This Character appeared first in chapter A02 ~ The Rebirth of the Phoenix II

Enya Xeviryo

One of the secondary characters of the SpaceHighway series.
She is renown as one of the fastest space-truckers in the known universe.

Basic Data

Name: Enya
Surname: Xeviryo
Pronunciation (IPA): no input.
Name in other language: no input.
Nickname(s): SpeedKitty
Gender: Female
Sexual orientation: Omnisexual
Species: Mestizo:Human-Felii/Gaian
Ethnicity/Race: Gaian/Latino-Feliiteste
Age: 29, gY (Gaian Years)
Birthdayno input.

Physical aspects

General description

Mestizo Human-Felii. Most of her appearance is Human, only having the characteristic Felii ears, tail and feline fangs.

Detail description

Skin color: tanned
Fur color: reddish blond
Height: 1.53m
Hair style: shoulder long
Hair color: reddish blond
Fangs: Felii, felinelike


  • Human, with some fur entries over her cheeks.


  • Human, with exception of her Felii ears, tail and feline fangs.
  • Sporty. Fast runner. Avid parkour runner.


  • none.


  • Several earrings.
  • Two on eyebrows.

Living place

Nameno input.

Addressno input.




  • Aia Asdiekx: Best Friend.
  • Jim Mix: Friend, no romantic interest.
  • Kira Matsumoto: Love interest. Has a Felii-skinship with him.
  • no input.


  • Spouse: none
  • Kids: none
  • Father: no input. Human.
  • Mother: no input. Felii.


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