B10 ~ The Compatibility Test

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Chapter 11 of 12 from the The Queen and the King of the Space-Highways arc
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B10 ~ The Compatibility Test

Revision 2 September 15, 2020 a 50 min read
B10 ~ The Compatibility Test cover

Aia and Kira have their biggest test yet. Are they genetically compatible? Anxious, they visit the IGC Interspecies Clinic in hopes of a positive result.

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Revision 2 September 15, 2020:
  • Partial rewrite of several scenes.
  • Grammar and typos fixed.
  • Free edition for everyone.

Thanks to all patrons of SpaceHighway and several anonymous readers.

Note: This chapter is published as a manuscript and might contain some grammatical and syntactical errors. If you find some, please comment or drop me a message. I am thankful for any hints as English is not my native language.

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B10 ~ The Compatibility Test


“Morning, darling~”

I slowly open my eyes at Aia’s greeting. One of her arms lies on my belly, and her hand caresses my chest. She holds her head up with her other arm.

“Morning, love,” I say after a long yawn. “How’s your hangover?”

“Better than ever,” Aia giggles. “You?”

“Quite fine. I haven’t had that much.”

“What time is it?” she asks me. “We’ve got the appointment at eleven…”

“Just past nine…”

“Enough time for something sexy,” Aia purrs while she caresses me seductively. “Ah!” she exclaims and let herself fall onto her back. “We can’t… I’ve got a gyn examination…”

“Right… Some hugs?” I offer.

“Some hugs are nice,” Aia giggles and rolls into my arm. We embrace and kiss.

We make out and pet each other for the longest time.

Enjoying our rich breakfast, Aia goes through the email the clinic sent us.

“Damn… I didn’t think this through…” Aia sighs. “I had way too many drinks yesternight… We will have a full blood analysis, among many others. I hope this won’t affect the compatibility test…”

“Would alcohol alter our compatibility?” I ask.

“Nope…” She shakes her head. “But could alter the results in other ways…” she sighs. “We were right in not having sex this morning. It could have made it quite awkward…”

“I bet,” I chuckle.

“I’m not keen to go to the gyn… Never been…”

“Too many awkward questions?”

“Yeah… All related to my species and my origin… But I can’t take it wrong…” she sighs again. “I mean, I’m, technically, a doctor too… I would have to make such questions too if I’m unfamiliar with my patient’s species. But…”

“Sorry, darling…” I say as I take her hand and caress her.

“Thanks, love,” she sighs happily. “I’m just nervous about today…”

“Me too. But remember, my feelings for you won’t change the slightest, whatever the results,” I reassure her.

“Thanks, love. I know…” she says, wearing a soft smile. “But I can’t stop being nervous… Not because of the tests ’emselves, but the results…” she sighs.

“Yeah… Let’s try to calm down. We don’t know if our nervousness could affect the results too…” I say, trying to convince myself to calm down.

“Oh, you~” Aia giggles. “Right. Back to the email… Hmm… Yeah, nothing else, really. We just have to have a good shower with neutral soap. No problem. We’ve got that. But the two days ban of sex… Damn…”

“Two days?” I ask, a bit surprised. “And we thought we averted a problem this morning…” I sigh. “How much could that influence?”

“It shouldn’t much…” Aia says and shrugs. “It basically is to keep the proper hygiene as intercourse could affect the vagina’s pH levels, among other things. And the timing depends on the doctor recommending it. It can also depend on the species… And it doesn’t help that we know a damn thing about my own species…” she sighs.


“It’s okay, darling,” she sighs again. “Let’s make the best out of it.”

“You’re right. Let’s have a good shower after breakfast.”

“Yeah. We could leave early and go there walking. I think it could calm us a bit.”

“Good idea, let’s.”


After a calming stroll, we reach the building where the IGC Interspecies Clinic occupies the whole second floor.

Nervousness comes back as we enter the clinic and reach the front desk.

“Good morning, how can I help you?” a friendly Knoreliaz asks us.

“We have an appointment for a compatibility test at eleven,” Aia states.

“We’re Aia Asdiekx and Kira Matsumoto,” I add.

“Seems right,” the receptionist confirms. “You’re a bit early. But that’s not a problem at all.”

“Oh! Aia, Kira, you’ve come,” we’re interrupted. We look over and see Ehhnah leaving an office. “You’re early, I see. Cel’nï, we’re finishing with miss Madison in a bit. We might accept them a bit earlier.”

“Very well, Ehhnah,” the Knoreliaz confirms. She then turns to us, “Have these DigiForms and please fill them out. We appreciate it if you could fill all fields out as it’s your first time with us.”

We take the forms and thank her.

“See you in a bit,” Ehhnah says. “No need to be nervous, we’ll take good care of you,” she adds and leaves.

We are ushered to the waiting room, where we take a seat on one of the benches.

“Let’s see…” Aia whispers. “First, our generic personal data.” We both authorize the insertion of our personal data with our fingerprints, and the corresponding fields are filled automatically. “Ugg~ My species field didn’t got filled out… And I can’t fill it in manually…” she sighs.

“It seems that these fields aren’t prepared for unknown species…” I sigh too.

“Yeah… Whatever… Let’s go on… Sexual orientation… Damn… I don’t know? Hmm… Let’s say hetero. Sexually active, yes. Number of partners, one. Species of your partner, Gaian-Human. Gender of your partner, male. Damn… so many questions. Want to have children, yes. How many? Undecided, right?” she asks me, wearing a smile.

“Yeah,” I confirm.

Finally, we finished with the form…

“So many questions…” Aia repeats and sighs.

“Sorry to interrupt,” a voice from a Knoreliaz comes from our left. “And sorry for overhearing… You don’t know your species?” she asks with a hint of sympathy.

“No…” Aia sighs. “But I have a loving boyfriend.”

“Aww… I’m sorry, dear. It’s wonderful to have loving partners, isn’t it?” the woman states.

“It truly is,” Aia giggles. “Ah, when are you expecting?”

“Still five more months,” the Knoreliaz giggles. “Our species’ pregnancy is eleven Gaian months. I’m here for a routine check. I want to know how well they are.”

“They?” Aia asks carefully. I get it. She isn’t sure if the woman used a gender-neutral singular or a plural they.

“Twins,” the pregnant woman states, wearing a bright smile. “Both mestizos. One with characteristics from my Human partner. And the other one with mine.”

“Mestizo twins…” Aia marvels. “Kira, darling, could you imagine me with such a huge belly?”

“It would be wonderful, love,” I confirm and take her hand.

“Yeah… Ah… May I?” Aia asks the Knoreliaz.

“Sure…” she giggles and takes Aia’s free hand to lie on her huge belly.

“Ah! I just felt a kick!” Aia exclaims.

“They’re really lively,” the woman giggles. Just then, a nurse enters the waiting room and calls a name. “Oh, that’s me…” the Knoreliaz says and prepares to stand up. “Good luck on your test,” she adds and wishes us well.

“I wanna…” Aia sighs as her eyes follow the pregnant woman leaving the room.

“Me too…” I sigh too. “I’d pray to any deity for it to be possible…”

“Yeah… me too… By the way, darling…”


“Do you follow any religious belief? You never talk bout religion… I mean, I don’t really care, as I’m agnostic and open-minded…”

“Hmm… I’m not really religious,” I say. “But I was raised in Japanese traditions which follow Shintoism and certain Buddhist customs. In my family, at least, the traditions mix between the two, participating in both rituals. Usually, praying to local gods and weddings in Shintos, while praying for ancestors and funerals are on the Buddhist side.”

“Really interesting. How’s a Shinto wedding?” she asks me quite excited.

Just as I want to answer, Ehhnah enters and calls for us.

“We’ll look it up later,” Aia giggles and stands up.


“Good morning,” doctor Igüeni welcomes us, and we greet her. “Please take a seat.”

We take a seat at the doctor’s desk, while Ehhnah takes a seat at one of the computers.

The doctor goes on, “Ehhnah will take notes of everything we discuss, okay?” We confirm that it’s not a problem. “Good. I’ll ask some further questions which are more personalized for you two. I see that you haven’t filled out Aia’s species…”

“Yeah, it won’t let us fill in unknown,” I explain.

“That’s a problem…” doctor Igüeni confirms. “Ehhnah, please inform our provider about this.” The doctor’s assistant confirms and takes note. “Now, I’ll ask some questions I prefer to make in person. I’m interested in your reactions and openness to discuss your sex-life. You are free to avoid answering any of my questions, but I’d prefer you could answer all of them.”

“Okay,” Aia confirms, and I nod. “We’ll be as frank as possible.”

“Don’t worry,” the good doctor says. “I understand that some questions might be a bit intrusive, but we strive for finding the answer to your most important question, if you’re compatible. Everything you tell us is kept secret and only accessible to the specialists assigned to you. Any questions before we start?”

“Yes,” I interject. “What’s the procedure?”

“Good question,” Dr. Igüeni confirms. “First, I’ll ask you questions about your love and sex-life and other health-related topics. After that, Aia will have a complete gyn examination while Kira will have an andro examination. Do not worry, my soulmates are absolute specialists in their fields and care a lot about our patients. Blood and DNA samples will be taken from both. We’ll also need to extract an ovum from Aia, and some sperm samples from Kira. That’s roughly the procedure. Any other question or something to add?”

“Yeah,” Aia sighs. “We had sex yesterday around early afternoon… We didn’t think it through… It was something we did on impulse…”

“Oh… Don’t worry,” Dr. Igüeni says. “We would have preferred you to not have, but we’ll take it into account. And don’t be ashamed about that. It can happen. More so, if you just started dating,” she adds with a giggle.

“Let’s start with a DNA swab and take some blood.” Ehhanh is already preparing everything she’ll need as the doctor goes on, “Aia’s species is unknown, while Kira is an Awakened with full bionic implants. We have< already studied your full clinical files you have sent us. What most concerns us are Kira’s mutation and Aia’s unknown status. But these will be taken into account in the deep DNA analysis we’ll be doing. We’ll take your samples now, so that the lab can start working on their analyses.”

Ehhanh starts with a swab and then proceeds to take our blood.

“Wow! Aia’s blood is purple!” the nurse exclaims in surprise.

“Interesting…” Igüeni states. “It’s dark blue to purplish… That makes sense, given your skin color. We tend to find variations in blood colors in certain species. In most cases, they are related to the enzymes and cells responsible for the skin’s base color. Many species share a reddish tinted blood color but is not the only one.”

“Could that be a problem regarding our compatibility?” Aia asks nervously.

“Not necessarily,” the doctor says. “We Ïiha have a sliver tinted blood, while the Reaf have a whiteish blood. Our species are both compatible with each other and with Humans. Meaning, blood color does not determine compatibility. Compatibility is determined primarily by your DNA and secondarily on your reproductive systems. There are other important details to consider, like blood types and blood cells, but the color in itself is never the issue. The reproduction system is color blind,” she states.

Both Aia and I exhale in relief while Ehhnah leaves the office to take our samples to the lab.

“Now to the questions,” Dr. Igüeni says after Ehhnah returned. “As you indicated in the form, you started dating and having sex just a few days ago… Why are you already taking a compatibility examination?”

“Because we want to have children,” Aia states.

“Not right now, but we want to be prepared for the moment we decide to,” I add.

“What would happen if the results are negative?” Igüeni asks.

“Dunno…” Aia sighs. “We’ll surely research any other possibility, like adoption or a surrogate mother.”

“The only thing we do have clear is that our love for each other won’t change at all,” I state.

“Yeah,” Aia confirms. “I mean, our initial happiness might gloom… but we would find a way. My mom is sterile, and I’m adopted. My parents are the happiest couple I’ve ever known, despite not being able to have children. And they really wanted to have some.”

“And having found Aia, made them even happier,” I add and caress Aia’s hand lying on the table.

“Exactly,” she confirms with a bright smile.

“Good answer,” Dr. Igüeni says, wearing a bright smile. “It’s a hard question for any young family. You two are really mature around this issue. Now I know that I don’t have to water down any possible result. Have you been sexually active before your relationship? How many partners? I just need an overview, not a detailed answer.”

“I had several failed relationships with men,” Aia sighs. “I never had vaginal or anal intercourse before sleeping with Kira. I was a bit obsessed with self-pleasure while unable to feel pleasure with a partner,” she confesses.

“I had many sexual partners, and lost the count,” I confess. “I had…” A lump in my throat stops me from going on.

“Darling…” Aia caresses my hand. “Kira had a son before being cryopreserved,” she finally says, noticing I’m unable to say it. “He’s still being haunted by the thought of having him abandoned…” she sighs with sorrow.

“I… I only found it out several months ago…” I finally say.

“Oh, my… I’m sorry, Kira,” Igüeni apologizes. “It wasn’t my intention to agitate you.”

“I know,” I sigh. “It’s just something I haven’t been able to overcome yet. I had many lovers before my cryo, but only three one-nighters since I’ve awakened. I also had a deep skinship relationship with a Felii woman for several months.”

“That was before we started dating,” Aia informs. “Although we felt attracted to each other, we weren’t ready for a relationship. We agreed that we would have absolute freedom until we could work our problems out.”

“That’s really mature of you two,” the doctor states. “Meaning, Kira has extensive experiences, while Aia had little…”

“Yeah,” Aia confirms. “I hadn’t gone further than oral sex with any partner other than Kira. With him, I had my firsts in many ways,” she adds, giggling.

“Good…” Dr. Igüeni nods while Ehhnah keeps on taking notes. “Now, Aia, your period… Timing, quantities, and irregularities…”

“Quite strange compared to the Human one…” Aia sighs. “The whole cycle is bout eighty days. I have the menses for bout six days. Quite thick and substantial the first two days, then it slows down till halt. I had it as short for three days and as long for eight. I’m quite punctual, with little variations.

“One thing, though, I don’t know exactly when I’m supposedly fertile and ovulate. Bout two weeks before my menses, I’m incredibly horny for a week. At first, it’s intense, then slowly recedes… I can only speculate that it could be my heat-season…”

“That’s very likely as many species have such periods,” the doc asses. “But there are also some species in which the so-called heat appears outside the fertility window. It’s not yet understood on why this happens, though. In your case, I would recommend you having some tests in your different phases, once we understand your body a bit better.”

“That would be great,” Aia affirms. “I really wanna know more bout myself. More so now, together with Kira.

“Actually, during these phases of arousal, I appear to emit a kind of hormone…”

“Interesting…” The doctor leans a bit forward, clearly wanting more data. “How do people around you react when in that phase?”

“Mostly, no reaction whatsoever…” Aia shrugs. “I’ve noticed that some guys are a bit more persistent at flirting with me, that’s all. The only exception is Kira…” she adds, giggling.

“How so?” Igüeni asks, clearly intrigued.

“She drives me crazy,” I joke and laugh. “No, seriously, she emanates a kind of sweet, sensual scent. It arouses me extremely. I don’t know why I’m the exception. I mean, yeah, I’ve got a good sense of smell, but nothing out of the norm.

“However, I’ve noticed something similar happening with a Felii friend of ours. Talking to her, she confirmed that she was in her heat-season. I’ve noticed with others before, but in her case, it was also quite strong.”

“Really interesting…” the doc nods. “Usually, depending on the species, that denotes some compatibility. How is that arousal for both of you?”

“I’m so horny that I almost assaulted Kira,” Aia confesses and blushes. “We were together in my truck, and the filtering system couldn’t filter out my scent… I was continuously excited and fantasizing about having sex with him.”

“I had an erection for the whole time,” I sigh. “Even masturbating didn’t help… The moment I thought that I was able to calm down, her scent aroused me again.”

“And I had the feeling that Kira also emanated a sexy smell… I dunno if it was just my brain going oversexed, or it was real…” Aia sighs. “We only could avoid a disaster by Kira using a separate respirator mask. We weren’t dating yet, and we believe that we could have damaged our future relationship at that point if we had given in to our arousal.”

“Intriguing…” Igüeni takes some notes herself. “We clearly should do some tests when you’re in that phase. We could determine why Kira is the only one till now who noticed it so extremely.”

“That would be great,” Aia confirms while I nod.

“Now to Kira, I need to know more about you,” Dr. Igüeni states. “Anything unusual about your erections or sperm production you have noticed?”

“Actually, I’ve noticed something since I’ve awakened,” I start. “Before, I would say I’ve been quite average… But since awakening, I noticed that I’m able to keep on for longer. I mean, more time between ejaculations, and I need either no or little rest to recover.”

“You mean, recover between an ejaculation and the next erection?” Igüeni asks me.

“Yes,” I confirm. “On our first time together, it was quite extreme. I could keep on for the longest time. I mean, yeah, some rest while making out or petting. But we noticed the next morning that some condoms were practically empty…”

“Meaning, you had ejaculation-less orgasms?”

“That, I can’t remember…” I sigh. “Our first night together is a bit hazy… I can’t remember how many times we did it…” I sigh again.

“Yeah, it’s the same for me,” Aia giggles. “I was also surprised. But anytime we do it, he could keep on for more than I expected. I don’t have much experience with guys other than him, but he clearly is above ’em.”

“And with your one night partners? And your Felii skinship partner?” the doctor asks.

“The same…” I sigh. “With my first partner since awakening, it was similar as with Aia. With my other two one-nighters, the same. And with En—my Felii partner, exactly the same… I can’t figure out why this is happening. I don’t really feel different. I work out the same, eat about the same, just better. Aia is an excellent cook,” I laugh while Aia giggles and blushes. “I can’t believe that my cryo could have had a clear influence… Nor that mutation or non-mutation I allegedly have… It’s just that my endurance is higher than I’m used to be…”

“Just…” Aia giggles. “From my point of view, it isn’t a problem. I enjoy it.”

“Okay,” Dr. Igüeni chuckles at Aia’s remark. “We will have you have some extra examinations, just to be sure it has no negative effect. I don’t think, a priori, that having a bit of extra stamina could be negative.” A bit?

Dr. Igüeni goes on with her questions. Some are quite intrusive, and I wouldn’t answer them if it wasn’t for her being a specialized doctor in interspecies maternity, and we have a clear goal in mind. She even asks us about how far I’m able to reach during penetration. Where Aia’s G-spot lies, and how much we enjoy different positions…

“Perfect,” Igüeni finally says. “I’m sorry for the many intimate questions, but we need to have a clear picture of your possibilities. Next, is the gynecological examination. Ehhnah, is Grhiedak now free?”

Ehhnah checks her tablet. “Yes, he just had a short break as he finished earlier with his patient.”

“Good. Please, accompany them,” the doctor says to the Felii nurse.

“Of course, doc,” Ehhanh confirms and stands up.

“Ehhanh is your assigned personal nurse,” Dr. Igüeni informs us. “We assign a nurse to every family. This way, you have a contact person, and we have someone who knows your complete file. She will be with you the whole time, so you won’t feel too displaced visiting the other doctors.” Wow…

“Thank you~” Aia sings and stands up. I follow suit.


“Ehhanh?” Aia asks the Felii carrying a tablet. “Do you have many families under your wing as a nurse?”

“Just three others,” Ehhanh confirms. “I’m Dr. Igüeni’s assistant and the head nurse of this clinic. Thus, I just have a few families assigned. You two are special, that’s why I’m entrusted with your case.”

“Wow… Special?” I ask.

“Sure,” the Felii nurse giggles. “You are famous. We, the interspecies community, already see you as our representatives.”

“Really?” Aia asks, dumbfounded. “Did you know who we are when we met?”

“Of course,” Ehhanh confirms. “You aren’t exactly anonymous and easy to hide,” she adds with a giggle. “But it’s our nature as health workers to pry on other’s lives and remain silent about it. And, frankly, I don’t care about your fame as long as you are nice people, and you are.” She smiles brightly and giggles. “Anyway, after yesterday’s press conference, you already have become the heroes of the Gaian interspecies community.”

“For real?” I ask, astonished.

“Sure,” Ehhanh confirms and nods. “There are many interspecies couples and polys living on Gaia, but very few universe-wide celebrities such as yourself.”

Universe-wide celebrities… Who has thought I would be called a celebrity…

“Your decelerations about interspecies matters have resonated with each and every one of us living in an interspecies relationship,” Ehhnah goes on. “Just you two being an interspecies couple, already gives our community here on Gaia quite a boost. But your declarations around the topic are simply awesome!” she exclaims and laughs. “Ah! We’re here… Let me check for a sec…”

Ehhnah asks us to stay outside as she enters an office.

“Interspecies celebrities?” I ask Aia with a smirk. She just giggles and blushes. However, she can’t hide her nervousness.


“You can come in,” Ehhnah ushers us into the gynecologist’s office.

“Good morning, Aia, Kira,” doctor Grhiedak receives us with much joy. “How do you do? Ah, have a seat, please.” We do as told and sit in front of him. “This is Veh’reh, my assistant,” he introduces a Reaf woman standing at his right. After greeting each other, he goes on, “Veh’reh will be the one physically interacting with you, Aia. I hope you’d be more comfortable with it.”

“Oh… yeah…” Aia sighs in relief.

“Don’t worry. I’m aware that not many women are conformable with a male gynecologist. I will do the interpretation and analysis. I’m well versed in both genders’ issues, as I was born a woman.”

“Oh!” Aia and I exclaim and look at each other. She completely relaxes after hearing Dr. Grhiedak’s explanation.

“Now, Ehhnah and Kira can always be at your side if you’d wish so,” he offers.

“That would be awesome,” Aia says. “I need him nearby.”

“Most understandable,” the good doctor says. “More so because I need to make many questions and many tests, given that we know nothing about your species. I’ve read through your medical history and still feel lost,” he confesses.

“I understand,” Aia confirms. “I’ll try to answer anything. But I don’t know much bout myself either.”

“Then let’s find out, together with your partner,” Grhiedak offers. “We will do the following: first, I’ll read through Dr. Igüeni’s report. Meanwhile, Veh’reh prepares you for the gynecology examination. We will need to have some samples of your lining, mucus, muscle cells, and take some measurements. Perhaps, we’ll need to take other samples on the go as we see it fit. Later, Veh’reh will take a mammogram as well as a palpation of your breasts to detect any possible issue. I already got your full body x-ray scans. I just need some more specific ones. We’ll also take one of your vagina, uterus, and ovaries. This will happen at the same moment we’ll be taking one sample ovum. A machine designed for that task will be doing so, and you’ll be completely safe. Any questions?”

“Yeah…” Aia sighs. “While we’re at it, could you check my hormones? I’ve got the feeling that something isn’t quite right…”

“Oh, how so?” he asks. “Have you noticed something out of the norm?”

“We’ll…” Aia blushes deeply. “Since we started dating, I’ve become something like a nymphomaniac…” The doc, his assistant, and Ehhnah blink surprised. He nods, urging Aia to go on. “I mean… I haven’t had real sexual experiences before. I mean, not with a guy, nor a girl… However, I explored… masturbation a lot. But not that much as I like sex now…” she confesses, still blushing.

“If you feel the need for it, we’ll do some test,” Dr. Grhiedak offers. “However, I don’t think that your newly discovered sexual urges have something to do with your hormones. Nor that it is something to be worried about.

“You just started dating, and you discovered the pleasure associated with being with someone you really love. Most of us have gone through such a period in our life. We can’t get enough pleasure from being together with our partner at such moments. Those feelings can be really addictive,” he adds and chuckles. “It could also be something about your species, Aia. Perhaps, you’re prone to have such strong sexual urges when you found your soulmate.”

“Oh… I haven’t thought of that…” Aia sighs. “Perhaps, it’s just me having studied human medicine, I’m trying to make sense about it…”

“Right, could be,” the doc says and nods. “The Human anatomy can’t be your guide here, Aia. Even if similar, your body does not need to follow any of the things you’ve studied. We will help you and try to make sense of it, okay?”

“Yeah, thanks,” Aia sighs, this time relaxed.


Ehhnah is helping Aia to change her summer dress for a patient gown behind some heavy curtains. Veh’reh is prepping what looks like a modern version of a gyn chair.

“Are you familiar with the procedures?” Veh’reh asks me.

“Not much,” I negate. “I dated a gynecologist student once, but I can’t say I’ve learned how such a chair works in its designed sense…”

“Oh, Kira!” Aia laughs loudly from behind the curtains. The other two women also laugh at my comment.

“That’s certainly not the way you two will be using it,” Veh’reh laughs. “But…” she whispers into my ear, “nice way to make your girl laugh and relax. Anyway,” she goes on in her normal voice, “your girlfriend will be sitting on this comfy chair while you’ll be taking her hand. Nothing more. Not too sexy at all, right?” she giggles.

Still giggling, Aia steps out from behind the curtains. “What do I need to do?” she asks the gynecologist assistant.

“Just make yourself conformable on this comfy love seat…” Veh’reh giggles. “No… wait… gyn chair… It’s a gyn chair,” she laughs.

Giggling and gasping for breath, Aia gets into the chair with our help. Ehhnah is already looking for Dr. Grhiedak.

“Good, are you ready, Aia?” the doc asks her.

“Yeah…” she giggles.

He nods and turns several monitors on while his assistant produces a strange, phallic gadget from a sealed bag.

“This is a computer-assisted speculum,” Veh’reh explains. “It measures the maximum pressure to exerted without hurting Aia. This means, we’ll get the best view without tearing,” she adds, giggling. This speculum looks like a partially translucent dildo… “This opaque part houses a high res cam and many other sensors. We’ll be able to see the pics on that screen,” she points at one just in front of Dr. Grhiedak.

“Now, I’ll smear it with some lube first. And, here you go… Hold it, darling,” Veh’reh hands Aia the speculum. Aia inspects it with interest. “Put it inside your vagina by yourself, Aia,” the assistant instructs. “Just like you’d do with any of your toys. You surely know how by now, right?” she giggles.

Chuckling, Aia brings the speculum under her gown with one hand. Her other searches for mine.

“Are you okay?” I ask her.

“Yeah, just a bit nervous. Wanna help?” she asks, wearing a smirk.


“Wow!” Veh’reh exclaims as we watch the monitor. “Aia, are you bisexual?”

“Huh?” Aia blinks, disoriented by the sudden question. “I… dunno…” she sighs. “Why?”

“Your vagina has the bi flag colors,” Veh’reh laughs.

“Intriguing…” Dr. Grhiedak mutters. “I’ve never seen such an interesting coloring. Going from blue over to purple and pinkish…”

“Hey! Can I take a picture and put it as my terminal wallpaper? A real bi-pussy for my bi ass!” Veh’reh laughs.

“Veh’reh…” the doctor sternly says.

“Eep! Sorry, sorry! Just kidding, just kidding…” his assistant apologizes, but still giggles.

“Seriously…” the doc sighs. “Now… Apart from the coloring, I don’t notice anything out of the norm any mammalian species should have. Let’s get the samples and the data we need.”

Keeping on with her corny jokes, Veh’reh takes her utmost care in taking all the samples they need. At some point, I had the impression that her jokes are going over the top, but Aia giggles and laughs the whole time… Either it’s Veh’reh’s personality, or she does it on purpose to put Aia at ease…

“Perfect, we have all the samples we need bar the ovum,” Grhiedak concludes.

“Just a sec, Aia. I’ll deactivate the speculum so you can take it out by yourself,” his assistant informs as she inputs some commands on her tablet.

“Now, the next part, the mammogram,” the doc explains. “Veh’reh will take care of it.”

“Sure,” his assistant confirms. “Keep this gown on, Aia. When you removed the speculum and are ready, we head over to the tit-press.”

“Okay…” Aia giggles at the gestures Veh’reh is making.

After a short while of corny jokes from Veh’reh, Aia had her mammogram taken.

“Perfect, now you’re done here. The next part will be the ovum extraction and the 3D scan of your reproductive organs,” the doc explains. “Ehhnah will accompany you to the lab.”

“Yup!” the Felii nurse giggles. “Keep the gown on, Aia. I bring your stuff with us. You can change after the next part back into your lovely summer dress.”


“This ugly-looking machine is, in fact, lovely,” the machine’s operator tells us while she laughs. “You, my dear, you have to sit into this seat fully naked. First, it will take several ultrasound and x-ray images of your lower abdomen and your genitalia. With these, it creates an accurate three-dimensional image.

“After we have the 3D scan, the machine will extract two to four ova. This will be done by two hair-thin needles. You’ll be administered a small dose of sedative that only affects the required areas. You’ll keep conscious the whole time.

“You can’t see your partner, but he will be sitting at my side. You two can talk to each other without a problem, so you won’t feel alone.”

“Ugh… thanks…” Aia says, a bit uneasy.

“Don’t worry, my dear,” the Knoreliaz giggles. “It’s safe. I have used it myself to check my compatibility with my partners. And it confirmed that I am. You’ll just have a similar feeling as when your foot got numb.”

Aia sighs in relief and relaxes.

“Help me out, then in?” Aia asks me, giggling.

“Of course, darling,” I confirm, and help her out of her gown after Ehhnah closed the curtains. “Still nervous?” I ask the blueish alien.

“Yeah… But more at ease…” she confirms while I help her step into the machine.

“I’ll be right outside,” I reassure her.

“Thanks, darling.”

We peck, and I step out of the machine’s dressing room.

«Kira? Darling?» I already hear Aia’s voice through a loudspeaker.

“He’s right here,” Ehhnah reassures.

“Hi, love,” I greet Aia.

«Hi~» Aia sighs, relieved. «I just needed to hear your voice. It’s kinda claustrophobic in here…»

“Sorry, it is…” the Knoreliaz confirms. “But don’t worry, you can chat with us the whole time. Do you want me to tell you what’s happening at the moment, or do you just want to know when’s finished?”

«Ugh… When finished… Does it take long?»

“No, no… just about ten minutes.”

«Okay…» Aia sighs. «I’m ready…»

“Good, we’ll start now.”

«You used this too, Ehhnah?» Aia asks.

“Yeah. I know it’s a bit intimidating, but really safe. The old procedures would have taken up to an hour and required way more anesthetics, and quite a lot of preparations,” the Felii explains. “This machine does everything.”

“Yes, indeed,” the operator confirms. “I basically have to check that the 3D scan is okay and to oversee the retrieval. During the scan, I identify the most mature ova and target them for extraction. Which, by the way, just finished.

«Wait… The whole thing? Wasn’t it ten minutes?»

“Yup,” the Knoreliaz giggles. “The extraction just finished. And it’s ten minutes from the moment you close the doors until it finishes cleaning you.”

«I haven’t felt anything…» Aia marvels. «Just this slight stinging and numbness around my left abdomen.»

“That’s where we took the samples from,” the Knoreliaz confirms. “Don’t worry, my dear, the machine will clean you now. You’ll feel like having had a fresh shower.”

«A shower without Kira? A first in… four days? Yeah, four days,» Aia giggles.

Ehhnah, the operator, and I explode into laughter.


Aia shivers as she steps out of the machine. I fetch her a hot coffee from a vending machine just outside the office.

“Sorry, that’s the only thing I think this machine could be improved on,” Ehhnah apologizes. “It’s getting way too cold inside…

“By the way, Kira, it’s your turn after Aia dresses herself.”

“Okay…” I sigh. I was never a fan of the urologist. Let’s hope I don’t have to undergo too many strange examinations… Hey, why I’m saying that? It’s for our’s sake. I’ll do whatever it takes.


“Good day, Aia, Kira,” Dr. Cehreh greets us. “How do you feel?”

“Nervous,” I confess.

“I bet,” he chuckles. “Hetero men aren’t usually too happy that another man checks their privates. But rest assured, I won’t do anything we haven’t discussed beforehand. You set the limits. However, the more tests we’re able to do, the better for your compatibility test.

“The first thing is the easiest part. We’ll just need a sperm sample. Then I’ll need to make some ultrasonic photographs of your genitalia, both in its flaccid and erect form. These photographs will be constructed into a three-dimensional image, which lets me have an exhaustive insight. More than touching you.

“For the compatibility test, I won’t need more data. Unless, you have something you want to have checked, given the opportunity.”

I sigh, relaxed. That’s way better than feared after Aia’s many invasive tests.

“Actually… I only have this strange stamina…” I say.

“Yes… that’s really interesting…” he says as he reads, seemingly, our file on his computer. “But I can’t think of a test I could perform just once. It would have to be a full study.

“Then, I assume, that you don’t have any discomfort you need to discuss with me,” he points out, and I confirm. “Your full body scan of your medial file reveals that you’re in excellent health. Meaning, there’s no need to do further tests.”

“Ah… Would my bionic limbs have some influence on our compatibility?” I ask worried.

“No, no, don’t worry. And your other worries, about your mutation, or non-mutation, that is outside of my expertise. That’s something only the lab can answer.”

Ehhnah hands me the typical plastic jar and points at a door. “In that room, you’ll find some porn flicks and intimacy.”

“Let me help,” Aia giggles. “I’m an expert in making my boyfriend cum by now.”

“Huh?” The nurse first blinks, then bursts into laughter. “Just be sure all of it ends directly into the jar.”

“Of course,” Aia giggles.

“This is more than enough for the tests,” Dr. Cehreh laughs.

“You can always give back what’s left over,” Aia jokes, and we all burst into another laughter.

“Now, for the pictures to take… Perhaps, you’d be more comfortable if your soulmate helps you, isn’t it?”

“What do I have to do?” Aia asks, already intrigued.

“Just help him getting excited when we take the images of his erection. I would surely have the opposite effect,” he jokes.

Even if I’m a bit uncomfortable about this, Dr. Cehreh makes it acceptable. He calmly explains what I have to do and what he will do. His good nature and lightweight jokes help me relax.

I have to stand naked inside a contraption which ports a similar gadget to those small x-rays found in dentists, just pointing at the lower areas.

Once done the first pass, he asks Aia for help.

“Wha!” I exclaim as she simply pushes down the top of her dress and removes her bra. But her sudden exposure had the desired effect…

Both the doc and Ehhnah chuckle and giggle at the scene we’re offering.

As long as the second scan lasts, Aia dances around topless. She doesn’t stop singing corny words and insinuations…

“And done,” Dr. Cehreh laughs. “You can cover yourself, Aia. Great job, by the way. I usually have to resort to Erectol for most patients. It seems that in your case, Kira, Aia is the only erection aid you need…”

“So true…” I sigh as I put my boxers on. “In her presence, erectile dysfunction is cured in seconds,” I add joking.

“Oh, you~” Aia giggles and gives me a peck. “Tonight will be very special,” she adds with a luscious smirk.

“Get a room, you two,” Ehhnah laughs. “Oh, wait! Not now, we have to do more tests.”

Yet again, we start laughing.

“That would it be…” Cehreh says. “Now, I’ll study what I have and send your sperm sample to the lab. But from the few things I’ve gathered and your overall health report, I can only say that you’re really healthy, given that you are a heavy smoker. The rest will have to do the lab.”

“Thanks a lot, for making everything light-hearted,” I say. “It’s the first time I didn’t feel too intimidated by a urologist.”

“That’s mostly thanks to Aia,” he retorts. “But I would try to make it agreeable in any case. And if you need to consult me for any male-related matters, please do so. We’re not just a maternity clinic, we offer our services for any member of interspecies families. Meaning, you can visit me if you need anything.”

“Thank you, I will,” I confirm. I really mean it. This guy was so open and nice, taking all the time we needed… If I really have something to sort out, I’ll visit him.


After stepping out of doctor Cehreh’s office, Ehhnah turns to us. “The next step is actually to wait…” she explains. “The lab has everything. We’ll visit doctor Igüeni again, and she’ll tell you more.”

“Great, thanks,” I say.

“Yeah… It actually has been more fun than anticipated,” Aia giggles.


“Ah, you’re back. Welcome,” Dr. Igüeni greets us as we enter her office. “Let’s see… Dr. Grhiedak already shared his analysis with me. And Dr. Cehreh just confirmed that he’ll have his report ready in about twenty minutes. I can also confirm that all the samples are in the lab and… Oh! That’s great!” We jolt as the doc exclaims. “The lab is already working on your analysis. That means…” she looks over at the wall clock, “in about two hours, you’ll have your results.”

“Really? That fast?” Aia exclaims excited.

“Indeed…” doctor Igüeni confirms. “Why don’t you have lunch nearby? We can give you the results in person.”

“That would be great,” I confirm. “Is there a nice place nearby?”

“Ehhnah?” Dr. Igüeni asks the nurse, and the Felii stands up. “You know many places around, don’t you? Why don’t you accompany them? Your break starts in twenty minutes anyway.”

“Oh, good idea,” Ehhnah confirms with a bright smile while her ears and tail flick.


Happily, Ehhnah guides us towards the nearby park while we calm our nerves with some smokes. “How do you feel after the tests?” she asks.

“Better than anticipated,” Aia says. “I mean, all of you took all your time for us and made it bearable, even enjoyable.”

“True,” I confirm. “I like your dedication.”

“Thank you~” Ehhnah sings. “It’s our passion. We want every interspecies family to be healthy and happy.”

“It shows,” Aia giggles. “It’s actually the first time I didn’t feel displaced going to the gyn. I really should have found you earlier.”

“It’s not easy, I know,” the Felii sighs. “Meeting doctors Igüeni, Grhiedak, and Cehreh was the best thing that happened to me, after meeting Carlos. When I was looking for an internship after finishing my studies, I found their recently founded clinic. My peers advised against applying to a yet unknown clinic. But it was the right decision. When I finished my internship, they offered me a full-time job, and I obviously accepted.” Ehhnah smiles brightly.

“That’s really great,” I assess. “It shows that you love your job.”

“I certainly do,” she giggles. “By the way, you’re Japanese, right, Kira?”

“Yeah,” I confirm, wondering about her question.

“Then, I might know the best place to eat something tasty.”

“Lead the way,” Aia giggles.

Suddenly, I discern a flash from the distance…

“Damn paparazzi…” I grumble.

“Huh?” Ehhnah turns around and looks at us.

“Yeah…” Aia sighs. “We’re being followed by the press again…”

“For real?” the Felii freaks out.

“Yeah…” I sigh too. “The best thing is to ignore them. But they’re getting on my nerves. Who knows the idiotic reports they’ll publish.”

“Sorry, Ehhnah,” Aia sighs again. “Most likely, they’ll say some stupid things bout you too…”

“How? Why?” the nurse asks, taken aback.

“Simply for having a stroll together and talking to us…” I say and sigh.

“No way… Is being famous always so… stressful?”

“Yeah…” Aia confirms. “It’s irritating, to say the least.”

“Let’s try to ignore them…” I say, already noticing my anger creeping up. Damn…


“A ramen shop?” I exclaim, surprised.

“Yup!” Ehhnah giggles. “My favorite restaurant around here.”

“Cool! Let’s try it,” Aia says, excited.

We step into the ramen shop. It looks like the typical family-owned restaurant from your favorite anime or manga… The long bar, the tables, the decor, even the workers look like those. I definitely know where the inspiration comes from.

Irasshai mase[1]!” a Japanese guy shouts from behind the busy bar.

“Hi~” Ehhnah greets. “Ouch… The bar is full. I prefer to eat there. Well, a table will be okay, right?”

“Yeah, it’s perfect,” Aia states while looking around in wonder.

A young waitress hurries towards us, bows, and greets us, “Irasshai mase, table for three?” she asks in a lovely Japanese accent.

Hai, sannin desu[2],” I confirm.

With a bright smile, the waitress replies, “Kochira e douzo[3]…” and offers us a neat low table on the tatami. “Menyuu ni narimasu[4],” she says as she hands us the bamboo-like paper menus on which each plate is pictured.

Arigatou gozaimasu[5],” I thank her while taking my menu.

“Huh… Arriga…tō?” Aia looks over at me and blushes. I nod, and both the waitress and she smile broadly.

Arigatou!” Ehhnah exclaims euphorically as her ears twitch, and her tail sways.

The waitress tries to hide a giggle as she bows to us and asks, “Onomi mono wa ika ga itashimasu ka?” Aia and Ehhnah just blink confused… The waitress notices and asks again, “What would you have to drink?”

“Oh! The usual tea, ocha, onegai shimasu,” Ehhnah says.

I look over to the hanging menu and notice the different alcoholic beverages. Oh!

Ocha< to ginjo nihonshu o sanbai, kudasai,” I order.

Wakarimashita,” the server replies, bows deeply, and turns around.

“Japanese sounds beautiful, doesn’t it?” Ehhnah says dreamily. “Shame I still can’t form a proper sentence… Ah, yeah… What did you order, Kira?”

“I asked for some sake,” I say. “Three glasses, plus the three cups of tea.”

“Oh! I’ve never tried sake,” Aia says. “By the way, why didn’t you ask for sake? I didn’t hear that word when you ordered…”

“Ah… That’s because in Japanese, sake means alcohol, as in any alcoholic beverage. In Japan, the rice wine is called nihonshu,” I explain.

“Wow… I didn’t know that…” Ehhnah says, marveled.

We are briefly interrupted by the waitress bringing three wet towels.

“Oh, and this?” Aia asks.

“These are oshibori, wet towels to clean our hands before eating. I haven’t been in many ramen places offering them,” I explain.

“Cool!” Aia exclaims, excited. “Ah… Let’s have a look at the menu…”

Ramen, ramen, ramen… Many different ramen from all over Japan… Who has thought that in a ramen shop, there is only ramen, I laugh to myself. Then, I noticed the last entry, “Oh!”

“Found something interesting?” Ehhnah asks, intrigued.

“Soki Soba… That’s a variety of soba very similar to ramen. This one has pork in it. A local dish from Okinawa… my parents’ birthplace…” I say emotionally.

“Oh, Kira… Why don’t you try it, then?” Aia suggests. “What would you recommend? Is this Onomichi Ramen good?”

“For seafood-lovers as yourself, ideal,” I recommend. “It’s from the Hiroshima prefecture.

“I’m not too used to these specialty ramen…” Ehhanh sighs. “I think I’ll go with my usual Tonkotsu.”

“Also a good choice,” I assess. “From what I see from here, they make everything fresh. In that case, I would try each and every one.”

“Oh, you~” Aia giggles.

Gochuumon wa okimari desu ka? Ah—Have you decided what you want to order?” the waitress asks as she brings the tea and the rice wine.

Hai,” I confirm, “Soki Soba wo hitotsu onegai shimasu[6].”

“Ah… Onomichi Ramen wo… hiitotsuu ohneguyshiimaass?” Aia tries to copy my order for herself to the enjoyment of the waitress.

“Very good, darling,” I praise Aia’s attempt. She smiles radiantly. I don’t get why she thinks she can’t learn languages. It should be obvious that just by reading a grammar book and learning it by heart, won’t you magically make speak a language. I have to support her more in her attempt to learn languages.

“Tonkotsu Ramen wo hitotsu onegai shimasu,” Ehhnah orders.

The waitress repeated the order, and we confirm. “Hai, shoushou omachi kudasai[7],” she says and bows again.

“So this is sake… No… How did you call it, darling?” Aia asks.


“Niihonshoo…” Aia repeats. “Is it strong?”

“This one might be a bit, as it’s a Jizake, a locally brewed sake. They usually don’t water it down to lower its alcohol content. Be careful, just in case,” I recommend.

“Then, kampai!” Ehhnah exclaims.

“Kampai!” I also cheer, lifting my glass.

“Kampaiii!” Aia cheers, giggling.

“Wow! Strooong…” Ehhnah shudders while her fur bristles, her ears jerk, and her tail stiffens.

“Soo good!” Aia exclaims happily.

“Really tasty. No watering down, as suspected,” I conclude.

Aia giggles at Ehhnah’s still bristling fur. “Not used to strong drinks, Ehhnah?” she asks the Felii.

“Not that much…” the nurse gasps and reaches for her teacup.

Aia giggles while Ehhnah brushes her fur back into form with her palm.

“You really look like an anime character…” Aia giggles, but halts suddenly. “Sorry! I didn’t mean to insult you in any way.”

Ehhnah just laughs in return. “It’s okay, don’t worry. Do you watch anime?” she asks overjoyed.

“Huh? Well… Kira showed me some…” Aia explains.

“Cool! I’m definitely an otaku. I absolutely love anime and manga,” the Felii says excited and laughs while Aia visibly relaxes. “Actually, Carlos and I met at the AnimeCon in our early teens. He thought that I was cosplaying a feline warrior from the series Warriors, the hit show of that time. Of course, I was. But not how he thought,” she laughs. “He was absolutely thrilled when he found out that I am a Felii.”

“So cute…” Aia sighs. “Ugh… Was it because of being a feline-like species?”

“At first… yeah…” Ehhnah sighs. “But that changed almost immediately. We got to know each other better until we started dating. Now we’re happily married,” she adds with a bright smile.

“I suppose many people will tell you that…” I sigh.

“Yeah, but I don’t care. I find it funny as I love to cosplay nekos,” Ehhnah giggles again.

“And Reki?” Aia asks worried. “She looks even more like those characters… Won’t she be bullied because of that? I mean… I’ve been bullied a lot…”

“We’ll teach Reki that looking like a beloved fantasy character isn’t necessarily a bad thing,” Ehhnah explains. “She surely will love anime and manga as much as we do.”

“Surely,” I chuckle. “If both parents are into it, most likely, the kid will be too.”

“How would your kid be, then?” Ehhnah asks, intrigued.

“Hmm… Dunno…” Aia shrugs. “I haven’t thought of that yet… But… A trucker too? Don’t think so. Multilingual for sure, at least bilingual.”

“And highly intelligent,” I add. “I wouldn’t be surprised if the kid would inherit Aia’s intelligence.”

“Kira~” Aia giggles.

We’re interrupted by the waitresses’ arrival with three huge bowls of ramen.

Arigatou,” I thank and break the chopsticks. “Itadakimasu[8]!”

Itadakimasu!” Ehhnah exclaims.

“Iitadackimāss!” Aia imitates.

I dig in… “Oishii[9]!” I cry out as a tear rolls down my cheek.

“Darling…” Aia blinks surprised, then smiles wholeheartedly.

Both women express their delight for their food while I devour the whole bowl in seconds.

Mouhitotsu!” I shout, holding the empty bowl over the table.

Hai! Shoushou omachi kudasai!” the cook behind the bar shouts back and laughs.

“Darling…” Aia looks at me preoccupied.

“Huh? Oh! Damn… Sorry…” I sigh.

“It’s okay, darling,” Aia says as she cleans some spots from my chin. “But you’re eating too fast… You could upset your stomach.”

“Right… Sorry…”

“It’s okay,” she giggles. “Seems that this ramen awakened some good memories…”

“Yeah… It tastes like my mother’s Soba…” I sigh.

“Oh, wow…” Ehhnah sighs too. “Then it must be really tasty. Next time, I’ll have one too.”

Haaaii~” the waitress brings me another bowl with a bright smile.

Doumo,” I thank her.

I enjoy this second bowl at a calmer pace.

“By the way, Ehhnah, how do you do it with Reki? I mean, you’re working right now,” Aia asks the happy Felii.

“Oh, right!” she answers, swaying her tail. “We’ve got the shared parental leave.”

“Shared? How does this work?” I ask between two slurps of Soba.

“It’s a bit complicated, in the sense of calculating it,” Ehhnah explains. “The mother has a total of six months of paid maternal leave. The first three months are obligatory. You can’t renounce them, and they include two weeks pre-partum. The father has a total of three months of paid paternal leave. How you combine it, it’s yours to decide. Of course, your companies have to agree with the distribution. Then, you have the additional shared one. This is something you have to negotiate with your companies, and is unpaid leave.

“For example, I have got my three months while Carlos only took one after Reki’s birth. He worked the following two months. Then, he took one month of leave to be with us. From then on, he worked a month alternatively.

“Now, on the shared paternity leave, we take turns. He works a month, and I take care of Reki full-time. Then we switch. I work for a month, and he takes care of her. The shared paternity leave can be as long as a year. However, each spouses’ company has to agree and, if possible, to coordinate. Carlos works at the Geo Net Consulting firm, which is very open-minded and gave no problem as long as he is on standby for emergencies. Of course, the clinic had absolutely no problem with it. And for you two working in the same company, it should be really easy to get the shared paternity leave.”

“Wow! Amazing!” I almost spit my last bite out. “So many changes! In my old times, getting a paid leave was practically impossible… Awesome.”

“Truly…” Aia giggles. “We have to look into it, don’t we, love?”

“Quite right, dear,” I confirm.


Gochisousama deshita[10],” I say as I pay for the cheap but absolutely delicious food.

“It has been a pleasure,” the elderly woman behind the bar says. “Nice to meet enthusiastic guests as you,” she giggles. “Ehhnah-chan, you have lovely friends,” she says to the Felii. “Maido, mata irasshai[11].”

“Thank you~ We surely come again,” Aia giggles, and we bid goodbye.


“Let’s have a stroll?” Ehhnah suggests.

“Good idea,” Aia assesses, and I agree.

We walk a bit through the park until we reach a children’s playground. Aia, Ehhanah, and I observe a bit the playing kids. Aia sighs, wraps her left arm around my hips, and pulls me towards her. I do the same.

“Aww~” Ehhnah sighs and looks at us happily. “Already imagining a kid of yours playing with them?”

“Yeah…” Aia sighs emotionally. “I’d love to see ’em play.”

“That would be wonderful,” I confirm.

“How would a mestizo of yours look like?” Ehhnah asks while her ears flip.

“Black skin like Kira’s?” Aia suggests.

“With blue eyes and blue hair…” I add.

“Or blue skin and black hair…” Ehhnah says.

“Dark blue skin?”

“Dark blue hair?”

We keep throwing possibilities into the air until we notice several kids observing us with evident curiosity.

“Lady, lady… is your hair real?” a girl asks Aia.

“Oh, hm. It’s my natural color,” Aia confirms. “Wanna see?”

“Yeah!” several of the kids exclaim.

Giggling happily, Aia kneels down and takes her scrunchy off. Her beautiful long hair falls like a gentle waterfall of different hues of blue.

“Wow!” “Beautiful!” “Cool!” the kids exclaim.

“Canna touch?” the first girl asks excitedly.

“Sure…” Aia replies, giggling.

“Skin blue too…” a boy observes. “Real too?”

Hm, it’s real too,” Aia confirms.

“Lady, what spec’is are you?” a Felii girl asks.

“Dunno…” Aia replies.

“Dunno? How? Daddy’s Reafff… Mommies’ ’uman,” a boy says.

“I don’t know where I’m from… I got found by my mom and dad,” Aia explains with a soft smile on her face.

“Woooh… Mommy an’ daddy no blue?” the Reaf mestizo boy asks.

“No…” Aia shakes her head gently. “Both are Humans.”

“But mate black… you blue… and happy!” the first girl exclaims.

“I am,” Aia giggles.

“Daddies an’ mommy happy too!” another boy exclaims and laughs.

Aia’s terminal begins to ring. She just hands it to me.

Moshi, moshi? Hello? Kira speaking,” I greet after confirming it comes from the IGC Interspecies Clinic.

«Oh, hello, Kira. I’m Dr. Igüeni. I just wanted to notify you that the lab is finishing all their tests and predict I’ll have their results in fifteen minutes.»

“Oh, thanks. We’re just by the park’s playground. Yeah, Ehhnah is with us. Okay, see you soon.” I hang up a tell Aia, “Dr. Igüeni just told me that she’ll have the results in about fifteen minutes.”

“Oh! Then we should be heading back…” Aia says nervously.

“Already gonna go?” the Felii girl says with a sad face.

“Sorry, darling,” Aia pats her head. “But, I need to see my doctor…”

“You sick?” the Reaf boy exclaims, clearly worried.

“No, no…” Aia calms the kids. “She’ll just gonna tell me if my boyfriend and I can have kids.”

“Ooooh… You will!” the first girl exclaims. “Beauty woman an’ cool boy will!”

“Yeah! Black an’ blue rock!” a boy exclaims.

All the kids tell Aia and me that we’ll surely have kids. I’m so moved…

“Thanks, dearies,” Aia says, cleaning a tear rolling down her cheek.

“Thanks,” I also tell the kids filled with emotions.

“Bye~ bye~” the kids wave at us as we leave.

“So cute…” Aia sighs happily while binding her low ponytail together.

“Yeah, and so open…” I sigh too.

“Truly the future of this planet and the universe,” Ehhnah also sighs.

“This shows that kids don’t know what xenophobia is,” I assess.

“Yeah, so true… I wanna…” Aia sighs.

“Me too, dear, me too…”

[1] いらっしゃいませ!Japanese: “Welcome!”

[2] 三人 Japanese: “We are three people.”

[3] こちらへどうぞ Japanese: “Please, have a seat (here).”

[4] メニューになります Japanese: “Here is the menu.”

[5] ありがとうございます Japanese: “Thank you.”

[6] ソーキそばを一つお願いします Japanese: “Could I have one Soki Soba, please?”

[7] はい、少々お待ち下さい Japanese: “Okay, please wait.”

[8] 頂きます Japanese: “Thank you for the food!” “Enjoy!”

[9] 美味しい Japanese: “Delicious!”

[10] ごちそうさまでした Japanese: “Thanks for the food.”

[11] 毎度、またいらっしゃい Japanese: “Thanks, please come again.”

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