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B09 ~ Party! v 2 Extended edition available for Patrons

B09 ~ Party!

After the press conference, a party is in full swing in the MaryQueens. Everyone is celebrating Aia and Kira‘s engagement, a long-awaited moment for some, a nightmare for others…

v 3 Extended edition available for Patrons

B04 ~ A Day on Mars

Aia and Kira accept Irina and Jack's offer to stay overnight. Today, they decide to have a family outing and visit Mars City. Suddenly, Aia is confronted with old experiences she would rather have forgotten…

v 3 Extended edition available for Patrons

B00 ~ Prelude

At the end of the Awakened arc, Kira left Gaia for a long haul. Much happened during this month.
Kira had a long time to sort out his feelings, as did Aia. Finally back, how will everything work out with Aia and Kira? And what will happen to Enya?
Discover it in this brand-new first chapter of the second arc of Space Highways.

v 4 Extended edition available for Patrons

A24 ~ The Ostis Incident

Last chapter of Space Highways: The Awakened.

Aia and Kira continue on their haul to Ostis. What seemed an easy job, becomes more exciting… But this excitement might affect Aia and Kira's future relationship.

v 4 Extended edition available for Patrons

A23 ~ Return to the Space-Highways

Finally, Kira is discharged from the hospital. Aia does not let him rest and forces him to accompany her on a haul on the next day.
While Kira still gets used to his new bionic limbs, the trip to Orion may prove difficult…

v 4 Extended edition available for Patrons

A22 ~ Bionic Phoenix

Kira's life hangs by a thread… Barely surviving the attack on Crushmont, he's admitted to the best bionic hospital of Gaia. A weighty question still lingers… Will he ever be able to return to the space-highways?