Species: Android


Humanoid robot with advanced artificial intelligence, able to feel and show feelings. They are considered a species inside the whole humanoid genus.

Android is the generic term used in this article, including both male and females. In more specific terms, android refers to males and gynoid refers to females of this species.

Note: Bioandroids are considered yet another species but as their development is based on the android development, they share many features, see Bioandroid.

Species: Bioandroid


Androids based on biogenic advances. An evolutive form of androids. Are capable of feeling thanks to an advance AI. Partially based on the bionic technology.

Species: Cyborg


Individuals from any species converted into a cybernetic entity. Its highest evolution is to substitute the whole body with exception of the brain.

All modern cyborgs underwent the conversion voluntarily, mostly after having lost complete mobility as individuals.

Some are ex-soldiers from an experimental cybernetic unit deemed inhumane as some might have been pressed to convert.

Species: Felii


A major Feline-like species. A matriarchal society. The Felii Empire is a democratic empire with the empress, the matriarch, as the head of state.

Species: Gaian-Human


Alien species

Class: mammal

Origin: Sol system

Home planet: Gaia, also known as “Earth”.

Native languages: Modern English, Modern Chinese, Modern Spanish, Modern German and Modern Japanese.

Species: Ïiha


Alien species

Class: mammal

Species: Knoreliaz


Alien species

Class: mammal

Species: Mestizo


Alien species

Class: variable/not applicable

A mestizo is a child born from parents of different species or subspecies.

Species: Reaf


Alien species

Class: mammal

Species: Wigmez


Alien species

Class: mammal