Published on April 20, 3025
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via Trucker Star

SpeedKitty and the Phoenix spotted on a date!

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The two Aces of Aces of the ISTM were spotted on Eridani C-24. They seem to have met after a haul.

First, they were spotted going together to the cinema, watching the latest retro-sci-fi blockbuster Behind the Stars. The film has received the highest rewards in multiple academies and festivals, mainly due to its retro effects, its exceptional cast, and the explicit interspecies sex scenes.

After the lengthy movie outing, both enjoyed a lavish dinner at one of the most exclusive restaurants of the space city.

Later, both have been spotted walking through the lush parks of the Eridani Ran Hotel.

Reputable sources affirmed that both Aces shared a suite in the very same luxury hotel.

What might have happened there?

Even if both reassured continuously, once asked, that their relationship is just friendship, many experts believe there is more behind it.