USNA – United States of North America

The United States of North America, shortened to USNA, is the second biggest country of the American continent.


Map  of the United States of North America (USNA).

Current territory of the United States of North America (USNA).

During and after WWIII, the old countries of North America merged into the USNA.
If the initial merger was peaceful or bellicose is still debated by historians as most files and documents have been lost during and shortly after the war.

The USNA comprehends the territory from the state of Alaska to the state of Panama. The border with the Union of South America is the Panama Canal, which has a special status given by both countries.

See actual territorial map of the USNA1).


The actual capital of the USNA is Houston.

During WWIII, Washington DC was decimated and the administrative center has been relocated to Houston and since then has been the capital of the old USA and the actual USNA.




1) Map based on North America from: (MOS)


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