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Space Highways

Follow Kira through space and time and discover a new universe. Discover with him new species, worlds, star travels, and whole galaxies.

The SpaceHighways series will be divided into several books, story arcs, or seasons (TV series), however you like to name it. I like to call them books or arcs. The story is not really divided for commercial reasons, but they are individual story arcs. These arcs are sequential, meaning, to fully understand arc “B” it would be advisable having read arc “A”, and so forth.

Most chapters of SpaceHighways are free to read on this site. This series is financed by SpaceHighways-loving patrons on Patreon, and thus, patrons receive some extra chapters. But don’t worry, you won’t get lost without them. If you don’t want or can’t finance this series, just visit this site regularly. Of course, you can also subscribe to our newsletter, the RSS feeds, or follow us on any of the SpaceHighways’ social media streams. For more info about this patronage system works, visit the FaQ page.