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Class: variable/not applicable

A mestizo is a child born from parents of different species or subspecies.

In a recent[Citation needed] universal census approximately 328 billion mestizos have been counted. This census includes mestizos in any degree of mixin.


Species description



The physical appearance of mestizos varies in a with each individual, as it depends on the parents’ species, subspecies and race.

Some body parts are more likely to adopt one or another species’ characteristics.

Note: this list is not exhaustive and deviations might occur. It always depends on the parents’ species.

  • Skin, hair and eye colors: Normally, the darker color is carried over to the child.
  • Ear forms: Normally, pointy ears are carried over to the child. In some cases, smaller ears are also passed to the child.
  • Tails: Normally, if one of the parents has a tail, it carries over to the child.
  • Fangs: Normally, if one of the parents has fangs, they are carried over to the child.

It is not uncommon that some traits skip a generation and show up on grandchildren instead of the children.


Mixin (percentage)

To standardize the census, the mixin approach is used.

Each individual mestizo ports an uneven percentage of each parent’s genes. Using a genomic analysis the percentage of a species’ genome is determined. The higher value is assigned as the individual’s species.


Mixin controversy

Determining one individual’s species by a genetic test can be regarded as controversial, as an individual might have a greater non-visible genetic percentage than visible.

A Felii-Gaian mestizo, for example, might have a 75% Gaian genome, but its few Felii characteristics are clearly visible.

Many mestizos define themselves by their visible species-affiliation rather their genome percentage.

Mestizos’ children



  • Native Language: Depends on parents.
  • Native Language speakers: Not applicable.
  • Known dialects: Not applicable.
  • Other acquired languages: Not applicable.

Genetic compatibility with other species

Mammal mestizos are known to be quite broadly compatible with other mammal species. Outside of mammals, there is no known compatibility with them.
Mestizos of other than mammal species are quite rare, but not unheard of. Compatibility between non-mammal mestizos and other non-mammal species is not documented.



Despite its former derogative use against individuals of mixed races, nowadays the use of this term for individuals of mixed species is common and does not imply derogation. In fact, many individuals name themselves proudly being a mestizo.


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