B09 ~ Party!

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Chapter 10 of 12 from the The Queen and the King of the Space-Highways arc
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B09 ~ Party!

Revision 2 August 9, 2020 a 37 min read
B09 ~ Party! cover

After the press conference, a party is in full swing in the MaryQueens. Everyone is celebrating Aia and Kira’s engagement, a long-awaited moment for some, a nightmare for others…

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Revision 2 August 9, 2020:
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  • Many typos are fixed.
  • Some minor grammar errors are also fixed.

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B09 ~ Party!


Aia, Yuuki, the old Mitsubishi, and I are reaching the MaryQueens, still protected by our reliable bodyguard Brown.

That’s strange… All the blinds are pulled down… We can’t see inside.

With our hands taken, Aia and I enter the diner first.

“Congratulations!” We jolt as we are greeted by a mass of people. The MaryQueens is up to the brim with people!

“Your Highnesses, I humbly welcome you to my humble place,” Buz says and bows as he exaggeratedly gesticulates pleasantries.

“You’ve got the grace of a rhino!” one shouts and laughs.

“With this, ya can’t eva own a high place!” laughs another.

Just as Buz wants to counter them, he is interrupted by another shout…

“Aia! Kira! Congratulations!” Enya shouts and runs into our arms. “Là·êj`ah!” she repeats in Feliiti as she hugs us tightly.

“Enya… Thank you,” Aia says moved, as she returns the kitten’s hug.

“Thanks, Enya. For everything,” I say as I hug her.

“You’re welcome…” she purrs, then whispers into my ear, “Ahï·lêh, Kira.” I blink as she frees herself from the hug. “Let’s party!” she shouts, and everyone joins in.

Buz turns back to us after shouting some commands to his servers. Wait… he got servers now? He and Sue did everything alone until now… Right… He told me the other day that they are getting overwhelmed and got some part-timers.

“Your table, your Highnesses…” He bows deeply again while everyone bursts into laughter.

We take our imposed seats at an interestingly decorated table. Two electric candles inserted into beer bottles sparsely illuminate the table cloth. Oh, shit… the table cloth is one of Sue’s elegant shawls… Some plastic flowers give it a pseudo-romantic flair, at least it tries… Both really tried their best to make it special, despite the short notice.

“Congratulations~” Sue sings as she reaches us with two pints of beers. “T’was beautiful. Ya two’re a match,” she giggles. “Here, a special brew for a special couple.”

“Thank you~” Aia sings happily.

“Thanks, Sue,” I also thank her.

“A toast!” one shouts.

“Ahem…” Mitsubishi-san clears his throat with a glass of champagne in his hand, and the bar goes silent. “It is a great pleasure of mine to witness two of the best members of our community to come together. The news that Aia-chan and Kira-kun are starting a new life together, brought me much joy. I heartily welcome them as a couple into our family of the ISTM. Aces of Aces, Aia-chan, Kira-kun, I wish you the best life together, and may all your wishes come true. To the Queen and the King of the Space Highways!”

“To the royal couple!” Buz shouts.

“To Aia and Kira!” Sue shouts.

“To many royal fucks!” Enya shouts, and everyone explodes into laughter.

Everyone cheers and chugs down their drinks while Aia blushes and smirks at me.

“Congratulations!” someone screams breathless from the doors.

“Jimmy! About time!” I shout and laugh.

“Fuck you!” he shouts back. “Coulda’ve waited fo’ this till I’d back! Ain’t not rushing from Saturn jus’ fo’ fun! Thanks, pal…” Jim greedily takes a pint from Buz and guzzles it down. “Ah… That hit da spot!”

“Thanks for coming,” Aia giggles.

“Heh! Fo’ ya two, I cross da asteroid belt at light speed,” the happy cowboy laughs.

“Oh, Jimmy,” Aia giggles again.

“Now seriously, bout fuckin’ time ya two make yer minds up!” Jim laughs. “Was tired of yer shit babblin’ bout not makin’ progress…”

“You too?” Enya also laughs.

“Heh! Ya too, kitty?”


“Shut the fuck off and get drunk, you two,” I interrupt them.

“On it!” Jim retorts and grabs a fresh pint.

The MaryQueens was never so rowdy as today.


“Aia, dear, you were really daring to tell them that ‘Yes! We! Fuck!’ thing,” Enya imitates Aia’s voice and laughs.

“She really was,” Yuuki giggles. “I was really taken by surprise. I was about to interrupt the questions but could not go on…”

“I mean…” Aia says, blushing deeply, “it’s the truth, after all…”

“Way to go, girl,” Sue laughs loudly.

More women, mostly truckers, near Aia’s side of the table.

“Say, Aia, is it really true? It was your first time?” a Knoreliaz asks. Aia nods, blushing deeply. “Awww… How was it?”

“How was Kira?” Enya asks, wearing a smirk of mischief.

“Yeah, tell, girl, tell…” another pressures Aia.

“Girls, girls…” Aia giggles but can’t hide her purple cheeks. “I need another draft for that.”

“Here ya go…” Sue laughs as she hands Aia a fresh pint of beer.

“Ahh~ That’s better… Okay, okay… I’ll tell…” Aia cedes from the women’s pressure. “Yeah, it’s true. Kira was my first. I never had sex with anyone else.”

“Nothing?” a Human trucker asks.

“Not that much…” Aia shrugs. “Some oral, some petting and such stuff… but my first real sex was with Kira after the dinner.” Wow! Is she really telling this in front of everyone? “It came naturally… We both wanted it. And Kira… he made it really special. He was so attentive, always seeking my pleasure. I was on cloud nine the whole time. It was the best moment of my life…” She sighs heavenly. “I loved every bit of it. After that first time… well… we kept on fucking like rabbits,” Aia adds, laughing loudly.

“Awww…” Enya sighs dreamily.

“I even lost the counts of my orgasms after the fifth or so…” Aia says, still giggling.

“No fuck?” another Felii asks.

“We did fuck,” Aia retorts, laughing loudly, and everyone around us chimes in.

“Heh! And ya, Kira? How’s yer bride-to-be?” Jim asks me with much mischief.

“Hmm…” I stall my answer for a moment. I don’t really want to tell much about our intimacy. At least, not publicly. “Surprising,” I finally say, imitating his smirk.

Everyone around us explodes, yet again, into laughter.

“No more details?” another trucker asks, wearing a grin.

“Well—Ouch!” Aia just pinched me.

“You can tell,” she says coquettishly.

“Insatiable…” I finally say.

“As you are, darling,” Aia adds and kisses me.

Everyone around us explodes, once again, into laughter.


“Hey, hey! Congratulations!” Aia and I turn around and find Charlie nearing us with a fresh pint. “To your health, together,” he laughs, and we clink our pints.

“Thanks for coming, Charlie,” Aia says and giggles.

“I got a short break, just for you two,” he laughs. “Don’t worry, this thing is alcohol-free.”

“Thanks, man. That means a lot to us,” I say.

We keep chatting for a while until he has to return to his post.


Enya embraces us two from behind and pushes her head between us. “I’m really happy for you two,” she purrs. “About time…” she adds, giggling.

“Yeah,” Jim confirms, wearing one of his mischievous smirks, “I’m really happy ya two finally worked it out. Was fucking tired o’ listening to yer shit… ‘Damn, Jimmy, she not wanna love me back.’ Heh!” he imitates my voice.

“Oh, shut up, Jim. You’re the same with En—Humph…” Jim hastily covers my mouth while Enya looks at us and blinks. Then her ears flip, and a grin draws on her face.

“Say, Jimmy~” she purrs faking innocence with a hint of mischief, “what was Kira about to say?”

“Nothin’, nothin’!” Jim desperately gesticulates a negation. Dude, you’re too obvious.

“C’mon, Jimmy, we’re under friends, you can tell,” Enya goes on, pressing him for an answer.

“Needa beer!” the cowboy shouts and turns around.

“Wait! Jimmy-boy!” Enya shouts and playfully runs after him.

Aia sheds tears from laughing as we watch Enya aggressively trying to get an answer from Jim, and he evading her at any cost.

“It’s Enya, right?” she asks me.

“Yeah,” I confirm, still laughing.

“Poor Jimmy…” Aia sighs. “He’s a great guy. But he’s chasing the wrong girl… It should be clear by now that she doesn’t want anything more than a friendship with him.”

“True,” I affirm and sigh too. “I tease him about it the whole time while trying to tell him that.”

“Damn… This Jim is dense… There are so many nice women who really are into him, but he ignores ’em completely.”

“Yeah, he is too obsessed with Enya.”

“And his awkward way of treating her is not helping in any way…” Aia sighs.

“Nope… And Enya just loves to tease him because of that.”

“Yeah…” Aia nods while taking my hand. “Is he always that way with one-nighters?”

“No…” I negate. “He’s really nice to the girls who catch his eyes. And he is an avid entertainment joints patron… Every time we met on the roads and went to such a place, he ended hooking up with a girl. But for him, it’s just a hookup…”

“He clearly wants a more steady partner…” Aia sighs.

“Yeah… But Enya?”

“Right now, she doesn’t want a steady partner…” Aia sighs. “And less a monogamous type like Jim…”

“True… And given her decision to not to sleep with people from the ISTM—”

“Yeah…” she interrupts me. “Although she makes some exceptions…” she says, wearing a mischievous smirk while looking at me.

“Aia…” I sigh.

“Hey, you started it,” she giggles. At that moment, Enya runs by our table. “Don’t worry… Ah! Enya!” The kitten stops following and pestering Jim.

“Yeah, sweethearts?” Enya laughs.

“We wanna have a chat with you…” Aia states. What? Already?

“Really? How nice,” she muses and giggles.

“But not here… too noisy,” Aia says. “How bout on Sunday? Are you free?”

“Let me check…” Enya produces her terminal. “Yeah, no prob. I have this Sunday free.”

“Cool, then let’s meet on Sunday, for lunch?”

“Okay,” Enya conforms, “My place?”

“Sure,” I confirm. “It’s a long time since I visited Las Vegas…” I play along. I hope this will work out as well as Aia thinks it will.

“Namely, a few hundred years, right?” Aia asks and giggles.

“Yeah…” I affirm and laugh too.

“Cool! I’ll text you two my location and time,” Enya says and giggles. “I really love you two to come by,” Enya charms. I just hope she doesn’t imply something too explicit.


Many are already drunk… I try to keep it down, I’ll still have to pilot us home, and the travel down to Gaia only intensifies the booze’s effects.

“Kira, darling~” Aia giggles as she caresses my hand. “Are they really so happy for us, or for getting drunk?”

We look at the drunken mass, barely dancing arrhythmically along the blaring song. Most have forgotten us two and are drinking non-stop…

“Whatever floats their boat,” I say and laugh. “Hey, wanna dance too?”

“Sure,” she giggles and stands up.

As we start to dance together, we’re noticed by some who cheer. We dance through the mass of people moving erratically. Wildly, during the heavy beat songs; gently and pressed together, during the soft songs.

“Darling~” Aia purrs sultry. “Wanna do something daring?”

“Huh?” I look at her dumbfounded. She smirks, and her eyes point at my left side. I look over… The bathrooms?

“I’m horny as fuck~” she purrs, even sultrier…

“Aia, darling, are you sure?” I ask her.

“You’re too…” she giggles and brings her palm to my groin . “I wanna fuck in here… You know, a fantasy of mine…” she whispers seductively.

“Damn, Aia… Are you a horny woman…” I say jokingly.

“I am… and sexy…” she purrs as she pulls me into the bathroom with the only toilet.

Luckily, Buz and Sue are clean-freaks and are really strict about the cleanliness of their bathrooms. Both bathrooms are non-gendered. One has a toilet just for sitting businesses, the other has urinals.

Aia turns around, embraces me, and starts kissing me filled with passion…

While I help Aia to fix her dress, she does the same with her hair. Then, she helps with fixing my clothes.

“That was really exciting,” she giggles and gives me a peck.

“Yeah… If we just had thought of locking the door…” I chuckle.

“Damn that Enya,” Aia giggles again. “Now, we have to tease her about it.”

“She surely will tease us now…”

“Yeah,” she laughs. “But she came in knowing what we’re doing. So, she is the voyeur…”

“I don’t think she’ll see it that way,” I say and sigh. “Most likely, she’ll tease us now for being exhibitionists…”

“I have more leverage on her,” Aia firms, wearing an impish smirk.

We kiss again and open the door.

“Yahoo!” “Long live da royal couple!” “Yer fuckin’ crazy! Cool!” We’re received by a raving mass of people shouting and celebrating our escapade!

“What?” Aia states in awe. She looks at Enya with a stern face. Enya just shrugs and grins.

“Here, some beers!” Sue laughs as she hands us a pint each. “Needa replenish yer fluids,” she adds, laughing even louder, and the rest explodes into another laughter.

“Way to go!” Buz also laughs. “You two disappeared, and suddenly some heavy moaning came from the bathroom. You couldn’t have timed it better!” He laughs again. “Just when the song died down…”

“Fuck…” I sigh and sit down at our table.

“Yeah, ya took yer long lovin’ time ya two,” Jim laughs and pats my back with force.

“Jimmy…” I grunt and elbow him.

“Ugh! Heh! Yer welcome!” he laughs again.

“Long?” Aia asks innocently. “It was just a quickie…”

“Hell of a quickie,” one of the women states.

“Yeah, half an hour? No much quick…” another laughs.

“Huh?” Aia looks at them, questioning. “That was the quickest yet… Almost no foreplay…” she says, clearly wondering if she got something wrong.

“Oh, you two…” Enya giggles. “That was a royal fuck, not a quickie. A daring one, but nonetheless, a full fuck. Ah…” Enya halts her words at the puzzled face Aia makes. “But no one can tell you otherwise if consider that a quickie,” she adds and giggles.

“Another round for the royal fuck!” someone shouts, and everyone laughs, getting their hands on another glass.

Finally, they leave us in peace… Or so I thought…

“Next time, just lock the door,” Enya giggles as she sits at our table.

“You really should,” Yuuki states but cannot avoid blushing.

“Yah… Ya should,” Sue adds and laughs.

“And, perhaps, wear a condom…” Enya confirms having seen way too much…

“Ya did it without?” Jim asks, baffled.

“So much for wanting children,” Yuuki giggles. “But wanting a bathroom kid?”

“That woulda be funny!” Sue laughs. “A queen’s child called Mary conceived in here!”

Everyone around our table explodes into laughter.

“Anyways…” Aia sighs. “We dunno if we can have…”

“Aia…” Enya sighs too. She stands up and behind Aia. The Felii embraces the blueish alien tenderly from behind. “I’m sure you will,” she tells Aia in her most caring voice. “You two are such a match, no doubt you will,” she reassures.

“Enya… Thank you,” Aia says, and sighs moved.


Only a few are left in the MaryQueens. Enya, Yuuki, Mitsubishi-san, Jim, and obviously our hosts are of the few still inside. The rest has left, unsteadily, after congratulating us again and bidding us a wonderful life together.

“Just a coffee…” I tell Buz after asking if I wanted another beer. “I have to pilot us safely home.”

“Wait…” Enya interrupts us. “You mean, Aia’s letting you pilot her most precious baby?”

“Yup,” Aia giggles. “We share everything now. He pilots my Ferrari…”

“And she the Harley…” I add.

“Ya pillion on her bike?” Sue asks, impressed. “There ain’t nobody with guts to…”

“Oh, but she’s a terrific driver,” I retort. “And it’s fun…”

“Heh! Aren’t ya two a danger…” Jim laughs. “Anyways…” he stands up, “Gotta go… Needa brief nap before another haul…”

“You already drunk too much,” I tell him.

“Yeah…” Jim laughs. “Ma haul’s tomorrow early. But got da afternoon free. Shoulda be possible.”

“Then good haul tomorrow,” Aia says. “And thanks again, for coming, Jimmy.”

“Already told ya… Fo’ ya two, I’m always ’ere.”

“Jimmy… There’s time you really say something cute…” Enya purrs and flirts exaggeratedly.

“Heh! Only sometime?”

“Yeah…” Enya giggles. “Now you just have to make it something regular.”

“Ain’t ya cute, Cutie Kitten?”

“Aaaand… Nope… Already blew it again,” Enya laughs and teasingly hits him.

“Ouch…” Jim slumps down on his chair. He jolts up again and stands up. “Kay… hafta go! See y’all tomorrow! Or wheneva!”

Jim pays and leaves the diner.

“Dummy…” Enya sighs. “How can I even consider it when you flee the moment I start to show some interest?”

“Have you considered dating Jim-kun?” Yuuki asks quite innocently.

“Yeah…” Enya confirms with a shrug. “I mean, he is cute and handsome. He’s also great at his job and really funny. But… the clumsy way of flirting with me—Actually, that’s cute too… But his way of trying to win me over… it’s just… naw… You’ve seen it, right?”

“Yeah…” I sigh. “I honestly don’t know why he does that… He flirts quite normal with other women…”

“Exactly,” Enya confirms. “And, honestly, I’m not into what he’s looking for… He wants a stable, hetero, and monogamous relationship… That’s absolutely not my preference. A stable one, sure. But monogamous? No way! Even if he’d be the god of sex, there’s no way he can keep me satisfied!” We all explode into laughter at her impish face she made. “There’s, perhaps, only one guy in the whole universe I would ever consider that, but’s not him…”

“Oh? And who’s that guy?” Aia asks, wearing a smirk.

“That’s a secret…” Enya answers, waring the same kind of smirk. “Anyway… he’s engaged…”

“Since when was that a problem for ya?” Sue asks Enya.

“Dunno,” Enya says, shrugs, and laughs it off.

“I think I know him…” Aia says and giggles.

“Don’t tell anyone…” Enya sighs. “It’s not something I want to spread… After all, I’ve got that horny kitten image I want to keep,” she adds, laughing. Damn you, Enya… “Anyway… Time to leave. We’ll meet on Sunday, right?” Aia and I confirm. “Ah, and keep me posted about your tests tomorrow, okay?”

“We will, Enya. Right after telling my parents,” Aia affirms.

“Great! Now, bye-bye~ Fuck well and much,” Enya adds, giggling.

“Never I had thought you two are so adventurous…” the old Mitsubishi laughs a bit tipsy. Wondering where this will go, we look at him. I’ve never seen him tipsy, and less that much as he’s now… “Interrupting your own party with an escapade to the bathroom… So good to be young!” he laughs loudly.

Moh~ Mitsubishi-sama…” Yuuki sighs. “Don’t say that…”

“Yeah…” Buz laughs. “We still have to keep the bathroom door open to disperse your heat…” he jokes.

“Yah…” Sue also laughs. “Don’t worry. Ya two ain’t not the first. We do that too…”

“But not in the midst of a party…” Buz affirms.

“Naw… couldn’t… not with patrons around,” Sue adds.

“Don’t worry, Kira, about piloting. You surely sweat out most of the booze in the bathroom….” Buz laughs, and we all explode into another laughter.

Mitsubishi-san laughs non-stop, barely holding himself upright on the chair… “You young people! I’d wish I still—” he slumps down. “I miss Ichika…” he sighs with grief.

“Hia—Mitsubishi-sama…” Yuuki sighs deeply with a hint of sorrow. “I truly think you have drunken enough…”

“Right…” the old man says with a sorrowful voice. He tries to stand up but fails… Yuuki is at his side before I’m able to help him. “Sorry for the sour note…” he sighs. “I wish you two the best. And please, keep us posted…”

“We will. Thank you, Mitsubishi-san,” I confirm, and Aia thanks him too.

Left only with Sue, Buz, and the part-timers cleaning the mess up, we decide that it is the right  moment to leave.

“Nope, I won’t accept your money today, Kira,” Buz says and smiles broadly as I want to pay. “Today’s on the house. May be not much, but it’s our small gift for you.”

“Yah!” Sue giggles. “Ya two brought us much joy. And ya are regulars and friends.”

“Thanks… but it isn’t necessary,” I retort without success. They insist, and I concede.


“Aia… why don’t we visit Kim and Kite? We still have some hours left of the day…” I suggest as we leave the Alpha behind.

“A wonderful thought,” she confirms with sparkling eyes. “They surely know it by now. But I wanna tell ’em personally.”

“Setting course to the CreativeTruck!” I laugh and input the corresponding vectors. Aia giggles in return.


As soon as we enter the huge central unit of the CreativeTruck, several shouts call for Kim and Kite. The personnel already knows that we are friends and only want to talk with them personally, even about our trucks.

As both women near us with broad smiles, we just take our hands, and Aia shows them her engagement band.

“What? For real?” Kim asks, marveled.

“No way! That’s wonderful!” Kite exclaims delightedly.

“You didn’t hear the news, bosses?” a mechanic asks the pair. “It’s all over the news!” she tells and returns to her job.

“Damn…” Kim laughs. “I don’t have the time for news on the job… Congratulations!” she exclaims.

“We have to celebrate!” Kite laughs loudly. “I’ll tell the supervisors to shut when they’re finished.”

“Thanks, love.” Kim turns to us. “Come you two. Had dinner already? No? Then we’ll fix something for you,” she laughs.


We exit the huge unit through a door marked as private and find another, quite smaller building. The short distance between the buildings is covered by a veranda.

Kim opens the door with a wave of her hand over a touch-panel.

“Welcome to our home,” she says as we enter.

“Wow!” I’m completely taken by surprise. Kim and Kite’s home is a huge loft. The only enclosed area must be the bathroom. The furthest part has a second floor, which serves as the bedroom. Underneath it, there is a small art studio and a home gym. A big open kitchen is to our right and a huge lounge to the left. Everything is bright thanks to massive windows everywhere. Behind the kitchen, I espy a dense foliage keeping excellent privacy. The lounge opens to a porch and a garden. An ample pool invites to have a swim. “What a home! It’s awesome!”

“Right… sorry… we never invited you in… right?” Kim apologizes.

“Don’t worry. We never had the right occasion for it,” I say, accepting her apology.

“Yeah, thanks. We actually think of you as a friend. And we usually invite friends home after work or weekends…”

“No harm done, Kim. We haven’t invited you two over since I’ve awakened…”

“Kira’s right, Kim,” Aia intervenes. “I haven’t invited you over for months… Next time, you have to come to visit us.”

“Right… Thanks, you two,” Kim laughs. “Make yourself comfortable. I’ll go to have a shower and a change. Aia dear, you know where the beers are. Take two for you. Be right back…”

Kim disappears into the room I guessed is the bathroom while Aia opens the fridge.

“Oh… They’ve got my parents’ beer… Want some?”

“Great. Yeah, thanks.”

We take a seat and look out into the vast garden.

“I wouldn’t mind having something the like…” I say after taking the first sip from the bottle.

“Yeah…” Aia says and snuggles against me. “I still love my place…”

“Of course… It’s really cozy. Perfect for us two.”

“If… we get a child…” Aia whispers.

“We’ll look for something bigger. Perhaps, with a big garden,” I reassure.

“Yeah… would be great…”

“Oh? Already getting comfy?” Kite laughs as she steps into the loft. “Is Kim having a shower?”

“Yeah,” Aia confirms.

“Kay, be right back. I’ll have one too,” Kite says and also disappears into the bathroom.

“They usually have a shower outside when the weather is warm or on the enclosed porch, if not,” Aia explains and giggles. “But being you here… they’re using the bathroom…”

“Damn… now I feel like I’m imposing on them…” I sigh.

“Don’t worry, darling. They simply don’t want to offer you a show…” she giggles.


The bathroom door opens, and a happy chatter reaches us from there.

“Sorry darling, I’m closing the door again…” Kim giggles.

“Don’t leave me alone in here~” Kite sings and laughs.

“Sorry, sorry~ I’ll keep you company the night.”

“You’d better do, or I’d feel lonely~”

Wearing just a long white teeshirt, Kim wanders over to the kitchen. “You already got your beers, right? I’ll take some stuff out for Kite. She’ll make some of her famous canapés for dinner.”

“Cool! Thanks, Kim!” Aia turns to me, “You’ll love Kite’s canapés, they’re absolutely delicious.”

“I’m dying to try them,” I say.

Kite comes out of the bathroom, and, like Kim, she only wears a long white teeshirt reaching the middle of her thighs.

“Oh, thanks, darling~” Kite says as she reaches the kitchen and pecks Kim. “Why don’t you keep our guests some company? I’ll be alright in preparing these alone.”

After another kiss and some flirtatious touches, Kim brings a small cooler filled with beer bottles to the tea table.

“Cheers,” she says and laughs. “Let’s wait for Kite before you unpack the news, shall we?”

“Of course,” Aia giggles. “I don’t want to let her in the dark.”


“Delicious!” I almost cry out after tasting one of the many tidbits.

“Told you,” Aia giggles.

“Okay… now we’re here…” Kite says as she takes Kim’s had. “Out with it…”

Aia giggles. “Sure… It was last Saturday when…” Aia goes on and tells, quite detailed, our first night out. From the invitation, the make-out session, to our proposals, even to our first intimacy, she tells everything…


“Wow! That’s so beautiful,” Kim sighs.

“So romantic…” Kite also sighs happily. “It truly reminds me of our first date, right darling?”

“Yeah…” Kim giggles.

“And… Kira? You just maxed out your respect points,” Kite adds.

“Respect points?” I ask, intrigued.

“Ah, yeah… It’s something like a table me made up to determine how much we respect men around us,” Kim explains.

“Huh? Is that really necessary nowadays?” I ask back, astonished.

“Yeah…” Kim sighs.

“Mostly because of our job… We are the best-known workshop for space trucks of Gaia. And it’s no secret that we’re a lesbian couple,” Kite tells me. “And this industry is still mainly male dominant…” she sighs. “There are too many unrequested sexual advances from guys…”

“What the hell?” I exclaim. “Still? Haven’t we evolved in this matter in more than a thousand years? To hell with these idiots! Haven’t they learned by now that no matter what they do, they won’t be able to turn a lesbian into a dick-loving slut? Send them to the Sun! Such homophobic people are only good if crisp. Assholes… Fucking porn has ruined everything…” I ramble on until I need to take air.

The three women look at me with bright smiles. Kite thumbs up and laughs.

“Now you’ve really maxed your points out,” Kim laughs.

“Yeah,” Kite giggles. “You’re right. We got sick of that behavior. That’s why we made a point system. Under twenty-five, we tolerate them in a professional matter. If they go zero, we boot them out and won’t do business with them…” she explains.

“Exactly,” Kim confirms. “If they start with such idiotic comments, even before having a professional chat, we keep the right to not work with them. However, if you climb up, as you did, we consider you a friend.”

“Yeah,” Kite goes on, “you already started a bit higher because you’re the Phoenix and were absolutely professional when you came to us for a truck. Being Aia’s friend also gave you a boost.”

“However,” Kim says after swallowing another canapé, “you can always fall. Depending on your comments and actions. You, actually, never lost points… You always were cool around us. You never made sly comments about us, not even the slightest comment about our sexual orientation…”

“Ah… That’s because I simply wanted to keep it professional,” I state.

“That, and when you came and intended on working on your own truck… That was really a huge boost for you…” Kite says.

“Exactly… At first, we were reluctant, of course. Nobody would have someone unprepared to work on something as complex as a space truck. But you, at least, had the right attitude. That chat about mechanics was really a great moment,” Kim laughs.

“When we observed your positive influence on Aia, you climbed up really fast,” Kite confirms. “And today…”

“You maxed it out…” Kim ends Kite’s sentence.

“Wow, I’m honored,” I say. “It’s just a shame that you need to do this…” I sigh. “I mean, it was quite obvious for me that you are a couple, from the moment on I’ve met you. Why would I meddle with your affairs? And it was so obvious that you are deeply in love with each other. Even if you weren’t lesbians, I wouldn’t possibly have a chance…”

The three women laugh, and Aia gives me a peck.

“Actually, if you were a woman, perhaps, you had a chance…” Kite says.

“Yeah, we have an open relationship, but only with other women,” Kim explains.

“Oh… The last part should be obvious, isn’t it?” I say and smirk. “It’s in the definition of lesbian…”

We keep on chatting about issues about sexual orientation and gender issues. Damn… I really have hoped that such things are better nowadays. Sure, a lot of things have changed. But not enough. Obviously, they ask me about my view and on why I see things that way.

“Most likely, because of my parents…” I answer. “They were quite progressive, something rare from the place they came from. My father was quite the feminist, although he would never have called himself one. He always shared the home duties with my mother. And she, she was a hardworking woman with many ambitions. Of course, they had, as all parents have, some absurd views on some issues. Like, they always wanted me to have a Japanese-American girlfriend, and disliked my passion of being a trucker. Nevertheless, they always supported me.

“They taught me early on to be respecting, accepting, and that there are many views I won’t necessarily share. They also introduced me to the LGBT’s existence. Mainly because one of my uncles, from my father’s side, was gay. He was my favorite uncle, always funny and happy…

“When I was about fifteen, he told me that I asked him once why he doesn’t have a wife. He told me that he loves men, not women. And I, supposedly, asked him back, ‘Then why don’t you have a husband?’”

We laugh and giggle at my remembrance of my childhood.


“By the way… How many points do I have now?” I ask jokingly.

“Hmm…” Kim and Kite look at each other. “On a scale of a hundred…”

“Two hundred,” Kite says.

Aia and I start to laugh. After we recovered our breaths, Aia tells them that we used the same numbers on our first date.

After another round of laughter, Kim explains, “Over a hundred, we usually only include exceptional men, such as our family members who supported us from the beginning.”

“And, well, Aia is like part of our family,” Kite goes on. “She’s like a sister to us.”

“May I ask?” I carefully say.

“Sure, ask us anything, we’re under friends,” Kim offers.

“Just out of curiosity… Who influenced whom in walking around home barely clothed?” I ask, trying to keep it as a joke. “Aia always wanders around topless even before starting to date…”

“Kira~” Aia giggles while Kim and Kite laugh.

“Not sure…” Kim states. “When we shared a flat in Mars City, we always were dressed lightly. Perhaps from then on…” she shrugs.

“You shared a flat?” I ask.

“Yeah,” Aia confirms. “Remember when I said I left the dorms to share a flat?” I confirm with a nod. “I shared a room with Kim in the dorms. We got a bit upset about how things were run there, and we opted to move out.”

“About that time, I met Kim and Aia,” Kite goes on. “Kim and I shared an optional course in industrial design. Kim studied astromechanics while I studied arts and design. We became hooked with the miniature spaceships called space trucks and started to study together.”

“From there on, we started to have feelings for each other,” Kim tells us. “But I didn’t understand it at that time… I thought I was hetero. But I never had a satisfying relationship with a guy. Kite seduced me like only she can, and here we are now…”

“Not married, but as if,” Kite adds, and both women kiss.

“Right… We went off course… The thing is that I always dressed lightly when home. Aia did it too, and when Kite came to visit, she did too…” Kim concludes.

“Lucky me, you don’t keep on with the trend Aia set to wander around topless when I’m around. It would be too distracting…” I joke and laugh.

Again, the three women laugh loudly.

“True… We’re giving you quite the show…” Kite laughs.

“Well… Your piercings clearly showing through the teeshirt are a show on themselves…” I blurt out. Shit… I haven’t thought this through…

To my relief, she just laughs. “And you haven’t made a fuss about it. I love it. You’re great, Kira.”

“Yeah…” Kim giggles. “Passed the last test…”

“What?” I’m dumbfounded. “Test?”

“Just kidding, Kira,” Kite laughs. “Your face is priceless.”

“Yeah… Just for not asking us how we do it, you already are in the clear,” Kim adds, laughing.

“That’s only acceptable if you want to tell it or alcohol is involved,” I say and laugh too.

“Quite right,” Aia laughs. “Actually… They usually are topless at home when I come by…”

“Yup,” Kim laughs. “And not shy about it.”

“But we’re not yet comfortable enough with you around,” Kite says.

“Understandable,” I say and nod. “I don’t mind. I mean, yeah, you two are really good looking, beautiful women. And I can’t deny that I would enjoy seeing you… As long as everyone knows where the limits are, of course. I mean, you two are a couple, and Aia and I are one…”

“Oh, Kira~” Aia giggles. “That would be fun… When the weather allows it, we should all skinny-dip in your pool.”

“Good idea,” Kim laughs.

“Yeah, I’m in for it,” Kite also laughs.


“That would be the ultimate test for Kira,” Kim declares, and we all explode into another laughter.


As time went by, Aia starts to feel dizzy. She reached her limit. I kept it down to drive, but she drunk as much as usual…

“Lemme lie down a bit…” she mumbles and curls up on the sofa, using my lap as a pillow.

“Sure, darling,” Kite says.

“Need something, Aia?” Kim asks, but Aia doesn’t respond. She already fell asleep.

“Much happened today,” I say as I stroke Aia’s long hair. “And we had a lot of booze.”

“Better you let your angel sleep,” Kite giggles.

“I’m really happy that you entered into Aia’s life,” Kim suddenly changes the subject. “The changes she went through since you’ve awakened, are immense.”

“Truly,” Kite confirms. “We’ve known her for a long time by now, but were unable to help her.”

“It truly hurt us to see her fall so deeply into depression…” Kim sighs. “Everything we did to help her, didn’t do a damn bit…”

“And even looked like we worsened her condition…” Kite sighs too. “She even got depressed when she walked in on us making out…”

“Yeah… We took her to a spa in New Zealand in the hopes of lifting her spirits. She only got more depressed… Damn… I still blame myself for it…” Kim says, downcast.

“Don’t blame yourself,” I say. “It wasn’t your fault. Most likely, she got more depressed because she envied you two for having a great relationship.”

“You think?” Kim asks.

“Yeah, I believe so,” I confirm. “From what she told me, she couldn’t watch others in a happy relationship without feeling down. I don’t know if you are aware, she also was doubting her sexual orientation at that time…”

“She was? Damn… and we didn’t even notice…” Kite sighs. “And there we were, making out in front of her…”

“But she always declared herself hetero…” Kim points out.

“We already talked about it,” I say. “She isn’t so sure about it. She reaffirmed herself that she likes men when she fell for me. But now that we’re dating, those insecurities are coming back. Whatever conclusion she reaches, she’ll always have my support.”

“You truly are the best what happened to her, Kira,” Kite states. “It seems that she couldn’t talk with us about such things… She never told us that she had doubts about her sexual orientation.”

“Yeah… It could be that she felt uncomfortable telling us… As if we would try something with her… That would be bullshit. We love her. She’s the best friend we ever had. We wouldn’t do such thing…” Kim says and sighs.

“I know that, Kim, Kite,” I assure. “It’s just that’s the way her mind told her in her depression… I’m absolutely sure that she wouldn’t ever want to insult you or anything.”

“Thanks, Kira,” both Kim and Kite say in unison.

“Kira~ Love you~” Aia whispers in her sleep and turns around.

“So beautiful,” Kim charms. “She even dreams of you…”

“Well, darling, you too speak in your dreams…” Kite states, wearing a smirk.

“Really? What do I say?” Kim asks.

“More! Harder! Do me more!” Kite moans, imitating Kim’s voice.

“What? No! I don’t do that!” Kim jumps up. She then sits on Kite’s lap and grabs her boob. “You moan that, every fucking night…” she says, jokingly, and kisses Kite.

“Damn… Sorry girls,” I interrupt them. “Do you have some napkins or a cloth? Aia just stained your sofa…”

“Huh? Did she pee herself?” Kim jumps from Kite’s lap and runs for some napkins.

“No, no…” I sigh. “Her thong moved… I… We fucked in the bathroom of the MaryQueens and—”

“Oh… That explains…” Kite giggles.

“Sorry… I didn’t think it would still leak somehow…”

“No worries, here…” Kim hands me several napkins.

“Thanks…” I start cleaning the faint stain from the sofa and try to clean Aia. Damn… it isn’t much, but we should be more careful… “Come, darling,” I say to Aia. “Let’s get home. We shouldn’t dirty our friends’ sofa…”


“She’s complete out…” Kite observers. “When that happens, nothing nor nobody can wake her up now…”

“You can sleep here,” Kim offers. “These sofas are really comfy to sleep on.”

“Thanks, girls. But I think it’s better to go home. She would be really disoriented when she wakes up,” I decline their offer to stay.

“I understand,” Kite says and nods. “Just be careful on your way home.”

“I will,” I confirm and gather all our stuff.

Kim and Kite accompany us to the car.

“Ah, and please, tell us tomorrow about your test results,” Kite says.

“Sure, we will.”

“And tell her we said goodbye and good night,” Kim adds.

“Of course, I will.”


“Hmm… Where are we?” Aia asks in a slur.

“Home, in our bed… Come here…” I gently pull her against me and hug her.

“So nice…” she purrs. “I’m completely drunk, and my boyfriend hugs me. I’d love to fuck… but…”

“No need. Let’s keep it for tomorrow, darling,” I tell her.

“Yeah… I don’t wanna fall asleep while doing it…”

“Me neither. Sleep well, darling.”

“You too, love…”

To be continued in:
Space Highways The Queen and the King   B10 ~ The Diagnosis

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