Aia Asdiekx

Aia Asdiekx

Aia Asdiekx

One of the main characters of the Space Highways series. She is renown as one of the best space-truckers, and to be from an unknown alien species.

Appears first  in: A01 ~ The rebirth of the Phoenix

Aia's Ferrari

Aia Asdiekx’s Ferrari

One of Aia Asdiekx‘s privately owned vehicles.
She owns a high-performance Space Sportster.

Appears first  in: A01 ~ The rebirth of the Phoenix

Species: Android


Humanoid robot with advanced artificial intelligence, able to feel and show feelings. They are considered a species inside the whole humanoid genus.

Android is the generic term used in this article, including both male and females. In more specific terms, android refers to males and gynoid refers to females of this species.

Note: Bioandroids are considered yet another species but as their development is based on the android development, they share many features, see Bioandroid.

Species: Bioandroid


Androids based on biogenic advances. An evolutive form of androids. Are capable of feeling thanks to an advance AI. Partially based on the bionic technology.



A recurring character of the SpaceHighway series. He is one of the law enforcement agents on the Alpha-XT station. Former member of the elite Cyborg Task Force.


Although still called cars, the resemblance with old twenty-first century vehicles is reduced to basic shapes. Modern vehicles lack wheels and are hovering, reducing friction only to air-pressure.
The “steering wheel” is superseded with a multipurpose joystick.
All cars have Augmented Reality displays embedded in their windshields for safety and navigation.



Sale, repair shop and tuning of space-trucks. The best-known place by truckers from the Sol system to buy and tune space-trucks. Owned by Kim and Kite. No tuning is impossible for them.

Main sponsor for the annual tuning and graffiti contest for space-trucks.

Species: Cyborg


Individuals from any species converted into a cybernetic entity. Its highest evolution is to substitute the whole body with exception of the brain.

All modern cyborgs underwent the conversion voluntarily, mostly after having lost complete mobility as individuals.

Some are ex-soldiers from an experimental cybernetic unit deemed inhumane as some might have been pressed to convert.


Special cards with high data capacity. Akin to pen-drives of the twenty-first century, having half the size of a credit card of the same era.

Two type of Data-Cards are in use, one for general data which is encrypted with authenticity-algorithms to trace the owner and/or issuer back, the other is highly encrypted and is used exclusively for monetary transactions. The latter is similar to the twenty-first century prepaid credit cards.



A tablet-like gadget exclusively designed for handling contracts of any kind, features data-sync with a chip and a fingerprint reader.



Is considered the most prestigious restaurant of New Angeles.

Renown for its serene and romantic ambiance, and for the quality of the offered services.

Each night it offers a firework display.

e² - Earth Express (Gaia)

e² – Earth Express (Gaia)

Public train service on Gaia. Transit connections with several Intergalactic Railways (IR) stations around Gaia. The transit routes sync with the IR connections.
Also has several lines to and from Mars and Venus.

Despite having changed the planet’s name to Gaia, Earth Express and its iconic e² logo keeps the planet’s old name. The company has been founded before the new name convention and is not forced to change its name. In 2999, the company reached out to the public with several alternative names and logos [citation needed] , by popular demand, the company kept its original

Electro-click Lighter

Electro-click Lighter

Similar to twenty-first century car-lighters, the Electro-click Lighter has a heat coil embedded into a heat-resistant cylinder. A rechargeable battery powers the heater which turns on immediately upon pushing the click-button.
For safety reasons, a special cap covers the heat-coil protecting it and other objects in reach.
The main purpose for the Electro-click Lighter is to light smoking consumables

Enya Xeviryo

Enya Xeviryo

One of the secondary characters of the SpaceHighway series. She is renown as one of the fastest space-truckers.

Appears first in: A02 ~ The rebirth of the Phoenix II

Species: Felii


A major Feline-like species. A matriarchal society. The Felii Empire is a democratic empire with the empress, the matriarch, as the head of state.

Gaia (Planet)

Gaia (Earth)

Gaia is the third planet from the Sun (Sol) of the Sol system (Old Greek: Γαῖα Gaia). Formerly known as Earth.
One of the three habitable planets of the Sol System. Planet of origin of the Human species.