Exactly. I liked it that much that I simply had to help mom and dad to fund and found their brewery.”

“Yeah… Aia invested a lot of money,” Jack confirms, “and is still our main investor. But we’re still looking for more investment without losing control of the company.”

“It’s so difficult…” Irina sighs. “We already have some good profits, but that’s because we still have a lot of fields of other produce and the large livestock. Most profits go into the brewery and its growth.”

“How much do you need?” I ask as they blink. “I’m interested in investing.”

“Oh, Kira~” Aia charms.

“I’ve already got some savings waiting to be invested,” I confirm.

Irina and Jack look at each other for a brief while.

“It’s quite much…” Jack finally says. “To really expand production, we’d need bout half a million…”

Fuck… I never thought it would be that much…

“Ugh…” I sigh. “Right now, I could invest two hundred grand. Would that be enough?”

“Wow… Kira…” Irina gasps. “That much? Yeah, it would help a lot.”

“Kira~” Aia hugs me tightly. “Then I’ll invest the remaining three hundred grand too.”

“Aia…” Jack says moved. “Will ya really? Ya’ve already got the majority of the investment funds.”

“Sure!” Aia laughs. “As long as your venture stays yours, I’ll keep investing in it. You already did so much for me. Mom, Dad, thanks to you, I’ve got the happy life I have, got a job I love, and… I’ve met Kira,” she declares happily. “Just cut back on the farm and don’t overwork yourselves, okay?”

“Aia…” both her parents sigh emotionally.

“Then’s set,” I laugh. “I prefer to invest my money where I know it’s in good hands. I just hope I get a discount for ordering your beer straight home.”

Aia, Irina, and Jack laugh loudly.

“Deal!” Irina laughs and offers me her hand to close the deal.

I shake her and Jack’s hand in agreement. Aia sizes the moment to hug and kiss me ecstatically.

“Now we’re sure yer the best match,” giggles Irina.

“Yeah,” Jack chuckles. “Sucha beautiful couple ya make.”

“Mom, Dad~” Aia giggles sheepishly and blushes slightly. “Yeah~” she adds. “Oh, yeah… What will you do with that money? I mean, we already agreed to invest it, and I know you’ll use it wisely. But I’m intrigued now…”

“Ah, yeah…” Jack chuckles. “With this money, we’ll turn the old barn into a second brewery for the new brand we’ve created.”

“The other beer you had us to taste? The stronger one?” I ask.

“That one,” confirms Irina.

“It’s really great,” Aia declares, and I nod.

“We’ll be able to mass-produce it while still producing our first flavor,” explains Jack. “We could only produce samples to convince investors till now.”

“And the animals you’re keeping there?” Aia asks.

“We’re selling ’em. But waited till we got the funds secured,” Irina says. “We couldn’t simply sell ’em off because we still depend on ’em for income.”

“Now that ya two have confirmed yer investment, we’ll be able to sell ’em,” Jack adds.

“Then we’ll transfer the funds over the next days,” Aia states, and I confirm.

“That would be wonderful,” Irina happily says.

“Then we can start converting the old barn the day after we’ve sold the livestock housed there,” Jack joyfully declares.

“Great,” I confirm, and Aia giggles, still hugging my waist.

“By the way, why dontcha have a li’l stroll and sight-see some more before having lunch?” Irina suggests.

“Yeah, that’s perfect,” Aia giggles, and I nod.


We keep wandering around Mars City for two hours. Aia, Irina, and Jack show me the most important places.

Sadly, we can’t see much, as everywhere we go, we find protesters who chant for Mars’ freedom, and those who celebrate the new coming age. We were lucky that the places we’ve visited so far are not related to the former governor nor his governance.

“Aintcha getting hungry too?” asks Irina after yet another disappointment to find a public building closed.

“Now that you mention it, yeah,” Aia giggles, and I nod as I’m starting to feel hungry.

“Great, why don’t we have lunch at Lilly’s?” suggests Irina.

“Mom… We only went there on Sundays…” Aia points out, quite surprised.

“Issa Sunday for us, pumpkin,” Jack laughs. “More so after ya two coming here, and our deal.”

“Exactly,” Irina giggles.


We reach a small greasy spoon diner near the square where all the ruckus unfolded some hours ago.

It’s actually bigger than expected. Obviously, just a few patrons are here. Most are likely to be on the streets celebrating the governor’s detention.

We quickly find a nice table and sit on the benches. This time, I sit at Jack’s side with Aia in front of me.

“Good evening, family,” a cute Reaf waitress greets us. “Today we have a really special blue-plate special,” she giggles at the redundancy. “We call it Mars Freedom Special.” She peeks her tongue out at the stupid name. “You’ll get an extra dish for free to celebrate.”

“Sounds great,” Irina laughs. “Four, then.”

“Okay~” the waitress sings. “Four freedom specials!” she shouts excitedly towards the counter. “What do you want to drink?”

Just as I want to order a beer, Aia hints that only alcohol-free drinks are served here. Right…

“A coke…” I say, and the server nods.

“Another one for me,” Aia adds.

“Make it three,” Irina giggle.

“Then four,” Jack laughs.

“Perfect! Be right back with them,” the server giggles.


Shortly after our cokes were served, the waitress brings us the starters of the special.

It’s actually quite better than I anticipated to be. Now I get why Aia’s family eats here regularly. It’s cheap and really tasty. And filling…

“Some desserts?” the waitress asks as she retrieves the empty plates.

“Just a coffee, espresso,” Aia says.

Irina and Jack also ask for a coffee, while I want to try one of these Martian rice puddings whose ads are plastered all over the place.

I came to the conclusion that it is absolutely “Delicious~”

“What are yer plans now?” Jack asks. “I mean, in the coming days.”

“Oh… We haven’t thought it through…” Aia says.

“Yeah… Even coming to visit you was an impromptu decision,” I confirm.

Hm~” Aia nods. “We have a week-long holiday. We only know that over the next days, we’ll make our relationship public.”

“Oh?” Irina and Jack blink.

“Yeah,” I also nod, “we’re public figures. At least, we’re famous. We have the feeling that if we don’t make it public, it will be only worse for us in the future.”

“Yes…” Aia sighs. “We will be pestered anyways. But it could be worse if we don’t do it now. We want to be a normal couple anywhere and not to have to hide from public eyes.”

“That would be the worst. It will spread anyway. There are already so many rumors about us two, that it could easily spin out of control,” I add.

“Yeah…” Aia sighs again. “That’s why we have to make it public. I’d rather tell ’em from the beginning rather than ’em finding out.”

“Exactly,” I confirm and take her hand lying on the table.

“Damn…” Jack sighs. “That idiot press…”

“If ya think it’s the best, then ya should do it,” assesses Irina. “Canna tell ya what to do or what not… Ain’t got no idea bout being famous…”

“Yeah…” Jack nods. “This’ be yer decision on how to do it. But ya shouldna need to do such thing. This kinda press’ only’s depressing. Canna read nor watch such trash.”

“But we support ya in any way,” Irina says.

“Yeah, no matter what happens,” Jack confirms.

“Mom, Dad, thanks…” Aia sighs happily.

“Thanks, Irina, Jack,” I say moved.

“Anyways, ya two are always welcome to visit us and stay over,” Irina happily declares.

“Of course,” Jack nods, “it’s yer home too.”

Aia and I thank them once again, while we strengthen our grip on our taken hands, and Aia smiles radiantly.

“Whatcha wanna do now?” Irina asks us. “Stay more or going home?”

“Doubt ya’ll see anything interesting while Mars’ in uproar,” Jack points out and points at the videowall where a newsreel follows what is already dubbed as the Martian Revolution.

“Right…” Aia sighs.

“I think we should go home,” I assess. “We aren’t prepared to stay longer as we didn’t even think of staying over.”

“True~” Aia giggles charmingly.

“A shame that ya already have to go,” Jack says.

“But we understand that ya two wanna be together alone,” Irina giggles.

“Right,” Jack laughs.


“Ah, Kira?” Jack suddenly says while he pilots the family car back to their farm.


“T’was cool how ya confronted Carles,” he laughs loudly.

“True…” Irina giggles. “T’was yer bionic limbs, right?”

“Oh… Yeah,” I confirm.

“Had a great effect on ’em…” Jack laughs.

“Is difficult to control ’em, right?” Irina asks.

“Actually, no…” I negate. “After some months of rehab, I’ve learned to control my bionic limbs. Now I have full control over them.”

“That’s great!” Irina laughs.

“Sure, from time to time, I still have to think about it… I mean on how to control them on certain occasions. Like this one…” I confirm. “But in most cases, I don’t even think about it anymore.”

“Cool…” Jack nods at the controls. “Ah… We’re arriving home…”


Aia and I say goodbye to her parents with emotional hugs and kisses.

“Yer always welcome, kids,” Jack says, shaking my hand again.

“Yeah~” Irina giggles. “Jus’ call us before, in case we’re not here…”

“We will,” I assert.

“Yeah.” Aia also confirms. “We’ll be in touch. Bye~”

“Ah!” Irina stops us from turning towards Aia’s car. “Please, keep us posted bout the tests…”

“Sure, Mom,” Aia giggles. “You’ll be the first ones. We’ll call when we have the news.”

“Be it good or bad, call us, will ya?” Jack also insists.

“Yeah, we will,” I confirm again.

“We wish ya all the best.”

“And that yer wishes become true.”

“Thanks,” Aia and I say again.

Aia looks at me with a gentle smile. We say goodbye again and climb into her sportster. The trunk is already laden with beer from Irina and Jack’s brewery.


Aia smirks at me coquettishly after entering the Mars-Gaia Jump. Her hand lies on my thigh with her fingers gently, yet seductively twisting and caressing me through my jeans.

I remember her vibrator’s remote in my pocket. It seems like it’s the perfect time to play a bit…

Giggling and laughing after our newly discovered sexy game, we exit the Jump.

“I never thought that zero-grav sex would be so fun,” Aia giggles.

“Yeah…” I chuckle. “And we found something new too.”

“True… But…” she sighs, “I don’t get it… How’s that I felt it anally? I’m supposed not even to notice it, let alone feeling good…”

“Hmm…” I think while Aia looks at me intrigued. “Perhaps…”

“What is it? Found something?”

“We would have to test it, at home.”

“Didn’t you say it doesn’t matter?” she jokes and smirks.

“And it doesn’t,” I reassure her. “It’s just a hunch. You don’t have to, if you don’t want to.”

“Kira~” Aia giggles. “Okay, after a good, long shower.”



“Home, sweet home…” Aia giggles as the door of our apartment opens to her command.

As the door closes, she begins to undress. Smirking, I imitate her after putting the beer cases down.

“I’ll put on a wash. We were wearing the same clothes for two days straight. What do you need to have washed?” I ask Aia.

“Right…” she giggles. “Here, my new dress.”

“That’s better in another wash…”

“Yeah, you’re right. Thanks, dear,” Aia says.

I take the other dress from its bag and gather everything. Under the threshold of the bathroom, Aia throws me a thong. I catch it on the fly. It’s humid…

“It’s in great need to be washed,” Aia laughs.

“A bit overexposed?” I laugh too.

“Just to extreme heat and moisture,” she giggles.

Laughing, I stuff the clothes into the washer. I drop the new dress into the clothing basket at the washer’s side.


“Ahh~ I missed this shower…” Aia sighs as we stand together under the steaming artificial rain.

“We were just one night out…” I observe.

“True~” Aia giggles. “But we had to shower separately…”

“Oh… Right…” I laugh. “Missed a shower together that much?”


Aia turns around and kisses me passionately.


Clean and relaxed, we step out of the bathroom.

“Ahh~ So nice~” Aia giggles. “I could get used to having hot shower sex every day.”

“Truly,” I laugh.

“Right… You wanted to check my ass out, right?” she purrs.

“Yeah, if you’re up to…”

“Yup! On the bed?”


I bring one of the massage oils we’ve bought. It’s the one which doubles as lube.

“It’s strange…” Aia sighs. “Even if it was just your fingers, I felt nothing remotely similar to when we did it in the car…”

“In zero-grav,” I add.

“Huh?” Aia sits up and looks at me perplexed. “You mean that I feel it only in low-grav?”

“Most likely. I mean, you only felt it while we were in the Jump, right?”

“Yeah… And it even felt awesome… But… I’m not sure if the excitement of the moment, and if the vibrator had any influence.”

“Don’t worry, Aia. We’ll find out, if you want.”

“Yeah… But…”


“I still prefer a normal fuck… It was way better in the shower. Perhaps, I really don’t feel it up the butt…”

“Or your species simply isn’t built that way,” I say reassuringly. “Don’t brood over it. While I like anal sex from time to time, I won’t push you in any way. And if you don’t feel good from it, I don’t want it.”

“No?” Aia asks with a smirk.

“Aia, pleasuring you is a pleasure in itself,” I say and brush my hand along her thigh.

“Kira~” Aia giggles sultry. “I love you.”

Our lips meet for a long, lovingly kiss.

“How do I look?” Aia asks in a seductive whisper.

“Hot,” I simply answer.

“Dummy~” she giggles sensually. “I mean… when we’re doing it.”

“Oh? Hot…” I repeat, caressing her ass cheek.

“Kira~” she giggles again. Her face turns serious. “Now, really… Do I look strange or even… ugly?” she asks, looking away.

“Ugly? Strange?” I ask perplexed. My free hand finds her burning cheek and gently guide her face to look at me. “You’re the most beautiful creature I’ve ever met. Your passionate face is the most erotic, sexiest, and charming face ever.”

“You sure?” she asks wearing a seductive smirk.

“Absolutely, love,” I assure while stroking the smooth skin of her hips. “Perhaps, we should do it in front of the huge mirror at the entrance,” I suggest while smirking.

“And watching my own o-face?” Aia giggles. “Could be fun… But…”


“I still prefer a comfortable place… Doing it while standing is exciting, but exhausting,” she adds giggling with a beautifully erotic undertone.

“Oh, Aia…” I chuckle.

“Have you finished with my ass?” she purrs.

“Oh, yeah. It’s just mesmerizing…” I chuckle.

“I’m horny…” she purrs sultry.

“From touching your ass?” I smirk.

“From you looking at my precious places so intensely…”

Aia pulls me to another, kindling kiss. Sitting on the bed, our kisses intensity while our hands roam each other’s skin in reach.

“I love you,” Aia moans between kisses.

“I love you, Aia,” I also moan when our lips part briefly.

Cuddling together, with sweat pearls on our skin, we are basking in the afterglow.

“Definitely…” Aia sighs. “I still prefer a gentle fuck on our bed.”

“Aia,” I chuckle. “Yeah… true…” I also sigh.



“I love you…” she whispers sleepily.

“I love you too…” I whisper equally sleepily.


“Hi~” Aia whispers as I awake.

“Hi… We fell asleep?” I ask drowsy.

“We did…” she giggles.

“I feel jet-lagged…”

“Me too… That happens often when having a short hop to Mars.”

“Noted…” I chuckle.

“Care for a light dinner?”

“Already night?”


“Sure, I feel a bit hungry.”

After a peck, we stand up and walk to the open kitchen.

“Are sandwiches okay?” Aia asks.

“Sounds great,” I confirm and find the sliced bread in the larder.

In a great mood, we start making several sandwiches. Some pecks and flirtatious caresses interrupt our preparations from time to time until we’re finished.


With several sandwiches and bottled Martian beers prepared, we make ourselves comfortable on the sofa.

Aia instructs the videowall to switch to the Gaia News channel.


We are flabbergasted by the news about Mars.

The Martian Revolution is already considered the biggest peaceful revolution in the Sol System’s history. The only registered violence was from some of those people who benefitted from the former governor’s regime. Those spotty violent acts were subdued by the police and security forces.

“Did we really set all this in motion?” I ask flabbergasted.

“Dunno…” Aia sighs. “But the sentiments were already ripe for this to happen sooner or later.”

True… The news anchor starts citing many of the former government’s ill decisions. Among many others, she cites corruption on every level of the government, embezzlement of public money, creating unneeded positions for family members and friends in public offices, appropriation of public resources, and manipulation of the press.

«It is not quite clear what caused the sudden uproar,» the anchor goes on. «Only rumors hint towards a plausible reason. It is said that one of the henchmen of former governor Lackester attacked an interspecies couple who managed to defend themselves. Further rumors indicate that governor Lackester himself attacked an interspecies couple. Several other rumors run, citing a combination of the aforementioned rumors. The only statement which correlates, is the place where it happened, Lackester Square. This fact has been corroborated by the Mars City police department.»

“Wow… just wow…” Aia gasps, almost choking on her sandwich.

«I just got notified that our correspondent on Mars has managed to interview Chief Officer Itrean, leading police agent overseeing the peaceful transition…»

“Mark…” I say baffled as the officer appears on screen.

“Don’t say…” Aia seems equally baffled.

«Yes, I can confirm that Mars City is under control of the public security services,» Mark tells the reporter. «We have requested assistance from the IPS to keep order and oversee a true transition all over Mars.

«We need their assistance to rebuild the government and to oversee the new elections as a neutral party.»

«Can you confirm that the IPS has accepted this role in the transition?» the reporter asks.

«Yes. I can confirm.»

«What will happen from now on?»

«We are still searching for many members of the former corrupt government. These people will have to wait for a proper trial once the government has been rebuilt, as many judges were part of the corrupt system.

«The Mars Security forces will step in as an interim government with the help of the IPS until the elections are over and a new government is formed.

«Our intentions are to give back to the Martian people what is rightfully theirs. We will work with other governments such as the Gaia Global Government and the Venusian Government to bring back Mars’ former glory.»

«Can you, please, confirm what the straw that broke the camel’s back was? Mars was under Lackester’s rule for over a decade now, and discontent was rising sharply.»

“No… Please… Don’t mention us,” Aia pleads while I take her into my arms.

«The last straw was after Lackester demanded the apprehension of an interspecies couple,» Mark says in a tone that does not hide his anger.

“No…” Aia sighs as our eyes are glued to the video-wall.

I move behind Aia and wrap her into my arms.

«This couple was harassed by Carles, one of Lackester’s sons and henchmen. Instead of meekly accepting the harassment as many others did out of fear, they defended themselves against Carles and his harassment-buddy.

«Once utterly defeated by that couple, Lackester in person came by and demanded their arrests without trial. Mind you, this was happening in the midst of the former Lackester Square, which already has been renamed to its old name, Freedom Square. Hundreds of people witnessed the brutal attacks against an ordinary couple and their fight back.

«I was there with a small squad in search of the former governor to officially detain him as we already had enough proof to do so. As the Martian people exploded into rage about what they’ve witnessed, I proceeded to apprehend the former governor and two of his henchmen.

«The Martian Revolution gained momentum from that moment on,» Mark concludes while we sigh in relief.

«Who is this couple?» the reporter asks while we jolt.

«Who knows?» Mark shrugs to our relief. «What is sure is that they are our heroes. Without them, the Martian Revolution wouldn’t have been as explosive as it was, nor as peaceful. I am absolutely sure about this.»

Aia sighs in my arms.

“That was really cool from him,” I say.

“Yeah…” Aia sighs. “Although, it will come out anyways…”

“True…” I also sigh.

“Many filmed our fight with their terminals… Sooner or later, they will post it online, if not already.”

“And we aren’t exactly anonymous…”

“Nope…” Aia sighs again.

“And easy to identify…”

“Yeah… Mostly me… It’s already a miracle that we could walk around that easily without being identified.”

“True… By the way, Aia…”


“I’ve noticed… Not many look surprised by your skin color. Nor do they come and inquire…”

“True… I don’t know why. I mean, as a kid and a teen, I was questioned bout it all the time…”

“Either they don’t care anymore, or they don’t want to bother you.”

“You mean they don’t recognize me?”

“Or precisely because they recognize you.”

“Hmm… That’s odd, then.”

“I prefer to think that even unknown species’ aliens have become a certain norm so that the people do not care, not anymore.”

“That’s a nice thinking. I’d wish that everyone would think that way.”

“Yeah… Like when we met Jani… My first impression of her red skin was like ‘if there are blue aliens, why not red ones?’ That was my reasoning, and I didn’t give it another thought.”

“Oh, Kira~” Aia giggles happily and caresses my arms around her stomach.

“I hope she won’t have problems now as all this stuff happened right in front of her stall.”

“I think she will be alright,” Aia declares. “I’ve got the feeling that she’s way stronger as she looks.”

“That definitely. But her uneasiness around men doesn’t help her.”

“No…” Aia sighs. “It’s a shame. She clearly is easy around me.”

“Yeah, and was eyeing you up,” I say and chuckle.

“She did?”

“Yeah. She’s clearly into women.”

“Poor girl…” Aia sighs while I blink, unsure about what she is thinking. “I’m not interested in girls… If not… hmm… She’s cute, right?” Aia asks me.

“She is,” I confirm.

“What would you think if I was bisexual or omnisexual, like Enya?”

“That it is your own choice, Aia, dear. I don’t mind your sexual orientation. That’s certainly not the reason why I fell for you.” Aia holds my hands firmly in hers while gently caressing them. “Of course, I would have been utterly disappointed if you were a lesbian. I wouldn’t have a chance with you.”

“Ooh, Kira~ That’s sweet…”

“Are you concerned about it? I mean, your sexual orientation…”

“Somewhat…” she confesses. “Mostly because I don’t know what I am…”

“I know that you are into guys,” I say jokingly.

“Kira~” Aia giggles. “Yeah… That’s quite clear. At least, I’m into you.”


“That sounds strange, doesn’t it?”

“At least, I can’t relate to what you mean, Aia.”

“Right…” she sighs. “That has to do with all my uncertainties… I don’t know if I pushed myself into a sexual orientation or if I really am hetero. I am not even sure if I really am monogamous…” she sighs again.

“We don’t know anything about your species…” I also sigh.

“No… So I don’t know what would be the norm…”

“You don’t have to comply with any norm.”

“I know…” she sighs yet again. “But in many species, there are certain things which are hardwired…”

“Such as?”

“Like the Felii… They are polyamorous and omnisexual by default, if you want to call it that way. Monogamy, heterosexuality, and homosexuality are quite rare. I mean, the latter two alone.”

“Meaning, Gweraz is an exception…”

“Exactly. Enya, despite being a mestizo, is what you would expect from your typical Felii. The Humans are on the other side of the spectrum. Traditionally, they are heterosexual and monogamous. That tradition, however, is slowly dissolving, and more variety has sprung up.”

“But that gradual change happed even before I was born,” I observe.

Hm~ But Humans are still far behind in that matter, mostly in regards to polyamory. At least, openly.”


“Most alien species are somewhat in between both extremes. Wigmez tend to be more on the heterosexual end, while still being polyamorous. Knoreliaz have a similar tendency, however different. There are many bisexual women, but only a few gay men, statistically. Mainly because fewer males tend to be born than females. The female population roughly doubles the male one.”


“Yeah…” Aia nods. “However, that is not really a problem for them, at least sentimentally. Their traditional family consists of two women and one man.”


“It actually helps that the Knoreliaz men port two penises,” Aia giggles while I freak out.

“Two? No fuck?”

“No fuck,” Aia giggles again. “The women of the traditional Knoreliaz family are usually bisexual and in love with each other and their male partner. The guy of the family is usually in love with both women.”

“Wow… Then their reproduction…”

“Yup, you guessed it, only in threesomes,” Aia giggles. “I don’t know if this is true or not, but the traditional guide of love and reproduction of the Knoreliaz mentions that only two women and one man in love are able to have children. The three of them have to get into synch—”


“Ah, yeah… There are species in which males have a similar phase of fertility as us women.”

“Wow… Knoreliaz have this?”

“Yeah, the Reaf as well.”

“That means, according to this love manual, the three of them have to be in their fertile stage to procreate?”

“Exactly,” Aia confirms. “Now, there it becomes mystical… It is said that only two women in love can really synch their fertility. And only a guy deeply in love with both women is able to synch with ’em.”

“Wow… That means, according to their beliefs, only true love can conceive children?”

Hm~ And both women will conceive, at the same time.”

“Almost crazy… But I like that part of only true love…”

“Yeah… It’s lovely. However, reality is a bit different… We had a class related to this. It was about the different procreation methods in different species… But would be nice… Ah… Kira?”


“Do you think that if our love is deep enough, we could have children?”

“Definitely, Aia,” I assure her.

“Yeah… Still… I’m a doctor, and I know that it’s not possible… But I might get a bit into mysticism just for this.”

I hug her tighter. I understand. I feel the same.

“Just don’t doubt our love if it’s not—”

“I won’t,” she interrupts me. “I know it’s far fetched, but I’d like to believe it’s true.”

“Very true, love.”

Aia sighs deeply.

“Right… this moved a bit far away…” she giggles.

“Yeah, you were talking about your insecurities… Sorry for coming back to it. But I want to know and to help you.”

“Yeah…” she sighs. “Thanks, dear. Yeah… I know I don’t have to comply with any suggest tradition, but having none, it just feels more difficult.”

“Sadly, I can’t relate directly,” I also sigh. “But I might understand it a bit. On my side, I’m heterosexual, I have it clear. But… I’m kind of a switch in matters of poly and monogamy…”

“How so?”

“When I’m not in a love relationship, I’m kind of polyamorous. But when I’m in a relationship, I’m monogamous. At least, it was so for the longest time…”

“Then, right now?”

“I’m monogamous and will be faithful to you, Aia.”

“And before we started dating, you were polyamorous?” she asks surprised.

“Somewhat. At least, in my old times. That was something I wanted to change. You see, I always had many lovers, even at once. But when I found someone I really fell in love with, I cut all other relationships. I broke so many hearts…” I sigh. “I vowed to change this for good.”

“And if I were polyamorous?”

“I don’t know, Aia… I don’t think I’m possessive… I mean, I’ve been with many women who had other men or women, or both. However…” I sigh, “I’ve never been in deep love with a woman who had others. So, I don’t really know…”

“Kira…” Aia sighs. “And Enya?” I twitch at her words. “Does it matter that she sleeps around?”

“Actually… I haven’t thought of it…” I confess. “It never mattered…”

“And I’m sure it wouldn’t matter if I were poly,” Aia states confidently.

“You sure?” I ask her.

Hm~ We love each other so much… that it wouldn’t matter. At least, that’s my feeling.”

“I don’t know, Aia…”

“Then, what would you say if, theoretically, I would offer to have an open relationship?”


“What do you feel, Kira dear? Jealousy? Fear of losing me? Or rather excitement? Or…”

“Right now, I don’t know, Aia… It’s hard to think about it…”

“I know… But that’s what I’m thinking about, but from my perspective. Do I really want to share you? What would I feel if you’re with another woman? Would I be jealous? Or, rather, excited? I can’t really find an answer right now.”

“You can’t?” I ask her more intrigued than bothered.

“The same goes for my sexual orientation… I am really just into guys, or is there more?”


“Do I really love just one person, you, or might I be able to love others as much?” Aia sighs. “There are so many insecurities still floating around in my mind. The only thing I truly have clear is my love for you, dear.”

“Aia… Yeah, that’s absolutely clear. I love you so much.”

“And Enya?”

“Damn…” My shoulders slump down.

“Sorry, dear…” Aia sighs again. “But that’s what I feel too… I can’t negate that I’m kinda curious. But I don’t have the courage to go ahead. Over the last few months—actually, since you’ve awakened, I have tried to get over my insecurities around love and guys. And now…” she sighs yet again.

“Now, doubts about other matters arise?” I ask her stroking her belly.

“Yeah…” Another sigh leaves her lungs. “I kinda float from one insecurity into another…”

“I’m here to help you, even if I still have uncertainties.”

“You’re a dear, Kira. And I’ll help you, don’t worry. I’m not saying that I’ll turn poly and omni from one day to another. I just want you to know that these are thoughts I’m concerned about. Whatever happens, you are still my beloved Kira,” she reaffirms, caressing my hands on her tummy.

“Yeah. As long we can talk anything through.”

“Exactly. But…”


“I know this is premature… But if, someday, I want to experiment on those feelings… would you accept opening up our relationship? Ah! Of course, you would have the same liberties as I would have.”

“Aia…” I take a long breath. Does she trust me that much? Will I be able to do it? I already feel my being thrown around again. But… I trust her. She’s the one who has done so much for me and the one I absolutely love.

Aia turns around and sits on my lap, clearly trying to interpret my silence.

“Yeah,” I finally say. “I think we can talk it through when the moment arises.”

“Does it worry you so much I suggested such possibility?” she asks concerned.

“That’s not it, Aia,” I tell her while brushing my hand through her long, beautiful hair. “I trust you. It’s just that part of me from the past I still fear. I don’t want to hurt you in any way.”

“Kira~ I know you won’t hurt me. It’s just…” she sighs.

“I understand, love. You want to test those feelings. I believe that when the occasion arises, I’ll be maturer by then.”

“Maturer? But Kira, you are way maturer than me…”

“In some things, maybe… But…” I sigh. “You’re right.” She looks at me and blinks, unsure what goes through my head. I’m worrying too much about myself. I have to support her way more.

“Dear, if it does—”

“Aia, my love… No, you should experiment on those feelings when you’re ready for it. Perhaps, I have too…”

“That would be the idea,” she says, also stroking her hand through my hair. “If anything, I want to experiment with you, together. There’s still so much I don’t get bout myself and my sexuality… And now… suddenly, I have the feeling that I can start exploring it. With you at my side.”

“Aia…” My resolution to stand at her side is clear. Yes, we have to do it. “Right… I still don’t know how I’d feel.”

“We will do it talking clearly, Kira. And if you feel even the slightest discontent about this arrangement, you stop it. The same goes for me. And it won’t be from tomorrow on, nor anytime soon. I just wanted to have it talked through, before I even consider it.”

“Thanks, Aia. I love you.”

“I love you so much, Kira. I don’t want to hurt you nor our relationship. I just want to have everything clear.”

“You’re right. Better have our cards out now.”

Hm~ That’s what I mean.”

“Do you know already what you want to experiment with?”

“Not really… Perhaps try it with a girl to check if I’m really hetero or not… Dunno… But right now, I can assure you that I won’t sleep with another guy.”

Strangely, her reassuring of not wanting to sleep with other guys doesn’t even lift the slightest weight from me… But… what would she feel if it were reversed? I suggesting an open relationship while wanting to fuck around? Shit…

Aia snuggles against me.

“Finally… I could get it out…” she sighs. “That weighted so much on me…”

I embrace her again and caress her skin in reach.

“That’s actually quite brave, Aia. I still don’t know how I’d feel, but thank you for telling me.”

“Thank you for listening,” she giggles. “And don’t worry, I won’t do anything of that without discussing it with you first.”

“That’s the only reassurance I need.” I don’t know exactly why I blurted that out, but I have the feeling that it is right.

“I think… we should sleep over it,” Aia suggests. “I’m still a bit drowsy, and my parent’s beers we brought don’t help…” she giggles again.



After cleaning the kitchen, we take our turns in the bathroom.

When I reach our bedroom, Aia already sits on the bed. She pats the mattress at her left side, indicating that this is my place.

Wearing a smile, I accept and lie down at her side.

We cover ourselves while giggling and chuckling.

“I love you, Kira~” Aia purrs.

“I love you, Aia.”

We kiss and bid a good night while she curls up and pushes against me. I turn towards her and embrace her.

Slumber overcomes us again while I spoon her…

To be continued in:
Space Highways The Queen and the King   B06 ~ Venus Beach

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