B01 ~ The Great Night Out

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B01 ~ The Great Night Out

Revision 3 March 29, 2020 a 47 min read
B01 ~ The Great Night Out cover

Finally! Aia and Kira have a date!
Kira invited Aia to the most luxurious restaurant in New Angeles, the Dutchess.
But the night has just begun, will Aia and Kira take the next step in their relationship?

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Revision 3 March 29, 2020:
  • Some grammar fixes.
  • Some preposition slip-ups I didn’t notice last time…
  • Two punctuation errors-

Thanks to all patrons of SpaceHighway and several anonymous readers.

Note: This chapter is published as a manuscript and might contain some grammatical and syntactical errors. If you find some, please comment or drop me a message. I am thankful for any hints as English is not my native language.

Enjoy the reading,
Siggy Simon Jr.

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B01 ~ The Great Night Out


I take a deep breath… I am as nervous as on my first date as a teen. The same cold sweat, the same heart-fluttering.

Using my non-chip enabled hand, I press the virtual doorbell on the touch-panel and step out of the camera’s visible area.

“Yes?” Aia’s voice is heard through the intercom. “Who is it? Huh? Kira, where are you? Coming!”

The door opens, and I step out from hiding. I bow deeply to her.

“Ma’am Asdiekx, I am delighted to be your companion for this wonderful evening,” I say trying to sound classy.

“Oh, my…” Aia giggles and lets me kiss her hand. “It would have been impolite to refuse such an extraordinary invitation from such an exceptional gentleman.” She blushes deeply in her violet hues but smiles radiantly. “Come in, please, Mister Matsumoto. One minute, and I am ready, good sir.”

“My pleasure, ma’am,” I say smiling.

Aia hastes back into her bedroom, and by the tinkling sound I hear, she is putting some jewelry on.

After a few minutes, she steps out of her bedroom.

“I hope I don’t look too extravagant, my good sir,” she flutes and smiles coquettishly.

“You look divine, milady.”

I bow again to her while taking my top hat off. Aia giggles happily at my gesture.

She truly looks divine. Her red sequin dress emphasizes her elegance. The stilettos enhance her beautiful long legs. Actually, it is the first time I see her wearing such high heels. She usually wears flats, or low block or kitten heels, even in her Lolita dress.

It’s also the first time I see the jewelry she wears tonight. Beautiful earrings adorn her delicate ears. They look like dark blue constellations glittering at her face’s sides. The necklace resembles galaxies hanging from her neck. Impressive…

“It is a pleasure to accompany such a wonderful lady this afternoon,” I say and offer her my arm.

She happily hooks into my arm without wavering. Now that I mention it, I think it is the first—no, the second time I offered her my arm. She usually hooked into mine without even asking.

“The pleasure is all mine, my good sir,” she giggles coyly. “Shall we?” she adds with a bright smile.

“But of course, milady.”


The moment we step onto the street, a fancy limousine stops in front of us. A young Ïiha-Felii mestizo steps out, walks around the expensive car, and stops in front of us.

“Madam Asdiekx and Mister Matsumoto, I presuppose,” she says.

“The same,” I confirm.

“A true honor to be your chauffeur, ma’am, sir. I am Turangalîla and at your full disposition for tonight,” she says and bows deeply to us.

“My thanks,” I tell her. “We are in your hands.”

“Do not worry and enjoy your ride to the Dutchess, ma’am, sir,” she says opening the door for us.

Completely in awe, Aia steps into the huge limo while I help her in.

“Thanks, dear,” she finally says.

I also enter and sit at Aia’s side while Turangalîla closes the door and hastes back to the driver’s cabin.

“I—” Aia stutters. “Is—is this real?”

“Yes, my darling,” I reassure, “as much as you and I are real.” I take her slightly shaking hand firmly. “Champagne?”

She jolts briefly for having taken her out of her trance.

“Oh? Yes, yes, of course,” she confirms with a bashful smile.

I take one of the two bottles out of the fridge. Bang! The cork stops in my hand. I pick two glasses and fill them with the lavish golden liquid.

Aia takes the one I offered her with a charming smile.

“To us, my dear,” I say.

“For a wonderful night,” adds Aia with a coquettish smile.

“Cheers.” “Cheers.”

“Really, Kira…” she sighs, “you are wonderful. I thought I was the happiest ever while we started making out, but this… is even bigger…”

“And the night has just begun, my dear Aia,” I say with a gentle smile.

“Oh, you…”

She closes in for a kiss. Of course, I reciprocate.

Our lips touch. This time, her lips do not flutter, and she kisses me with confidence. We start making out again. I just hope I won’t ruin her crimson lipstick. It surely is the first time she uses red hues as her makeup…

A jolt in the otherwise smooth ride makes us break our kiss.

The tinted front window lowers, and our driver looks back at us through the rear mirror.

“I am truly sorry, ma’am, sir,” she apologizes. “We are being followed by several hoverbikes. Paparazzi, I presuppose. I will try to lose them on our way to your destination. I hope you don’t mind arriving a bit late nor my driving.”

“It’s okay. Thank you, Turangalîla,” says Aia.

“Yeah. Better we lose them now. We don’t want them to ruin our date.”

“Yeah.” Aia nods. “Thanks for noticing.”

“You are welcome, ma’am, sir. I am at your service, and will lose these individuals before our arrival,” our chauffeur says with confidence.

“Thank you,” Aia and I say in unison while the tinted window closes again.

Aia giggles while I try to calm myself. I hate these guys…

“Calm down, Kira…” she says gently. Shit… she noticed. She grips my hand a bit stronger. “Don’t let these people ruin our first date.”

“Yeah…” I sigh and take a deep breath. “You’re right. I just hate them for interfering so much.”

“I understand, Kira. But we’re celebrities after all… And the gossip press thirsts for news about us…” She sighs too.

“Yeah, I get that. But they could easily ruin relationships such as our’s.”

“You mean because of the reports about Enya and you in the tabloids?”

“Yeah…” I sigh again. Let’s hope I don’t have to talk about Enya too much right now, the first hour we’re finally dating.

“Don’t worry, dear,” she giggles. “I know that practically nothing those magazines publish can be taken serious. So don’t take ’em serious either.”

“You’re right, Aia dear.”

She embraces me and takes a sip from her glass of sparkling champagne.

“Such a daring dress, Aia…” I say trying to move our conversation into calmer waters.

“Oh, this…” she giggles. “Yeah… Actually—no… first, I have to tell you…”

“We have all the time in the world…” I tell her.

“Oh, you…” she giggles again. “Yeah… Well… Despite being lonely, I needed the extra time alone…” She blushes. “I already knew I wanted to make the step the day you called me for your long haul.

“But, honestly, I still needed some more time. Just a week… I needed just one week more. I spent the rest of the time in planning every possible date, every possible dress, and—” she sighs, “everything… I overplanned everything. And the moment you stepped into our home… all my plans shattered… I just wanted to embrace you…” She blushes deeply while smiling shyly. “Your mere presence was all I needed to be happy…”

“Aia… You are a wonderful woman. I felt the same.”

“Oh, you…” she giggles. “Right, the dress… A week ago, I made my mind up. Whatever happens, I’ll ask you out for a date. And I needed a great dress. I happened to wander through the Clothing Streets’ retro clothing stores when I saw it. It was the dress from one of the classic movies I watched the week before. It had to be this one. The right fitting one to date a man like you…” She blushes again.

“A classic man? Or a vintage one?” I joke.

Fufu~ A gentleman,” Aia giggles. “I know it’s not my usual style. But I fell in love with it. I wanted to wear it for the date I planned for.”

“Then, we had the same thought.”

“Yeah. But… I couldn’t ask you out… My voice didn’t come out. But you created the best occasion for it.” Aia smiles radiantly.

“We prepared for the same event, then,” I say nodding.

“Yeah, truly,” she giggles. “Ah, yeah… I wanted to ask again… About your travels, our conversation was interrupted by certain new interactions between us,” she giggles lusciously.

“Oh, Aia…” I laugh. “Right… As I mentioned, the haul was easy but long. I actually also needed the extra time to sort my feelings out. The Ostis-experience still lingered in me…” I sigh.

“Yeah…” Aia sighs too. “It—No… you first, please.”

I nod and go on, “Yeah. I knew that we’re ready. But I needed to go through everything and think about it again. Just to be sure. Once I figured everything out, I had it clear. I wanted you, Aia. I wanted to embrace you, hold you, make love to you.”

“Kira…” she sighs dreamily. “Yeah… me too. But Ostis… was important.”

“It was,” I confirm.

“For me, it was immense. I had long talks with some of my girlfriends. With Enya, Kim, Kite, and some others. Your behavior during my… phase… was the key. According to Enya, it has to be the same as her Felii heat seasons…” Enya… I hope she didn’t go over the top… “She explained it in detail. I mean, how it works in Felii women. And how their men’s reactions usually are.

“You noticed my scent, even driving you crazy…” She blushes while I brush my fingers over her burning cheeks. “But your rational and caring behavior was what impacted me the most. You were able to stop us, both of us. I…” she sighs deeply, “If you didn’t stop us, if you didn’t leave at that point, I, myself, would have assaulted you…”

“Really?” I ask astonished.

“Yeah…” she sighs again. “I was so horny… and my mind was clouded in lust… I might have…” she confesses while her face burns in violetish hues. “But you managed to defuse it. That. That was the real key. Kira, my dear, you showed me then, at that moment, that you are the only man I could ever trust as much as I do.”


“I love you so much, Kira,” she sighs happily and gifts me a beautiful smile.

“I love you too, Aia,” I also say with a smile.

Our lips meet again for a long kiss…


The fast-paced movement of the limousine slows down.

“Ma’am, sir… We are arriving at the Dutchess’ premises,” informs us Turangalîla through the intercom.

“Thanks, Turangalîla,” Aia says. “Did you manage to lose those paparazzi?”

“Of course, ma’am,” she says proudly.

“Good job,” I add laughing.

“Not at all, it’s just my job,” our chauffeur declares humbly.

Aia retouches her makeup using one of the many mirrors installed around the interior of the limo while I get rid of the empty glasses.


Turangalîla opens the door at my side.

I get off and help Aia out of the limo.

The walkway to the Dutchess is abutted by beautiful gardens and fountains. A row of valets stands awaiting guests. They cannot avoid to eye up Aia.

Aia, hooking into my arm, looks absolutely gorgeous. Her red sequin dress simply stands out. Not just by its color, but its exciting cut. Its deep cleavage, and its thigh-high slit showing off of her long legs, take the breath away from anyone.

Usually, Aia either ignores or confronts such attention, but tonight she seems to enjoy it…

“Ah… Madame Asdiekx, Monsieur Matsumoto… We were awaiting your arrival. I welcome you to the Dutchess,” the elderly maitre d’ welcomes us with a deep bow.

Wow… He even recognized us. Fuck… I’m still getting used to being famous…

“If you would be so kind as to follow me, I’ll show you to your table,” he adds with another bow while extending his arm, pointing towards the dining floor.

“My thanks,” Aia says wearing a bright smile.

“If monsieur would like to leave his hat and coat at the cloakroom…” the maitre d’ offers. Of course, I accept.


We reach a beautiful table for two at the front windows with an excellent view over the lush parks and countless fountains featuring beautiful light and water displays.

While Aia marvels over the mesmerizing sight, I hand her a bouquet of nine deep red roses a waitress gave me behind Aia’s back. Such an excellent service, they took note of every detail I asked for.

“Oh, my…” Aia’s eyes sparkle while she brings the flowers to her lips and nose. She closes her eyes while she inhales their sweet scent. Lowering her arms, she uncovers a bright, lovely smile. Her eyes open slowly. “So beautiful… Thank you, Kira. You are so sweet.”

“Only the best is good enough for you, darling,” I say while I offer her a chair and ponder where I got such stupid sounding expressions from.

“Oh, you…” she giggles.

I sit opposite to her, and our eyes meet. She blushes shyly but smiles heartily.

The table is set for two, and a carefully crafted vase stands just left of the middle. At each side of the vase, two tall candles light the table. Aia’s violetish and blueish hues are even more beautiful in the candlelight.

There is enough space between the tables to not to be disrupted by others’ talking. The whole setting is of a romantic nature around us. Did they really fix this area for us? Yeah, I did tell them it will be for a special occasion of a romantic nature. But this… This is actually perfect.

An elderly looking Knoreliaz comes closer and bows to us.

“Madam, sir, I thank you for choosing the Dutchess for your eventide meal. I am Cefrig, your personal server, and at your full service. Our special menu for tonight…” he hands us a DigiMenu each. “Oh, madam, would you like your bouquet to adorn the table?”

“Huh? Oh, yes. Thank you…” Aia jolts as if coming out of trance.

“My pleasure,” the server says and takes the bouquet from her.

Cefrig puts the roses into the vase and arranges them with utmost care. He must have worked with flowers before, he left them impeccable.

“What wine would you suggest for a long and joyful afternoon?” I ask him.

“Oh… I would recommend you a vintage rosé 3003 from planet Veni. It is soft, gentle, and with a slight hint of sweetness,” Cefrig recommends us.

“Sound great, we will try it.” I nod.

“As you wish. I will be back in a moment.”

“Kira…” Aia says a bit concerned, “are you sure? This is one of the most expensive wines you can get…”

“I don’t care, Aia. It’s for us. I won’t look at the money tonight.”

“Kira~” she giggles charmingly.

We are interrupted by the arrival of Cefrig with the recommended wine. With the utmost care of a sommelier, he uncorks the expensive bottle and decants a sip into my glass.

Under the attentive watch of Aia and Cefrig, I taste the wine. I just hope I do it right. I was never a wine connoisseur.

“Absolutely delicious,” I conclude. “Truly an excellent choice, Cefrig.”

“My greatest thanks, sir,” he says and fills Aia’s glass, then mine. “I’ll leave you to consider your choice of meal.”

“Thank you, Cefrig,” Aia says with a beautiful smile.

“Let’s toast?” I ask Aia.

“Sure,” she confirms with an even brighter smile. “To our first date.”

“To our first date, as a couple,” I add.

“True~” she giggles.


“Delicious~” Aia marvels.

“Indeed, my love,” I confirm.

She takes her DigiMenu and reads through.

“I don’t know what to choose…” she sighs. “Everything sounds interesting and delicious, but there are no price tags…”

Oh… looks like they have two types of menus. I certainly see the exorbitant prices…

“No need for price tags, dear. This night is our night. Choose whatever you’d love to try, my queen. Tonight, I’ll lay my kingdom at your feet…” Since when did my word become so… conceited…

A long charmed sigh comes from the other side of the table. Seems that Aia doesn’t mind at all…

“However you wish, my king,” she giggles. “Even so, I am still unable to decide.”

“Then why not ask Cefrig for a recommendation?”

“That’s a good idea, Kira.”

Said server steps to our table the very same moment.

“We would love you could recommend us a nice meal which accompanies well this delicious wine,” I tell Cefrig.

“If you would like a charming meal, for the lady, I would recommend…” he goes on naming absolutely unpronounceable dishes. “And for you, sir, I would recommend…” yet another wall of unpronounceable dishes follows…

“I absolutely love your recommendation,” Aia clasps her hands happily.

“I’ll trust your recommendation, Cefrig,” I confirm, even if I don’t know any of these dishes.

“I hope you will enjoy your meal,” our server says while taking the DigiMenus.


“Oh, Kira… look…” Aia points at some of the gorgeous water and light displays.

“Impressive…” I confirm.

The display Aia noticed is one that forms a huge heart from its streams and then explodes into shooting stars.

Just as I take another sip from the splendid wine, I notice a small group of musicians gather in a small recess near our table.

“Really, Kira…” Aia sighs. “This really can’t get—”

A gentle melody interrupts Aia’s words. The musicians’ presence is definitely a surprise to me. I didn’t even think of it… but it’s absolutely perfect!

“How beautiful…” Aia sighs. “Did they organize this for us?”

“Seems so… I completely failed to book a string orchestra…” I confess.

“Oh, you…” she giggles. “That won’t influence your points, not at all. If I had to give this date some points I would give…” she stops her words to think while I hold my breath, “two hundred of a hundred…” she giggles again.

“An amazing woman like you only deserves a date of two hundred of a hundred,” I say. Shit…

I ask myself where the hell I get this stupid words while I take a sip from the delicious wine.

“Definitely the best date I’ve ever had,” Aia continues giggling.

I still think I shouldn’t express myself with such stupid remarks…


Luxurious appetizers from who knows what solar system, arrive by the steady hands of Cefrig.

“The string orchestra is courtesy from our most valued customer,” Cefrig tells me in confidence.

“Don’t say, Mitsubishi-san?” I ask him.

“Indeed,” he confirms and steps back.

“So it was him…” I sigh.

“What is it, Kira?” Aia asks intrigued.

“Ah, the orchestra is courtesy from our boss,” I inform her.

“Wow, really?”

“Yeah.” I nod. “I just asked Yuuki—” I stop my words and open my eyes wide.

“For the contact of this place?” Aia ends my sentences. I nod, and she begins to giggle. “Then she surely shared the knowledge with him.”


“Don’t worry, Kira dear. I already said that this won’t affect what I feel right now…” I hold my breath again while she tastes one of the appetizers. “Yum~ Tasty~” she giggles. “Right now… I feel like the luckiest and happiest girl in the whole universe.”

I sigh relieved.

“As I do, Aia love. I couldn’t feel otherwise. Wow, really tasty these… whatever it is…”

Fufu~” she giggles charmingly. “I know. And, well…” she sighs, “I’m sorry…”

“Huh? What for?”

“For constantly teasing you. You know, over the last seven months… I—”

“Aia, darling,” I interrupt her. “Don’t worry about it now. You can’t imagine how happy I am right now, nor how happy I was when we started making out.”

“Oh, Kira…” she blushes deeply, “my love… Truly…”

“Please, don’t dwell in the past. If there’s something you’re concerned with, just tell me if you can. I don’t want it to disturb you. We’ll find a way, together.”

“Yeah…” she sighs relieved. “You’re right. From now on, I will.”

“That’s the spirit. I know I’m not the best to advise you, I still have a huge baggage of shi—of things I have to address on my shoulders.”

“And I will help you with those,” she affirms with a bright smile.

“Yeah, thanks, Aia.”

“Don’t worry, love,” she giggles. “But yeah…” she giggles again, “you’re right. I can’t even express my happiness… I was so nervous when I approached you for a kiss at home. My heart really jumped when you accepted it…” she confesses blushing deeply.

“How couldn’t I, Aia? I held myself back from the moment I stepped into our home.”

“You did?”

“Yeah,” I confess. “The moment I saw you, I wanted to kiss you. But I refrained from doing so.”


“I feared to freak you out…” I sigh.

“Oh, you~” Aia giggles. “You definitely could have. I… I actually hoped for it… Ah!” She waves her hands in front of her as a negation.

“What happened, happened.” I smile at her gesture.

“Yeah…” She blushes again. “But the moment was—”

“Perfect,” I end her sentence. “It truly was, darling.”

“Yeah~” she giggles again. “I was so nervous… I couldn’t believe it… We’re finally kissing, for real…”

“I couldn’t believe it either…” I say nodding.

“I actually still can’t believe it…” Aia sighs with a glamorous smile.

“But here we are…” I confirm with a smile.

“Yeah… We need to toast to that,” she giggles.


“To us!”

“And our future!”

We take a sip from our wine.


Cefrig clears the empty plates and substitutes them with those of the first course.

“Wow~ So tasty~” Aia enthuses.

“Really,” I confirm.

Finished the first course, Aia looks dreamily at me.

“Yes?” I ask her.

“Nothing…” she giggles. “I’m still trying to believe it…”

“Yeah,” I chuckle. “I’m the same.”

Our meal becomes a gratifying silence while we enjoy the splendid dishes. We just look at each other in silence… Aia smiles charmingly and blushes occasionally.


Our waiter, Cefrig, removes the dessert plates, and only our glasses of wine are left on the table.

I take a deep breath, which Aia notices. She looks at me, unsure of how to react.

Yoshi[1]…” I stand up.

Intrigued, Aia follows me with her eyes while I walk around the table.

The orchestra seems to have guessed my intentions and smoothly changed its aperture into a gentle, romantic melody.

Aia clearly holds her breath as I kneel down in front of her.

“Aia…” I say nervously, looking up at her while I produce a ring from my shirt’s breast pocket, “will you marry me?”

“Ki—Kira…” she sobs happily. Bam! The programmed fireworks start at her back. “Yes! I want to marry you! Kira, my love,” she shouts jolting up in joy.

My heart almost skips a beat. A lump forms in my throat. I cannot believe it, I’ve done it, and she said yes

Some guests begin to clap until we’re showered by a standing ovation while Aia guides me to stand up and kisses me heartily.

Our lips part, and we look into each other’s eyes.

“I love you, Aia,” I tell her. “Oh… the ring…”

I take her delicate hand and put the ring on her ring finger.

“Kira~ Love~” Aia happily sighs drying a tear of joy. “I—I don’t know what to say…”

“No need, dear. You just told me everything…”

Cefrig silently pushes two chairs together, and we sit down holding each other’s hand.

We watch the impressive firework display in silence. Her fingers caress the back of my hand while I reciprocate.

“Congratulations, my youngsters…”

We are taken out of our world by the voice of an elderly woman. We look up and find a well-dressed elderly couple.

“Such a magnificent proposal, son,” says the gentleman.

“Tha—thanks,” I say stuttering.

“Such a wonderful gentleman you have found, dear,” says the lady to Aia. “Do not dear to lose him,” she giggles.

“I won’t,” Aia declares happily.

“We will not interrupt your happiness further, youngsters,” he goes on.

“We will, however, invite you to celebrate your wedding meal here, at our premises,” she adds.

Wow! Are they really the owners of this place? What were the chances for them to be here tonight?

“And, you might know that we have the custom to invite the happy couple to a honeymoon cruise through the nebulae route in one of our luxury cruises, if we happen to dine here too,” he explains.

“Really?” I almost freak out.

“But of course,” the lady happily nods, “the honeymoon cruise is yours. But we would love to receive you and your guests here, or at any other of our premises, for your wedding.”

“No doubt, we will,” confirms Aia while I nod in awe.

“We shall leave the Queen and the King of the Highways for themselves to enjoy the rest of the evening,” she adds with a smile.

“Your invitation will be in your inbox by tomorrow,” he says. “Now, we wish you a happy afternoon.”

“And a happy life after,” adds the lady while she guides him from our table.

“Is this real?” I ask Aia. who giggles charmingly.

“Can’t believe it either,” she sighs while she plays with her new engagement ring. “Wow…”

The fireworks outside draw hundreds of hearts into the dusky sky.

“Madame, Monsieur, my congratulations on your engagement. I would like to offer you a small present from the staff.” Cefrig bows to us and hands Aia a small box of their exclusive bonbons.

“Oh~ Thank you~” Aia charms. Have I ever mentioned she absolutely loves sweets?

“Would you like something else, or should I ask for your chauffeur?” Aia blushes deeply and nods bashfully. “I understand.” He nods. “I will ask for your car.”

“Right now…” Aia finally sighs, “I want to be alone with you.” She gifts me a beautiful, bashful smile.

“I agree, me too,” I tell her and give her a peck.

The fireworks come to an end, and everyone applauds.

“Your car will be ready in a few minutes, madam, sir,” our server says while bowing. “Madam, would you like to have your bouquet with you?”

“Oh, yes, thank you.”

Cefrig already brought some fresh flower wrapping and prepares the bouquet. Done, he hands her the bouquet of roses.

Still emotional, I stand up and offer Aia my hand to help her up.

“Thank you, darling~” she sings happily.

The maitre d’ receives us with a deep bow just in front of the cloakroom.

“Madame Asdiekx, Monsieur Matsumoto, you fill my heart with joy for having chosen the Dutchess for such a grand event. I hope everything was to your liking,” he says.

“It was wonderful,” Aia says radiantly.

“Indeed,” I confirm. “You exceeded our expectations.”

“Truly,” Aia adds with a bashful giggle.

The maitre d’ hands me my belongings, and accompanies us to the reception where I pay the hefty sum. Here goes almost the whole paycheck from my last haul… But is the best-spent money ever.

“Would you, please, sign the guestbook?” the maitre d’ asks us.

“Of course,” Aia giggles.

“Only if you keep our engagement secret for the time being,” I joke.

“But of course,” the good man says. “We pride ourselves on our discretion and to provide a paparazzi-free experience.”

“Then we simply have to sign,” Aia giggles, and I confirm.

Aia writes a quote from an author I don’t know. I opt to cite Shakespeare.

Doubt thou the stars are fire;
Doubt that the sun doth move;
Doubt truth to be a liar;
But never doubt I love.

Shakespeare. Hamlet.

“Beautiful,” Aia charms while she embraces me.

The maitre d’ thanks us and accompanies us to the doors.

Turangalîla already awaits us with the limo’s door wide open.

“A true honor to be your chauffeur for such an exciting evening, ma’am, sir…” she says bowing to us. “Do you wish a longer route, or straight home?” she asks.

“Home…” Aia says blushing deeply.

“As you wish.” Our driver smiles broadly.

As before, I help Aia in and sit at her side.

While our limousine leaves the Dutchess’s premises, Aia takes my hand.

“Kira…” she sighs. “I still can’t believe it… It is… as if you’d read my dreams. I mean… the place, the ambiance, you… everything. I can’t be happier…” I dry a tear of happiness rolling down her burning cheek. “First, we finally made out, your invitation, the dinner, the music… and,” she sighs happily, “your proposal… I’m so happy, Kira, my love.”

“I can’t believe it either, Aia, dear,” I admit. “Even if I planned this venue, I never dreamt all became true. Yeah, I wished it become true…” I sigh and caress her back.

“Oh, Kira~” Aia charms. “We should open the other bottle of champagne,” she giggles.


I open the second bottle and serve us a glass each.

“For a wonderful gentleman,” Aia says giggling.

“For a wonderful lady,” I add.

We take a sip of the golden liquid.

Aia begins to giggle sheepishly. I look at her, she is blushing deeply.

“Aahh~” she sighs. “I was just thinking… The ideal date I planned once I asked you out would have been similar…”

“Really?” I ask her and embrace her.

“Yeah… Even the limousine, the Dutchess… but I—” she sighs deeply and blushes, “I didn’t have the courage to ask you out as easy as you did.”

“It wasn’t easy, Aia. It took me quite some courage too…”

“No way… You did it so naturally.”

“I—” I sigh, “it only was easy because I promised you a night out, remember?”

“Yeah,” she confirms nodding.

“Actually, the dinner was the easy part. And the rest came naturally…”

“As we made out…”


“But you’re the Phoenix, why—”

“Phoenix…” I sigh interrupting her. “It doesn’t matter how much experience I’ve had in my life. Be it with women or in anything else… You are unique, Aia, in everything.” She blushes deeply. “I fell so hard for you that I couldn’t stop worrying about what might happen if I’d mess up. What if I went straight up to you and you’d refuse me? I—” I sigh again, “I was confused about your past behavior… and I didn’t want to mess up.”

“Oh, Kira… I’m so sorry…”

“Don’t be, Aia dear. That we are here now, is way more important.”

“Right,” she giggles. “By the way…” she blushes and looks away then back at me. “How would you have reacted if…” she takes a deep breath, “if it was reversed?”

“What do you mean?”

“I mean… If I had asked you out… if I had proposed to you… the same you did…”

“I can’t say…” I sigh. She looks away from me. As gently as I can, I brush over her burning cheek and guide her to look at me. “But I know that I would have said yes.”

“Kira…” she sighs relieved and charmingly.

Our lips meet again, and we kiss.

“Why do you ask?” I ask Aia after the kiss.

“Because… well… in your times, this wouldn’t be accepted, right?”

“It wouldn’t be the norm. But I’ve heard some stories the like.”

“Really? Awww… And I did hold back…”

“You did?”

“Yeah,” she confirms nodding bashfully. “I was so happy when we began making out, that I forgot to ask you out…” she giggles.

“Oh, Aia, love…” I chuckle. “At that time, there was no need to ask me out.”

“True,” she giggles again. “Nor you me…”

A long kiss follows our conversation.


Aia sighs happily while she plays with her engagement ring.

“Right…” she giggles and begins to rummage in her small red purse. “I completely forgot this…” She blushes deeply and produces a small box. She opens it. There is an onyx colored ring inside. Don’t say… “I actually wanted to propose tonight, but you were faster, and I was so happy, that I forgot about it…” she giggles while blushing deeply.

“Aia…” I am baffled while my heart rate skyrockets.

“Kira,” she purrs, “will you marry me?” she asks me with her most charming smile.

“Of course, Aia, my love,” I confirm in joy.

Aia puts the ebony ring on my ring finger.

We both giggle and chuckle. A joyful kiss follows.

“We’re a perfect match,” giggles Aia.

“Yeah…” I chuckle.

“Such a beautiful blue gem…” she says charmingly, looking at her ring.

“It’s a blue diamond. I got it on this last haul in jewelry shop I found by chance.”

“Really? It’s beautiful.”

“Not even near your beauty, Aia.”

“Oh, you…” she giggles.

“And this ring…” I look at the ring she gave me, “looks stunning.”

“It’s orxynnium, a rare mineral from Mars, as rare as diamonds,” she explains with a charming smile. “It’s only given as gems on special occasion to the persons you love. Perfect for a handsome man like you,” she adds smiling radiantly.

“Aia… I love you so much…”

“I love you so much, Kira…”

We keep making out until our car stops in front of our home.

Turangalîla opens the door. Once outside, I help Aia out of the expensive limousine.

“I hope you had a joyful afternoon, ma’am, sir,” our chauffeur says bowing deeply to us.

“It was really pleasurable,” I confirm.

“Definitely,” Aia adds giggling.

I transfer Turangalîla a large tip for her excellent service. The car’s rent was already deducted after I reserved it.

“My thanks,” she says and bows again. “It was a true pleasure to be your chauffeur. I hope a further occasion arises in which I would have the same pleasure.”

“I hope so,” Aia giggles.

Turangalîla bows again to us and bids us a good night and a loving future.


The door to our apartment closes behind us.

Aia twirls around and falls into my arms.

“Kira~” she purrs lusciously, “I love you~”

“I love you, Aia.”

Our lips meet for a passionate kiss.

As we kiss, Aia begins to undress me. There goes the hat, there flies the coat… I reciprocate and zip her dress down. It falls easily.

Fufufu~” Aia giggles aroused as I lift her up in my arms and carry her to the sofa. “Let’s pick up where we left…” she purrs coyly.

I just respond with more kisses while she sits onto my lap.

We begin to caress each other’s back. My fingers immediately get stuck in her bra’s strap. A pinch and a sharp movement later, the bra flies towards an uncertain destination.

Aia begins to giggle into our kiss. We break our lip contact…

“See?” Aia giggles. “That’s why I never wear a bra at home, you’d tear it off me instantly…”

“Oh, Aia…” I chuckle.

“Now you may, anytime…” she giggles coyly.

Our lips meet again, and our tongues begin their erotic dance. Her slightly longer tongue than any of the human girls I’ve dated makes our new activity even so slightly more exciting.

Exploring our backs, I reach her lower back with one hand but refrain from going lower yet. Aia moans into our kiss, and one of her hands meet mine. She moves my hand lower until I grope her firm ass cheek.

I begin to massage her bottom through her sheer panties while she begins to breathe heavier into our kiss. Her hands flow down my back, seems she wants to reciprocate… but her hands are stopped by the pants I’m still wearing…

She begins to fumble on the buttons of my pants. Slightly frustrated, she breaks our kiss and jumps from my lap. Without a word, I lift my ass from the sofa, and she pulls my pants down. Once freed, Aia throws them away and occupies her seat, my lap, again.

“More…” she moans and giggles before our lips meet yet again.

Finally freed from the disturbing pants, Aia attacks my ass cheeks as if her life depends on it… Her kisses and caresses become more assertive by the minute. We already moan into our kisses and only break lip contact for short gasps of air.

Suddenly, she leaves my back and ass in peace and takes my hands, moves them upwards, and places them firmly on her perfect tits… She arcs a bit back while trying to keep our kiss alive but has to break it as she makes my palms brush against her.

“Kira~” she moans. “Touch me~”

“My love~” I whisper into her ear while I gently yet firmly cup her breasts and begin to caress them.

Unable to hold back anymore, my hands explore her tits. Aia moans in bliss while I accompany the caresses on her boobs with licking her pointy ears. Her reactions tell me that both, her ears and breasts, are really sensible.

She arcs her back even more in her bliss, and almost falls from my lap.

“Careful, darling,” I say and guide her to lie down on the sofa.

“More, Kira, love~” she purrs. “I love what you’re doing~” she whispers seductively while she holds the back of my head and neck and pulls me to yet another kiss.

I break the long kiss and begin to float downwards, licking and kissing her skin. From her chin, along her neck, until I reach her beautiful tits.

“The necklace…” she groans.

Carefully, I help her to take her beautiful yet bothering necklace off and lie it on the small table at the sofa’s side, then I float back to the caresses.

A sexy moan or sigh follows each and every kiss I leave on her blueish skin. Her hands and finger roam my skin in reach. Her caresses are a pleasure in itself.

I look up at her, into her sparkling, lustful eyes. She licks her lips invitingly. “More~” she whispers.

Her sexy reactions are such a turn-on. I have no time to wonder about why it’s so easy for me to contain my animal instincts and not to jump over her. I love the feeling of pleasing her…

Aia’s voice becomes louder… No more gentle moans and whispers… Her moans and gasps come out naturally. Either she finally is able to relax and displace her shame, or I’m doing just what she loves the most.

“Kiiirahh~” she suddenly moans, and her body twitches. Don’t say…

Aia moans long and deeply calling my name.

“I love you, Kira~” she whispers still gasping for air.

“I love you, Aia,” I say and give her a peck.

“My first time…” she gasps, “I’ve come from my tits… just from fondling ’em…” she adds giggling lusciously.

“Really?” I ask her.

Hm~” she confirms with a hum and nods. She begins to move us around until she is on top. “Time to give you some affections,” she giggles sensually.

Our lips meet again, and we make out until she breaks our kiss and imitates what I had done to her.

Her kisses and caresses float down over my chest while she looks at me with lust-filled eyes. Her caresses and kisses are gentle yet so arousing. I even moan from her alluring touches… She truly is the most wonderful woman I’ve ever met.

As she reaches my slips, she begins to giggle.

“So vigorous. These slips don’t cover you much…” she coos.

“That’s why I usually don’t like them…” I say in a sigh.

“Usually?” she asks with a coy smile.

“Not anymore,” I chuckle.

“Oh, you, my love…”

A sensual giggle later, she takes my slips off me.

“Aiaahh~” I moan deeply as she begins to pleasure my member.

Fuck! Is she good! Not really experienced, but her loving affections are even more of a turn on. And her way of looking into my eyes…

Damn, I love this woman.

I’ve never dreamt of her giving me head would feel so good… I’ve actually never imagined of her wanting to do it, less on our first night together.

I… cannot… hold it… anymore…

I warn her that I am about to come, expecting she would back up.

But… she doesn’t

“Aiaaahh~” I scream in moans .

Such a damn great orgasm! I cannot believe it…

Aia smirks but keeps her lips sealed. She irradiates pure passion. She swallows something… My heart skips a beat. Who has thought that such a sweet woman would do it…

“I love you, Kira,” Aia coos as she crawls up towards me. “Right,” she giggles lusciously and reaches for a bottle of water standing on the small side table.

She takes a sip, clearly rinsing her mouth, and swallows it.

After her impromptu cleansing, she giggles again and lies on me. She asks for a kiss. I can’t say no, and less after she interrupted our sensual moment to clean herself.

Our hands roam our bodies. I reach Aia’s sheer panties, and my fingers begin to enter beneath the fabric.

Aia moves herself a bit to give me better access. But she seems to feel uncomfortable on the sofa…

“Let’s go to bed~” she purrs lusciously.


I stand up and lift her up.

Aia giggles amorously while I carry her to the bedroom and lie her down on the ample bed.

She extends her arms for an embrace. Of course, I accept.

We keep making out for a while until I break our lip contact and begin kissing her neck. I float down with the kisses as before while I keep caressing my beloved’s beautiful skin.

This time, I don’t keep my affections just on her breasts, but flow down. I kiss her chest beneath her tits. I follow the slightly defined muscle-lines. Her daily workout shows its results, and is such a turn-on.

She giggles lusciously, moans, and sighs with every kiss. A burst of giggles emerges from her as I kiss her delicate navel. It seems she’s a bit ticklish here…

I keep floating down, kissing every inch of her .

Suddenly, the texture changes… my lips touch something silken… I reached her sheer panties.

I look up, Aia is looking at me with dreamy eyes, unable to hide her expectation to what is to come.

Her hands reach mine and guide them towards her silken underwear. Eagerly and quite assertive, she pushes my hands down as I hook into the sparse clothing.

I take a deep breath. I’m about to uncover her last place I’ve never seen before…

Aia’s hands on mine jerk down aggressively, pushing her panties further down, she’s truly expectant.

I sit back and gently close her legs and take her panties off.

She’s even randier than before…

I’d love to jump over her right now. But I promised her, and myself, to make our first time really special.

Her legs are still closed, and I begin to kiss her feet. She even painted her toenails red… Aia giggles and moans. Slowly, I open her legs while I gradually kiss her skin upwards. Meanwhile, I praise her and don’t stop telling her how much I love her.

Reaching her thighs, I kiss each of them and steadily near her sex. My hands roam the flesh of her legs and thighs. Aia’s breath becomes rougher. She looks lustfully into my eyes.

As I go down on her, she answers with loud moans, deep sighs, and short gasps while calling my name. Her hands keep on caressing my scalp, and, from time to time, she pulls on my hair.

Her breath becomes irregular. Her moans become intenser, her gasps shorter.

“Kiiiraahh~” she cries as her hips buck .

I gasp for air as she nearly drowns me between her closing thighs .

Finally, she lets me go, and I crawl up. Still shuddering and gasping, she asks for a kiss. I kiss her filled with passion.

“This…” she gasps after we broke the kiss, “was… my best orgasm ever…” she says with a luscious smile.

“Aia, my love… Anything for you,” I tell her while I brush through her wild, disheveled hair.

“I want you~” she purrs coyly.

“Me too,” I whisper randy. “Ah, protection…”

Fuck, fuck, fuck! I completely forgot about the condoms! Damn dumbass! How could I? How could I forget something so important?

Aia giggles and rolls to her right. She opens the nightstand and produces a small, brightly colored box.

“Remember these?” she giggles.

“The retro-condoms…” I chuckle. I open the box. “One’s missing…” I observe.

“Yeah~” Aia giggles. “I was curious. So I opened one… ” she confesses blushing deeply and giggling.

“Oh, Aia,” I chuckle. “Don’t worry, I know how they work.”

“Kira~” she giggles lusciously.

Aia lies back and invites me to her. Once donned the rubber, I crawl over her and kiss her.

“Kira, my love. Please, be gentle. It’s my first time…” she confesses blushing.

I open my eyes wide but nod. “I’ll be as gentle as possible. Do you want to be on top? That way, you’ll be in control and can stop if it hurts.”

“Oh, Kira~” she purrs. “I don’t think I have the strengths right now. Later, okay?” she adds sultry.

“Sure, my love,” I chuckle at her luscious smirk.

After another kiss, she interrupts me…


“Huh? What is it, love?” I ask her concerned.

“Even… if… it’s my first time…” she says blushing, “ I don’t have a hymen… I lost it… I suppose from exercising, masturbating, or the like…” she confesses clearly concerned about it.

I caress her burning cheek.

“I don’t care about such things, Aia dear. Being with you, together, is all that counts for me,” I say brushing through her long beautiful hair.

“Thanks, my love~” she purrs. “I—I’m ready,” she stutters. I am unsure if she stutters of concern or lust. She is so alluring. Even if our moment broke briefly, the mood is back.

I kiss and caress her with the intention to calm her.

She clearly relaxes and becomes assertive again.

Aia grasps my ass cheeks and pulls me against her.

As gentle as possible, I sink into her while she guides me firmly…

I look into her eyes. I jolt watching a tear rolling down her cheek.

“Does it hurt?” I ask concerned. “Should I stop?”

“No~” she whispers. “I’m just so happy. I’m finally joined with you, the man I love so much.”

“Aia, darling, you’re so lovely. I love you so much.”

“Kira~ I love you~” she sighs. “You may go on~” she adds sultry. “I want you.”

I kiss her, I cannot avoid it, I love her so much.

Aia’s body jolts and jerks while she screams and moans my name into the skies.

Luckily, I am able to hold back my own release, and pet and kiss my beloved Aia while she comes down from cloud nine.

“I love you~” she gasps.

“I love you, Aia, so much,” I whisper.

She rolls me over, and lies on me. Our hair is disheveled, our bodies drenched in sweat… but we gleam in happiness.

“I’m so happy,” she purrs. “So ecstatic. Now I really feel the happiest girl of the universe. Here, right now, in your arms, my body shivering, recovering from the best orgasm ever…” she giggles.

“I am the same, Aia,” I sigh happily. “You and I, here, together.”

“As a couple, engaged,” she adds sighing joyfully. “And we finally made love, even on our first date…” she sighs dreamily. “Ah…” she suddenly jolts, “but you didn’t come, right?” she asks me preoccupied. “Did something not—”

“I held back, dear,” I interrupt her. “I wanted to give you all on our first time.”

“Oh, Kira~” she charms. “But you shouldn’t have. You already gave me everything I could wish for…” she says followed by a happy sigh. “Ready for round two?” she asks impishly.

“With you? Always,” I say and give her a peck.

“Oh, you~” she giggles. “Didn’t you want me on top?” she asks coyly and bucks her hip.

I respond with a moan and a smirk. She takes it as an affirmation and begins to wave her hips .

At first, she moves a bit awkwardly until she finds her pace. Nevertheless, the new sensation drives me mad.

The bedroom is filled with a moan concert, being us two the sole vocalists.

A jolt flashes up my spine… I reached the breaking point of pleasure. I scream Aia’s name as the pleasure overwhelms my senses. Her screams follow mine, and her body rocks heavily over me.

We cry our names into the skies as we reach nirvana.

“I love you, Aia~” I whisper breathlessly.

“I love you, Kira~” she also whispers breathlessly.

We kiss long and passionate.

“More…” Aia whispers sultrily.

[1] 良し: Japanese for “Okay! / All right! (Let’s do it!)”

To be continued in:
Space Highways The Queen and the King   B02 ~ The Queen and the Phoenix, The Couple

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