B00 ~ Prelude

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B00 ~ Prelude

Revision 3 March 15, 2020 a 12 min read
B00 ~ Prelude cover

At the end of the Awakened arc, Kira left Gaia for a long haul. Much happened during this month.
Kira had a long time to sort out his feelings, as did Aia. Finally back, how will everything work out with Aia and Kira? And what will happen to Enya?
Discover it in this brand-new introduction of the first chapter of The Queen and the King of the Space-Highways.

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Revision 3 March 15, 2020:
  • Fixed: a few grammatical and syntactical errors.
  • Added/changed: some minor details I left out.

Thanks to all patrons of SpaceHighway and several anonymous readers.

Note: This chapter is published as a manuscript and might contain some grammatical and syntactical errors. If you find some, please comment or drop me a message. I am thankful for any hints as English is not my native language.

Enjoy the reading,
Siggy Simon Jr.

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Space Highways

B00 ~ Prelude


Finally home…

I sigh relieved while hovering my wrist over the key-reader of Aia’s apartment.

It had been a long month…

The haul I was offered by Yuuki took me to the furthest solar system I have ever visited. It was a productive, albeit long and solitary haul.

I arrived some hours ago at the Alpha and met Yuuki and, of course, Enya. Not for the obvious reasons for the latter. Well, that was included, but not my only reason… We hatched a plan together.

The door opens with its usual humming, and I step into the apartment.

Aia is home. She is lying, as usual, topless on the couch and reading something on her DigiBook. Good to see her, in the flesh… We talked via video almost daily, but seeing her for real, makes me feel warm and really happy. She looks over her shoulder, and her bright smile greets me.

Kira! You’re home!” she shouts and jumps up.

The door still closing, she already jumps excited into my open right arm. Overwhelmed by her sudden embrace, I let my carryall bag fall.

“I’m home…” I whisper into her ear.

“I missed you~” she sighs emotionally.

“Me too…” I also sigh and return her hug.

She hugs me tightly, brushing her fingers through my two-weeks beard while her right leg is grazing between my thighs…

“Kira~” she purrs but doesn’t go on.

“Aia,” I sigh. “I’d love to stay this way for longer. But I need a shower and a shave…”

“But… your Falcon has a shower…” She pouts. “You could have done that before arriving…”

“Right… But I wanted to come home as fast as possible,” I say and smirk as she lets me go.

Fufu~” she giggles coquettishly. “Then you’re excused. Want a beer?”

“Would be nice,” I say nodding, “after the shower.”

“Sure~” she sings and smiles invitingly.

Oh, fuck… Is she hot…

“Ah, yeah…” I turn around under the threshold of the bathroom door. “I’ve got a great bonus for this haul. What would you say to have dinner out tonight? I promised one, remember? I was thinking of the Dutchess—”

“Fabulous idea, Kira!” Aia exclaims excited, interrupting me.

“How about around seven?”

“Just perfect,” she says gleaming in happiness.

“Okay, then I’ll pick you up at seven,” I laugh.

“Oh, you,” Aia giggles. “Sure,” she adds with the most beautiful smile she ever gifted me.


First, away with these horrible stubbles. Shit… A beard wouldn’t look bad on me if it weren’t for the irregular hair growth I have. Anyway, I want to be clean for this night.

I never thought that coming back to Aia’s apartment would lift my mood so much. I’m even humming an Elvis song!

Perhaps, it was the solitude of the haul. Even if Aia and Enya contacted me almost on a daily basis, I felt lonely. Enya’s calls were, of course, steamy.

Much happened in this haul, but I also had a lot of time to think.

“Aahh~” I missed this shower.

While lathering my long, jet-black hair, I hear some knocks on the bathroom door.

“Kira? Are you in the shower?” Aia asks.


“Great, I’ll come in for a sec. I forgot to hang fresh towels up for you.”


I see a bluish shadow move outside the shower cabin. Fortunately, the shower’s glass panels and door are frosted.

“I’ve got you a new bathrobe, I hope you like it~” she sings happily.

“New bathrobe?” I ask over the sound of the shower.

“Yup!” she giggles. “I don’t mind you using one of mine. But when I saw this one, I thought you’d love it. Anyways, I hang it where always.”


“You’re welcome~” she sings again. “I’ll be opening some beers. Need much more time?”

“No, I’m finished in ten.”

“Great,” she giggles.

Yeah, true… I won’t need much showering. I already had one in Enya’s Cheetah. I need this shower mostly to get rid of the last ounces of her smell. The shaving, I’ll be honest, I left it out to have an excuse to have a shower here.

It’s not that Enya and I had sex, but I don’t want to smell like her right now. And… it is all according to the plan she and I hatched out together.

I turn the shower off, open the glass door, and find a huge black towel and a black bathrobe. Wow!

The ultra-deluxe microfiber bath towel dries me in a flash, and the bathrobe feels deliciously smooth against my skin. Aia has overdone herself! It’s absolutely fabulous!

Oh, shit… I just noticed that Aia left the bathroom door ajar.


“Great stuff,” I tell Aia as I step into the living-room. “Thanks a lot. It feels great.”

“You’re welcome,” giggles Aia and inspect me briefly. “Hm~ Looking good…” she smiles and jumps up, making her tits bounce.

“Yeah…” I only say hypnotized.

“Stop looking at my tits and have a beer,” she giggles sensually.

“Sure,” I chuckle.

We sit down on the sofa.

“Cheers, Kira! For being back!” Aia giggles.

“Cheers, Aia,” I laugh.

“How was it?” she asks after her first sip on her glass of beer. “The haul, I mean.”

“Quite easy, if not lonely,” I sigh.

“That’s my King,” she giggles, then sighs. “I was lonely too… I missed you so much…”

Aia lies her head on my shoulder, and her hand searches for mine on my thigh.

“Me too, Aia…” I sigh too.

“Such a bad luck, me coming home, and you leaving… We missed by just two days…”

“Yeah, but the offer was too good to—”

“I know, Kira…” Aia interrupts me with a long sigh. “I would have taken it too if I were in your place.”

“Then why not calling it a good luck?” I ask with a grin.

“Huh? Did you not want to meet me?” she asks back surprised.

“No, no, Aia. Don’t make such a face. I’m sorry, I worded it badly. I mean, I’ve got a huge bonus, and now I can take you out to a luxury dinner, just us two.”

“Oh, Kira~” she purrs. “I’ll put my best dress on, the sexiest.”

“You always are sexy, Aia. Whatever you wear.”

“Hmm~” she just hums in affirmation and snuggles against my shoulder. “Kira?”


I firmly hold her hand in mine while she begins to gently caress the back of my hand with her fingertips.

“Even tho we spoke almost daily… right now, having you here… makes me incredibly happy. This conversation, your invitation, everything…  I’ve never been so happy as I’m right now. I’m just so happy being with you.”

The beer is already warming up, as is the ambiance… I empty my glass and put it on the tea table.

“I’m also happy to be here,” I say.

“Yeah~” Aia purrs and snuggles against my side.

We keep a comfortable silence while we hold hands. She sighs deeply and distances herself a bit.

“Aia…” I whisper while she moves her face to my right cheek.

“Kira…” she also whispers happily and seductively while I move my head towards her.

Our lips touch… Such gentle, delicate lips… Despite fluttering nervously, she presses her lips against mine. Her arms embrace me, I follow suit. I part my lips, and my tongue gently licks over hers. Her lips also part, and the tips of our tongues finally meet…

Still nervously, Aia’s tongue receives mine. She sighs elated and, finally, our tongues being to play with each other.

Her right hand begins to caress my cheek while her left one moves to my back. Meanwhile, my right one reaches her neck and caresses her softly.

Uncomfortable with our position, Aia begins to move her body. I help her until she ends sitting on my lap. She didn’t want to break our kiss for the whole time…

We keep on kissing and caressing each other’s back for a good while…


Our lips part slowly. Aia’s eyes sparkle, and she giggles lusciously while her cheeks are tinted by a deep purple hue.

Holding each other, we look into each other’s eyes in silence. A strange mixture of elation and shock about what just happened surrounds us.

Aia’s hands move towards my face, and she caresses my cheeks.

“Kira, I love you~” Aia purrs.

“I love you, Aia,” I tell her.

Our lips meet again.

Aia’s left hand enters my bathrobe and begins to caress my chest while one of my hands search for her left ass cheek.

She moans into our shared kiss as I begin to massage her butt. She embraces me stronger and presses her breasts against my uncovered chest.

Our make-out session intensifies by the minute. We moan and gasp for air from time to time. She seems to have brushed any hesitation away and is assertive. I love it. I love her so much. I want more…


We part our lips and look into each other’s eyes.

“Kira…” she sighs while she sits a bit back and smiles radiantly.

“Aia…” I also sigh, still holding her by her hip.

“Seems clear now, our relationship… right?” Aia giggles.

“Yeah. No doubt, Aia. I love you so much.”

“Oh~ you—” A sudden alarm from her terminal interrupts our intimate moment. Aia jumps. “Oh! Gotta go!” She rushes to the terminal and silences it while I look at her stunned. “Sorry, Kira~” she purrs. “I have to get ready.”

“Huh?” I blink still stunned.

“My boyfriend will fetch me in an hour~” she sings and blinks an eye.

“Bo—Yeah, you’re right,” I finally manage to say while she already hastes into her bedroom.

Boyfriend! I suddenly have to strange urge to dance around the living room like a teen who got his first girlfriend. Luckily, I was able to stop myself while Aia hurries into the bathroom.

Okay! Let’s do this right!

Shiiit… I forgot to book a table at the Dutchess for tonight! Dammit! Dumbass! What if they are booked up? The whole plan would fail… And it went even better as planned…

Hastily, I look for my terminal. There it is.

“Call Dutchess,” I instruct the terminal.

»Cannot find Dutch Ness in your contacts. Want me to search the net?«

“No! You fucking trash! Call Dutchess,” I shout at my terminal.

»Could not find Lucky Trash. Shall I search for—«

“Fuck you!” I interrupt the useless virtual assistant.

»No need to be rude, sir… What do you want me to do?«

“You—” I stop and take a deep breath. “Call restaurant Dutchess.”

»Calling Restaurant Dutchess. Having said so from the beginning…«

“Fucking piece of—Oh, yes, good evening, sir. Do you still have a free table for two at the front for tonight? At seven-thirty. Yes. With sight over the fireworks. Yes… Matsumoto. Oh! Splendid! Yes. No problem. Ah, yes, would it be possible…” I give further instructions.

Lucky! They still got the best table free! At first, the maitre d’ told me that they were fully booked until I told him my name. Strange… Anyway! Time to call the next contact Yuuki gave me earlier.

Alright! I even got the best limousine! I won’t look at the expenses today. It has to be special!

Sorted out the table and the transport, I finally get the best stuff I got. Time for the vintage suit I bought some months ago. Fortunately, Aia is in the bathroom, and I have access to my small wardrobe located in her bedroom.

Everything is ready and laid out on the sofa, and I drop my new bathrobe.

The moment I pull my boxers down, Aia opens the bathroom door and looks at me with a shy smile still wrapped in a huge towel. Shit… She’s watching me grow a boner…

Ufufu~” she giggles lusciously and lets the towel fall. Her full nakedness is uncovered in an instant.

I cannot avoid ogling over at the only place I haven’t seen yet from her impressive figure…

She giggles again while her cheeks, even the tips of her ears, turn deep purple. Giggling, she runs towards her bedroom.

Sighing, I put a fresh pair of briefs on. I usually don’t like these briefs too much as parts of them are made of sheer fabrics, but it’s a gift from Aia and the only clean ones I have left… It was part of the gift she forgot at home for my birthday, ten pairs of them, among other stuff. Actually, these briefs are really comfortable… I am too judgmental that such fabric isn’t meant for men? Aia said that they are sexy, so no harm is done in wearing them today.

Next, the black highland pants and the ruffled white satin poet shirt. Perfect!

Just the tailcoat and the top hat are left…

“Kira~” Aia sings happily from her bedroom.

“Yeah? W—wow!” I stutter overwhelmed as I see her standing under the threshold of her room.

“Like it?” she giggles lusciously.

“I’m speechless… It’s wonderful.”

“Thank you~ You look great too. Ah~ Could you help me with the zipper?”


Her dress is absolutely stunning! I’ve never seen her wearing anything which isn’t blue… A red sequin dress… Just like the one Marilyn Monroe wore in the movie Gentlemen Prefer Blondes.

She turns on her heels and happily hums a song. Wait… I know this song… Where was it from? Oh, yeah! Some Like it Hot! Did Aia watch all Monroe films while I was away?

“Ready,” I tell her once I zipped her beautiful dress up.

“Thank you~” Aia giggles. She turns on her heels again and gives me a peck. “I’ll be ready in ten, love.”


“It’s when my boyfriend arrives,” she adds giggling and blushing.

Why I’m getting nervous now? Just because she called me love? Why do I feel like a teen?

Okay, no time to lose!

I fix the ruffles of my shirt and put the tailcoat on. I grab my hat and the walking stick, and carefully step out of the apartment, hoping Aia wouldn’t notice…

To be continued in:
Space Highways The Queen and the King   B00 ~ The Great Night Out

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References in B00 ~ Prelude

 Howard Hawks - Gentlemen Prefer Blondes

Mentioned by Kira after seeing Aia's new dress

 Billy Wilder - Some Like it Hot

Mentioned by Kira hearing the song Aia is humming

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