This Species appeared first in chapter A02 ~ The Rebirth of the Phoenix II



Alien species

Class: mammal

Species description


Subspecies and races

As of 3024, standard Gaian date calculation, there are 139 known subspecies and races. ..



General description


Detailed description by body parts

  • Skin: Pale, mostly covered with a thin fur.
  • Ears: Feline-like
  • Nose: Similar to Gaian-humans with a feline touch.
  • Eyes: Feline, quite big en relation to their face. Mostly in the same color as their hair and fur color.
  • Tail: Feline-like covered in fur.



  • Native Language: Feliiti
  • Native Language speakers: Approx. 186 billion.
  • Known dialects: 147
  • Other acquired languages: Gaian English (approx 63 billion fluent speakers),…


Regions of influence

  • Home Planet: Fel-të’såh
  • Home Galaxy:


Regions by population


Recent studies have found that the Felii people have evolved from a feline-like primitive mammal, similar to the Gaian humans have evolved from the primitive apes.

Genetic compatibility with other species

Felii are known to be quite broadly compatible with other mammal species. Outside of mammals, there is no known compatibility with them. ..

List of known compatible species

  • Gaian-humans

Name etymology

The origin of the name Felii is still studied. Many different sources are only based on myths.

The plural is Felii but nowadays, under influence from other languages from species, the plural Feliis is becoming a standard practice. ..

Belief system and Religion


Political system

The Felii Empire is a democratic empire with the emperor as the head of state.

Most political decisions are taken between the Higher and the Lower House. ..

Political involvement


Local policy


Interplanetary policy



Upon the discovery of Gaia-Earth many [Citation needed] Felii emigrated to Gaia and settled with down. ..

Mestizo and species mixing

Although there are no laws against miscegenation and interbreeding, mestizos are not too welcome in some places inside the Felii Empire.


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