This Character appeared first in chapter A01 ~ The Rebirth of the Phoenix

Kira Matsumoto

Main character of the Space Highways series.

During an experiment in the year 2012, Kira was cryopreserved and awakened on January the 7th, 3025.


Basic Data

Name: Kira
Surname: Matsumoto
Pronunciation (IPA): Matsumoto Kira /ˈmatsuˌmoto ˈkɪra/
Name in native language: 松本 吉良 (Japanese)
Nickname(s): The Phoenix, King of the Highways
Gender: male
Sexual orientation: heterosexual
Species: Human/Gaian
Ethnicity: Mixed, Japanese and Filipino*
Gaian Age: 30, gY(Gaian Years)
Birthday: 1982/07/15
Day of Awakening: 3025/01/07

* officially he is Filipino, but Kira isn’t so sure about it… His appearance does not corresponds to Filipino, nor Filipino-Japanese (see chapter A05 ~ Base Station and Terraformers)…


Physical aspects

General description

Quite tall for an Asian. Strong and fit.

Detail description

Skin color: Dark skinned, light brown.
Height: 189cm
Hair style: Long, underneath shoulder length. Usually bun into a pony-tail.
Hair color: Black
Face: Roundish but slightly angular. Usually shaved, sometimes with stubble.
Eyes: black
Body: Quite strong and muscular due exercises. Little body hair.
Implants: none

Living place

Name: Aia’s apartment

Address: Apt. 32, 2726 New East Broadway, New Angeles, USNA, Gaia



  • Spouse: none registered.
  • Kids: none registered.
  • Father: no input.
  • Mother: no input.
  • Other: no input.


  • Job: Truck driver / Space truck pilot / Space trucker
  • Workplace: Freelance (past), ISTM (present)
  • Corporation: ISTM


  • Studied: Mechanics (Automotive Mechanic Certificate)
  • At: East Los Angeles College


  • Usual: Leather jacket. Jeans. Boots. Heavy metal and rock themed t-shirts. Mixture of a 20th century truck driver and a biker. Rock/metal t-shirts: Metallica, AC/DC, Kiss, …
  • Special: “I have nothing the like yet…”
  • Jewelry: none.

Likes, dislikes, addictions,…

  • Likes: Women. Good food. Trucking.
  • Dislikes: Stupid and violent people. “Assholes”. Disrespect to women.
  • Addictions: Smoking and drinking beer.
  • Music: Rock, Hard rock, Heavy metal.
  • Food: Japanese food, “standard American” food. Although he keeps care to have a balanced and healthy meal.



  • Revolver: S&W M29, caliber .44 magnum
    • Ammunition
  • Stungun

Other: no input


  • Terminal
  • Digibook


Other possessions

  • Photo album (paper)
  • Books (paper)
    • Hardcover books
      • Lord of the Rings
      • The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy
      • Snow Crash
      • Neuromancer
    • Paperback books
      • Philip K. Dick collection.
      • William Gibson collection.
      • Clarke collection.
      • Carl Sagan collection.
  • CD / MP3 Player for truck
  • Toolbox


Basic bio

Got his driver license at the age of 16 and begun to work as truck driver.

Father Japanese, Mother mestizo Japanese-Filipino. Both were born in Okinawa, Japan. They emigrated to the USA few months before Kira was born due his father’s work.


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