A24 ~ The Ostis Incident

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Chapter 27 of 27 from the The Awakened arc
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A24 ~ The Ostis Incident

Revision 4 January 26, 2020 a 43 min read
A24 ~ The Ostis Incident cover

Last chapter of SpaceHighway: The Awakened.

Aia and Kira continue on their haul to Ostis. What seemed an easy job, becomes more exciting… But this excitement might affect Aia and Kira’s future relationship.

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Revision 4 January 26, 2020:
  • Fixed: a few stubborn grammar errors.
  • Fixed: some punctuation slip-ups.
  • Tweaked: Better synonyms for some words.

Thanks to all patrons of SpaceHighway and several anonymous readers.

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A24 ~ The Ostis Incident


A gentle, sweet scent floats around… so good… Slowly, I open my eyes.

“Good afternoon, Kira~” Aia sings from the kitchen area of her Thunderbird.

“Afternoon? I fell asleep?” I ask with a yawn.

Hm~ Almost night. Feeling better?” she asks and comes nearer wearing a beautiful smile.

“Night? I slept that long?”

Hm~” She nods.

“Wow… yeah, feeling great,” I tell her stretching my arms and checking my leg.

“Great,” she giggles. “Told you that the massage will relax you. You see, it’s a residual effect. It may happen while you still get used to your bionic limbs.

“Your natural body produces and uses adrenaline to generate fast responses in case of an emergency. Your natural muscles use and dissipate this extra energy, your bionic ones not. At least, not in the same way.

“Bionic members actually use this energy rush to operate as your nervous system commands, but if you don’t use it, it stagnates, and you get an adaption-stress as you had. This extra energy…” she sighs, “you used it only in your arm with your punch, but not with your leg. Remember, you have to use your bionic leg to absorb de shock of using your whole bionic arm’s power, just like a coil spring.

“The massage I gave you helped to dissipate the accumulated residual energy.”

“Wow… Will this happen again?”

“Perhaps. At least, until your body gets completely used to your bionic limbs. Then, you’ll absorb the extra shock subconsciously.”

“Great,” I laugh.

“Yup~” she giggles. “By the way, dinner will be ready in about ten minutes. Care to set the table?”



Aia prepared a filling meal with the goods bought on the Yamato, which is “Absolutely delicious!”

“Oh, Kira~” Aia giggles. “We did well stopping by the Yamato. Even if that happened.”

“Yeah. And as usual, your meal can’t be better. I’ll never get tired of your dishes.”

“Don’t flatter me. I’m not that good—”

“I’m serious, Aia. It doesn’t matter whatever delicious food I’ve eaten out, yours’ always beats them.”

“Oh, Kira~” she purrs and blushes.

We keep on chatting while I enjoy watching her gestures, and her tits dancing gently in front of me. At least, she did put a thong on while I was asleep.

I clean up while she takes a shower. We finally reached an agreement. If one of us does the cooking, the other cleans up. If we both do the cooking, both clean up.

“Bathroom’s free…” Aia giggles as she comes out wrapped in a towel.

“Thanks, I need a shower.”

“I’ll check the board-comp meanwhile. Are you up to continue watching Pirates of Niflung? The latest episode is already online.”

“Sure,” I say while entering the small bathroom.

Pirates of Niflung is a space opera series we began to watch while I was hospitalized. We actually managed to watch the premiere on SF, a sci-fi streaming channel. It’s a kind of pirate story inspired in the Nibelung saga and set in an alternate timeline that uses elements of steampunk. It’s quite crazy and fun to watch. Loaded with action, intrigues, love, interspecies’ issues, and even quite explicit sex scenes, the series is the most-watched show in the known universe. We’re totally hooked.


Leaving the shower, I find Aia has prepared everything to watch the episode lying on the bed.

Both wearing just our underwear, Aia just wearing a skimpy thong, we enjoy the latest and steamiest episode yet.

The female lead character, which is the captain of the pirates’ ship, seduces a bunch of rebels of a certain planet to become part of her crew. It includes a barely censored orgy…

Aia liberally comments and laughs even at the steamiest scenes. Things have really changed. She is way more open talking about sex now, compared to the first months after we met. Before, she only used euphemisms like ‘doing that’ or even childish expressions to refer to genitalia, at least when she spoke with me.

Enya told me that she’s quite more open around her about this matter. But also that she used a lot of teen-speech and childish words when Aia was in love with some guy.

Either it is a good sign, or we’re getting too comfortable, yet again…

Watching the episode, I notice that the same sweet scent is still floating around. Seems the air filtering system hasn’t filtered the dinner’s smell out yet.

As the credits roll, Aia stretches her arms and yawns.

“Time to sleep, I guess. We have a long day before us,” she says.

“Right… Then?”

“Cuddle?” She smiles gently with a beautiful hint of seduction.

“Sure.” I also have to smile.

We turn the bed down and cover us with the fresh sheets.

Aia giggles as we embrace. She gently moves me to show her my back. I get that she wants to spoon me this time. We usually take turns. While I prefer spooning her. This time, it’s perfect. I still have a raging boner. Not because of the luscious scenes of the episode we watched, but ever since Aia gave me the massages…

That’s quite strange… True, it excites me every time we cuddle together, and more when she’s in such an excellent mood. It also is true that since I’ve awoken, I have quite the challenge to calm my dick down, but today’s a bit extreme…

She hugs me tenderly and sighs relaxed. Suddenly, she jolts…

“No… not today…” she sighs.

“Is something?” I ask her worried.

“I—” she sighs, “Shit…”

Concerned, I turn around. She’s flustered and blushing deeply.

“Sorry…” she whispers.


“I—” she seems desperately searching for the right words. She finally sighs and lies her hand on my chest. “I’m—my period will start in two weeks… I—well, sorry… but I… will act a bit strange… until then.”

“Strange? How so?”

She takes a deep breath.

“I hope… you won’t be grossed out…”

“Aia…” I caress her burning cheek. “I’ll never be grossed out by you. Tell me if you can. If you’re uncomfortable in telling me, just tell me what you are able to.”

“Tha—thanks, Kira.” She blushes even deeper. “I—Can I tell you tomorrow?”

“Sure, Aia. Remember, I’ll never pressure you to something you don’t want to, okay?”

“Thanks, Kira.” She gives me a peck. “Ugh~ could you turn around again? Sorry, but I can’t look into your eyes right now.”

“Sure,” I tell her still unsure what’s going on, but I won’t pressure her. I love her too much to hurt her feelings, that’s the only sure thing right now.

I turn around, and she embraces me again.

“Sorry, Kira,” she whispers.

“It’s okay, Aia. Just tell me whenever you’re ready to lighten your heart, will you?”

“I will, Kira.”

She kisses my neck, which makes me shiver even so slightly.

“Good night, Aia.”

“Good night, Kira.”

A sweet scent awakens me while I feel pressure against my right side.

I open my eyes and find Aia cuddling against me, partially lying on me, with her right leg hooking into mine. My right arm is embraced by her tits. The fingers of my right hand graze something silken, don’t say… No, I shouldn’t move my fingers. I have to resist my urges to discover what it is. My boner hurts…

I sigh deeply. Fuck! No way! The sweet, mesmerizing scent is coming from Aia! What is it? What did she struggle to tell me yesternight? Something about her period and her—Don’t tell me that…

Hmm?” Aia is awakening… “Good morning, Kira~” she whispers sultrily.

“Good morning, Aia. I—ugh… I don’t dare to move…” I sigh.

“Oh? Sorry~” she purrs looking at me with the sweetest smile and eyes she has ever shown me yet.

She moves ever so slowly and seductively away from me with a sensual smirk. She is way more seductive than usual…

“Ugh…” I sigh. “Sorry to tell you… but you, ugh, give off a scent… a sweet, exciting scent…” I tell her trying to keep calm.

Her eyes open wide.

“Really?” she cries out baffled. The bedsheets she was holding and hiding her tits with, fall as she suddenly sits up.

“Ye—yeah… I can’t explain it… I’ve noticed this scent since last night. And…” I sigh deeply, “it turns me on… I’ve got a hard-on since then…”

“Ugh…” Aia moans, and hurriedly gathers the sheets and rolls herself into them, ending in looking against the wall.

Unsure what to do or say, I crawl towards her… The moment I decide to ask her, she turns around. Her face is deep purple.

“Sorry…” she sighs avoiding to look into my eyes. “It’s something related to my menstrual cycle, my period… I don’t know what exactly it is…” she sighs again. “Around two weeks before my period comes, I enter into this phase… It’s as if my hormones go absolutely crazy… I—” she sighs yet again, “I emit this scent… You’re the first one noticing it that much, though. And,” she takes a deep breath, “I get excessively horny…” she says blushing deeply.

“That’s why you said not today?” I ask carefully.

“Uh-huh…” She nods shyly. “I noticed it coming… And… you’re noticing it too… I thought… if it’s only me, we’ll be okay.” She hides her face beneath the sheets.

“Aia…” I sigh. “Look,” I lay my hand on her shoulder, I presuppose, as she’s hidden under the sheets, “it’s something natural, isn’t it? I mean, we can’t do anything against it…”

Hm…” I hear her humming from beneath the bedsheets.

“That I’m excited, is normal. I’m confined together with a beautiful and lovely girl in this small truck. You’re having your—whatever it is…” I sigh. “Aia, I’ll keep my promise till the day you decide to—”

“Thanks,” she whispers while she frees herself from the bedsheets.

Aia crawls towards me, brings her hands to my cheeks, and gently positions me for a brief peck.

“Thanks, Kira,” she repeats. “I—Not for long, you won’t have to wait much more. I won’t postpone it much—”

“Take it easy, Aia. Take your time.”

“Thanks,” she sighs in relief. “Your calming words help a lot, really. Your actions, even more. I’ve never thought I would be able to sleep at such ease in my excited-phase. I slept marvelously.” She smiles lusciously.

I only sigh deeply. This will be really hard… One thing, in my boxers, really is… Fuck!


Aia is showering while I make the bed. Sighing, I sit on the movable seat between the bed and the kitchen area after I have put my jeans on. I should have a shower too… to defuse my problem.

“Uh… Kira?”


“Could you hand me a fresh thong? I forgot to bring one. You’ll find one in the right drawer below the bed.”

“Sure.” Why did I answer so fast?

The drawer is filled with lace and silken underwear, one sexier than the other. Oh, fuck…

“Ugh… Which one?” I ask back.

“Any,” she giggles but adds sultry, “one you want to see me in…”

I sigh deeply and try to find the least suggestive one.

“Here…” I say holding the thong right in front of the bathroom’s door.

She opens the door a bit more, and a strong scent of her own smell mixed in with the shampoo hits my nose. She grabs the small piece of underwear.

“Thank you, Kira~” she sings excitedly. “Finishing in a sec,” she adds.

A moment later, Aia comes out of the bathroom just wearing the thong I handed her. A towel hanging from her neck is partially covering her tits.

The way she walks… so arousing. The movement of her hips… seductive. Her face shows pure passion. Fuck me…

I sigh deeply.

“Are you alright, Kira?” she asks me sultry.

“Ye—yeah,” I stutter overwhelmed by her sexiness.

Without more words, I enter the bathroom. Shit… Her smell is dense in here… I’m excited to a breaking point…

I need a cold shower. No! Ice-cold!

Not even the shivering in the cold shower calms me. So much blood went down that it hurts. I’ll have to proceed manually…


A long, unfruitful shower later, I step out of the bathroom. I couldn’t calm my raging boner, not the slightest…

I sigh… Fuck… The filtering system seems unable to filter Aia’s sweet scent. By the way, where is she?

Just by following her scent, I find Aia at the controls, the same she came out of the shower.

“Ah, hi~” she sings upon noticing me. “There’s a lot of traffic around here. The system asked me to take over.”

“Oh, okay.” I sit into the copilot’s seat. “Uh… Aia?”

“Yeah, what’s it, de—Kira?” She smiles flirty.

“Let me take over. You should wear something…” I tell her.

“Right, not the best looks if someone calls in,” she giggles coquettishly. “Handing over…”


“Yours. Thank you~ Be right back.”

I sigh yet again. I hope concentrating on the road ahead, calms me down a bit. I wonder what she’ll wear… even clothed, she might be too sexy for me to handle…

Luckily, she comes back wearing one of her tight-fitting bodysuits, albeit zipped down to her bellybutton, barely covering her tits. Fuck…

“Everything alright?” she asks with an erotic overtone while her fingers brush over my left cheek. I shiver aroused from her gentle, yet oh so teasing touch.


She sits back into the pilot’s seat.

While keeping my eyes on the road, I have to ask her, “Then… these two weeks before your period, you act this suggestive way?”

“Yeah…” she sighs with a hint of excitement, “I fear I am…”

“Ah, don’t worry. I’m not judging you, nor do I dislike it. But I’m a bit uncomfortable… being us—I mean, our actual relationship.”

“Ugh… I understand, sorry…” she lets her head drop.

“No, no… don’t worry. I don’t want you to feel at fault here. It’s just that…” I sigh, “I’m turned on, the whole time…”

“Really?” she shouts.

“Yeah…” I sigh again.

“My… scent, my hormones… do they affect you that much?”

“Yeah, since yesterday…” I sigh yet again. “While showering, I tried to calm myself down, but I still have a hard-on…”

She blushes and sighs sensually.

“Wow… It’s the first time someone reacts that strong… Some noticed something, but most don’t even get the scent.”

“It happened before, right? After the black hole incident…”

“Yeah…” She nods blushing even deeper.

“I’ve noticed your scent, but only slightly. I assumed that my horniness then was caused mostly because of your sensual behavior. Now, it’s extreme…” I sigh. “I suppose, it was no problem because we did not coincide often, being on hauls.”

“Then now… being together in this small space…”

“It seems so… Also, it seems that the air filtering system is unable to filter it out…” Her face distorts into sorrow. “Ah! It’s not that I hate it. Quite the contrary. Proof of it is that I can’t calm down. I’m horny as—”

Her charming, yet so sexy giggling interrupts me.

“As nice as always, Kira~ I quiver just by your words,” she giggles lusciously.

I sigh deeply.

“How often do you have it?” I ask.

“Ugh~ About every eight Gaian weeks…” she says blushing.

“But I’ve only noticed it once…”

“Ah, yeah…” she sighs. “When we met, I was on my period, so I just had one of these phases. Last time… you were… unconscious…” she stutters.

“Oh, shit… sorry…”

“No, no~” She waves her hands in front of her. “It’s not your fault! It just happened…”

“It’s okay, Aia. As I told you, it’s nothing you have to be ashamed of. Is it—”

“Like being in heat…” she sighs and drops her head, “yeah…”

We both sigh, and our conversation stalled. I find Aia’s cigarettes and take one out. She looks over at me, clearly wanting one too. I hand her the pack while I light mine.

“Thanks. I can take over again,” she offers.

“Don’t worry. Right now, I prefer to pilot. It will do me well to concentrate on something for a while.”

“Right,” she sighs. “I get it,” she giggles. “I’ll make a nice breakfast once I’ve finished my fag. I’m getting hungry.”

“Good idea,” I sigh too.

Aia stands up and, while turning towards the back of her truck, her fingers grace up my bare arms with some flirtatious twists. I just got goosebumps. If I hadn’t had a boner already, I’d had one now…

Luckily, there is some traffic around the sector, I am able to focus my attention on the space instead of the tension in my pants.

Aia suddenly appears in the cabin. She throws me one of the fresh t-shirts I had packed.

“Could you please put it on?” she coos while blushing. “It’s—I get… hornier just from seeing your chest…”

She turns on her heels hastily and goes back while I look at her dumbfounded. No! Don’t look at her ass! Look forward, on the road ahead, dumbass!

I put the t-shirt on with a long sigh. If we had figured our relationship out, this would be way easier. I mean, we know that there is something, but not there yet… Argh! Shit!


The rich smell of food intertwined with Aia’s scent reaches me. She comes into the cabin with two trays laden with two sandwiches, two sweets, a juice, and a coffee, each. She offers me one.

“Oh, thank you, Aia.”

“You’re welcome~ At least I can offer you a good breakfast,” she giggles.

I eat as calmly as possible while keeping an eye on the instruments and the space in front of us.

“So good,” I sigh.

Aia just giggles a thanks.


After breakfast, I take both trays back, clean them, and stow them.

“Ready, Aia. You can turn the gravity off.”

“Okay, in five secs…”

I hold onto a bar as I notice the lack of weight. Okay, we’re floating. Back to the cabin.


The morning goes by while we talk about trivial stuff and take turns at the controls.

“We’re reaching Ostis… Look…” Aia points at the highlighted structure on the AR. “Hand me the controls over, please~”

“Sure. Ready to take over…”

“I have control.”

“You have control.”

“Thank you~” Aia shows her most erotic smile yet…

Shiiiit… How will I survive the day without breaking my promise?


«Ostis Gate temporal station to Thunderbird, do you read?»

“Nice and clear,” giggles Aia. “The Queen speaking.”

«Such an honor to receive a haul from the Queen in person. Please, deliver the cargo to sector B-4 of the construction area. After that, please dock at temporary lock twenty-one. We’ll check the papers while the personnel unloads the cargo.»

“Just perfect, we’ll do so.”

«Great. Thank you for your hard work. Out.»

I check the coordinates sent to the board computer.

“Follow your actual vector until entering the construction area. Then follow the new vector Delta-Six. Reaching sector B, vector Beta-Two brings us straight to the indicated location. I’ll guide.”

“Thank you, Kira~” Aia giggles. “You’re truly an excellent copilot~” she sings happily with her already familiar sensual undertone.


We reach the designated sector easily. I spot several small spaceworkers’ modules. They are simple one-man spacecrafts with robotic arms. Or rather, bulky, armored spacesuits with mechanical arms.

«Good day! I’m the foreman of this sector,» a male voice calls in. «I’ll guide you to the right place. I’m the one in the red module. Please, follow me.»

“I see you, thanks,” Aia confirms.

Several minutes later, we reach the place. It is a chaos… At least, it looks like one. But on a closer inspection, everything seems to be under control, if not for the swarm of modules moving huge pieces around. A clearly designated vector goes straight through the structure under construction, and it seems that no module crosses it. That said, the reserved vector is hair-tight…

«Be careful. We’re in the midst of a section under construction. We always try to keep the cargo vector as clean as possible, but the construction of a port-deck is underway, it might be a bit tight…»

“Thanks for your info, will do.”

Aia controls her baby nimbly with absolutely precise micro-inputs. I only call out slight corrections if I feel the need for it. She acknowledges them with a soft hum and her fine-grained adjustments.

«Impressive! Not even a scratch on the holds!» the foreman shouts marveled. «Thank you for your great work. A month ago, we had to rebuild this place because a trucker grazed a beam… A whole section was completely wrecked.»

“Ouch… Hope it wasn’t a fellow coworker from the ISTM…”

«No, no… That’s why we pressured the bosses to switch companies.»

“Lucky him, I would give him a beating myself,” Aia laughs.

The guy laughs.

«By the way, who is the trucker I have the honor to speak to?» he asks.

I grin and take the mic.

“Buddy, you have the greatest honor to speak to the Queen in person,” I tell him in a ceremonial voice.

«The Queen?» he cries out. «A true honor! Have you heard, guys? It’s the Queen herself! No wonder, these skills are no match to anyone. Ah… Who’s speaking?»

Aia grins and takes the mic from me.

“It’s my colleague, the Phoenix,” she proudly says.

«Don’t fuck me! Both? The royalty! Guys! The monarchs themselves are here! Such an honor!»

We giggle and laugh at the workers’ reactions. Everyone expresses their delight to receive us, one by one, without forgetting their work.

«Everything’s in order. We have uncoupled the holds and moved them to the docks. Please visit the loadmaster at the temporal station. You’ll have a live-stream when we check the cargo.»

“Thanks, guys. Great job,” laughs Aia. “Has been a pleasure to work with you.”

Many hurrahs and whistles blare through the loudspeaker while Aia begins to move out.


After leaving the construction sector, Aia seems to squirm a bit…

“Can you take over? I need to change…” she says.

“Sure. Mine.”

“Yours,” she giggles, unbuckles her belts, and floats back.

Just in reach of the controller, Aia comes back and straps herself into her seat. She wears the same bodysuit…

“Didn’t you change clothes?” I ask her.

She blushes, then smirks sultry.

“Yup, the thong.”


“It was drenched…”

A steamy image runs through my already overexcited mind…


Aia takes over again and proceeds with the docking maneuver after chatting with control. There will be no gravity. Great, I can leave my crutch behind.

At the airlock, we’re received by a Human guy.

“Welcome to Ostis. I am Kisel, the cargo master. Exited to meet you, Queen. Oh, and your companion?”

“Ah, yeah. He’s the Phoenix, my copilot for this haul.”

“Such an honor. Really nice to meet you too.” We shake hands. “If you would be so kind to follow me…”

We float after him through a series of corridors with moving handrails on which we grab on.

“By the way,” Kisel asks, “how’s your rehab, Phoenix? I’ve seen the terrible news from Crushmont.”

“Quite well, thanks. I’m still adapting to my new bionic limbs, but with few problems.”

“Good to hear. This way…”

We reach a control room.

“Open a channel to B-4 on the big screen,” Kisel says to an operator.

“Understood, boss.”

«Oh, boss. Already ready?» asks a guy in a bigger module or a small craft. «We’re ready too. We can begin…»

“Perfect. We’ll go through the list at your pace.”

«Roger. Let’s do it, guys.»

We hear several affirmations, and we begin to check the list.


“Everything in perfect order. With this, I sign the cargo manifest off as delivered. Would you like to have a drink or something to eat? The first diner is already fully operational in the 0.8G-area,” Kisel suggests.

“Oh, perfect!” Aia happily accepts.

“Ugh… I left my crutch in your Thunderbird… Just in case—”

“Don’t worry, Kira. I’ll help you if you need it.” Aia smiles heartily.

I can’t resist her smile…


“Be careful,” Kisel advises. “We are in a gradual gravity elevator. Gravity will gradually rise until reaching the said area.”

“Thanks,” Aia says and hooks her arm into mine.

Slowly, I feel the gravity rise. Once we reach the desired floor, our feet are firmly on the ground.

Aia helps me too much, I don’t need that much help. But I let her, she seems to enjoy it…

We reach the mentioned diner… Really? Do all fucking diners have the same feel and look?

The place is empty… no patrons.

As we sit down, a hefty black woman wearing an apron comes by.

“Good afternoon, welcome, welcome. What can I offer ya?” the server asks.

“Some Ostis’ beers, right?” I ask Aia, she nods and affirms with a hum.

“Good choice,” the hefty woman laughs. Kisel asks for the same.

While the server goes back to the bar, I follow her with my eyes.

“Doesn’t she looks a bit like Buz?” I ask Aia.

“Ya know ma cousin?”

We jolt as she is already at our side with three pints.

“Oh, you’re Buz’ cousin?” asks Aia.

“Yah, he’s sucha dearie, right?” she laughs.

“Of course we know him,” I laugh. “He’s a good friend.”

“Nice~” she giggles loudly. “How’re they, Sue ’n’ Buz?”

“Perfectly well,” giggles Aia. “They work the MaryQueens with precision.”

“Great,” Buz’ hefty cousin laughs. “Yah, righto. Imma Liz, nice to meetcha.”

“Nice to meet you, we’re Aia…”

“… and Kira. A pleasure to meet you.”

“May I sit with ya? Ain’t got no more customers yet…” Liz asks.

“Of course,” Aia confirms happily.

Liz also brings a beer for herself and sits with us.

After a toast, we sip on the beers.

“Yup, it’s great!” I laugh.

“Yeah, fufu~” Aia giggles. “But a bit strong, I shouldn’t have more than one.”

“Right, you have to pilot.”

“If it wasn’t for the laws, I could have two or three.”

“True,” I laugh. “I would have some too.”

“Yeah,” Aia giggles. “At least six or eight and you would still be able to pilot.”

“Wow… Sucha tolerance…” Liz comments and laughs loudly.

“Yeah,” Aia giggles again. “He’s quite the drinker. Ah, by the way, Liz, is smoking allowed in here?”

“Is yer lucky day. They installed the air purifier yesterday,” Liz laughs.

“Thank you~” Aia sings and offers me a fag.


I hand her my lighter after lighting the fag.

“Thank you~” she giggles and lights her own fag.

I exhale the aromatic smoke.

“I needed that…”

I really needed that fag. I hope I’m able to cloud my overexcited nerves a bit, literally.


We enjoy the beers and the fags with a nice chat with Liz and Kisel. Once I finished my first smoke, I have another one in the hope that the smoke blocks Aia’s scent. It seems that neither Liz nor Kisel notice her sweet smell…

Becoming hungry, we ask Liz what she has on the menu. It looks similar to Sue’s… We ask for the daily special.


“Superb…” I can only say.

“Yeah, really delicious. Did you learn together with Sue?” asks Aia.

“Yah, does it show?” Liz laughs. “Buz’ mom taught us. Never gonna be on her level.”


Having the dessert-coffee, Aia figures it is time to leave.

“Ah, Liz. Do you have this beer in cans? A friend of ours wants some,” I ask.

“Naw, cans no… But can sell ya an eight-barrel keg, if ya wanna,” Liz tells me.

“Will do,” Aia laughs. “That way, we can force him to share.”

“True,” I laugh too.

We pay, and after the goodbyes, we follow Kisel down to the Thunderbird.

With the keg on her shoulder, Aia insists on helping me. She doesn’t let me walk alone, less carry the keg…

After more goodbyes, we finally enter Aia’s truck…

“Ugh~” Aia moans excited as the doors close, and she zips her bodysuit down to her belly button again.

I have to ignore the visual stimulus again and proceed to store the keg while Aia floats to the cabin.


Leaving the Ostis station behind, Aia sighs deeply.

“Can you take over, Kira?” she asks seductively.

“Sure. Mine.”

“Yours. I have to get a change…” she sighs again.

I clear some arriving trucks and put us back on vector towards Betelgeuse.

A gentle, sensual touch on my left cheek makes me shudder. I look up at Aia. She only wears a tank top with spaghetti straps and a skimpy thong, both in clear blue colors…

Fuck… Not even smoking is downing my boner… The proverbial ‘smoking produces impotence’ is clearly not true in her presence…

She straps herself in, while her tank top floats upwards, barely covering her breasts…

“Hand me back the controls, please~” she sings.

“Sure. You have control.”

“I have control,” she giggles.

I free myself from the belts.

“Bathroom…” I just tell her.



I drop my pants and boxers… I can’t believe it… I have to do something about this erection…

Fuck… we’re in zero-G… The toilet is designed to be used in zero-G, but not for the use I need to give it…

Desperate, I search through the bathroom’s cabinet. Ah! I find a pack of condoms. That will do…


I come back to the cabin slightly more relaxed.

“Everything okay?” asks Aia with a sexy smile.

“Yeah…” I say trying to replicate a smile.

“Great! Look, there’s almost no more traffic till Betelgeuse. Want to watch a movie?”

“Perfect.” I simply nod.

With the autopilot keeping us on vector, we float back to the bed. In zero-G, we don’t need much to make us comfortable.

Aia chooses a movie. A romantic one… Not that I am against it, but the situation doesn’t seem fit for it… I sigh but don’t protest.

Half through the movie, Aia’s head drops on my shoulder, and we’re pushed away… She just fell asleep…

I hold on her and push us back to the bed.

She embraces me tightly… She is too near… I am completely bathed in her scent…

Clouded by her scent, I also embrace her and… drowsiness also begins to overcome me…


Sultry giggling awakes me… It comes from the bathroom. I sit up still in zero-G just as Aia comes out.

“Oh,” she giggles. “Did I wake you up?” she goes on giggling sultry.

“Uh, no—What’s happening?” I ask disoriented.

She shows me the open condom pack wile giggling seductively. I open my eyes, shit… I haven’t closed it again…

“Don’t worry~” she giggles. “You can use ’em, if you need, this way…” She bursts into the sexiest laughter I have ever heard in my life. She blushes deeper and deeper… “Me too…” She smirks while moving her hand down to her crotch.

Argh… No! No more erotic images…

I push myself towards the cabin while she follows giggling and laughing.

Strapping myself into the copilot seat, she keeps on giggling.

“Sorry… Kira~” She gasps for air. “It’s just… so funny…”

“Yeah,” I sigh. “Funny…”

“I know…” she suddenly sighs too. “But I can’t avoid it…” She explodes into another laughter…


Nighttime… With the artificial gravity on, we have a delicious, and sexy, dinner. Preparing for sleep, I have a bad feeling…

“Aia…” I sigh. “Wouldn’t it be better that I—”

“No, Kira,” she interrupts me. “We both have to rest properly.” It seems she has guessed my suggestion. “Even if we’re—well, this way… It’s the best to sleep in the bed.”

I sigh deeply. I can’t go against her… I lie down and cover myself hastily.

In a blink of an eye, Aia jumps over me.

“Let’s try this… I sleep this way… You’ll have to settle with my feet,” she giggles.

“I’m not sure it helps…” I sigh.

“We’ll try…” she giggles covering herself with the bedsheets. I cover her feet I have just in front of me. “Thank you~ L—Kira~ Good night~” she sings.

“Good night, Aia….”

I cannot sleep… I awake every now and then, just after I doze off… My hard-on even hurts… And… her sweet, erotic scent only gets stronger…

A movement awakes me. Damn… now that I finally was able to sleep a bit…

Aia sits up and begins to move out of the bed. I open my eyes… I gasp and hold my breath. Aia’s drenched thong moves at mere inches by. Unable to close my eyes, I check out her groin hidden beneath the damp fabric. She moves slowly, so slowly… I’m clouded by the dense, sweet, erotic smell she emanates… When her long right leg passes over my head, I force my eyes closed. I cannot let her notice what I have witnessed…

Finally out of the bed, she goes to the bathroom. I take a deep breath. I am saturated by her smell… If this goes on I—What’s that?

An unsteady buzzing comes from the bathroom… followed by suppressed moans and panting…

Fuck! Aia! No… I’m awake… Fully awake…

I turn around, face down, and try to block her naughty moans and sensual gasps. Impossible…

Her solo-play goes on for, at least, half an hour…

A long, higher-pitched, passionate moan makes me shiver…

“Kiiraahh~” she moans.

Aia… fuck… I… What should I do now? My willpower… I need to hold myself back. I can’t storm in and take her, it would destroy everything we have right now. I—

Click… The door opens.

Still panting, Aia comes out.

Giggling sensually, she climbs over me and covers herself again.

I can’t sleep… But it seems that Aia can…

After an hour or so, I stand up myself. I’ll have to defuse my situation alone…

I open the bathroom door. Fuck! I hold my scream. The bathroom’s air is saturated by her scent, plus another, even naughtier one. And… a blue dildo is lying in the washbasin. Aia… I sigh while looking for the condoms…


Finally a bit calmer, I climb into the bed again. There she lies, sleeping innocently as usual… shit…

I try to force myself into sleep…

“Kira~ Wakey-wakey~”


Groggy, I force my right eye open. I’m lying face down, looking sidewise. Aia’s erect nipples dance in front of me…

“C’mon, breakfast is ready~” she sings. “Up you go!” she giggles and yanks the bedsheets off.

“Ugh…” I sigh turning onto my back.

“It will be a good day. We’ll be able to shave off some hours on our way back.”

Great, I want this to end soon.

“Coming…” I say sleepily.

Aia giggles lusciously, and I look up at her.

“Seems that a certain part of you is vigorous~” She smirks sultry.

“Aia…” I sigh.

She just giggles and dances sexily around the living area.


Two delicious breakfasts are ready on the table.

Today, I can’t relax observing Aia’s beauty, I can’t relax at all… The air of the Thunderbird is completely saturated by her scent.

“Slept well?” she asks happily.

“With difficulties…” I grumble. I take a deep breath. “Sorry, Aia…”

“Huh?” She looks at me dumbfounded.

“If you really don’t want that I do anything to you, I’ll have to wear an oxygen mask…”

Shocked, Aia lets her knife fall.

“Really? Is it that strong?” she asks horrified.

“Yeah, sorry… Your scent is everywhere, even I smell like you… Your scent saturates everything.”

Her eyes gleam while I told her, but now she looks down.

“So—sorry…” she sighs. “I—Ugh~ I didn’t expect it would be that strong… Yesterday, I thought it wouldn’t matter, if it’s only me… But even you—” I look at her in disbelief as she sighs again. “I don’t know how to explain it… It’s as if you react to these hormones, or the like. You, too, are giving off a certain, really sexy scent. It turns me on…” she says while her right hand cups her bare breast … “Ah!” She notices, and her hand floats back. “I’m sorry, so sorry, lo—Kira. My body wants you, desires you… but… Mentally, I’m not ready yet…” she sighs.

“I’m sorry, Aia, really sorry…” She looks at me in anguish. “If this goes on for two weeks, I’ll go crazy. I want to be sane and rational when you feel it’s the right time.” Tears begin to flow from her eyes. “Please, don’t cry. I’m not saying that we’ll go separate ways from now on. But, as long as we aren’t a couple, I can’t endure this never-ending arousal…”

I stand up and embrace her from behind, avoiding her tits.

“Whenever you’re ready,” I whisper into her ear, “I’ll welcome you with open arms, and I’ll take you out reaching to the stars.” I kiss her cheek.

Hm~” she sighs. “Thanks, Kira. I’m sorry. I am really sorry. I don’t know what to say… my mind is clouded…”

“That’s why we have to put up with it these two weeks. If we’d just follow our instincts and the hormones, we’ll regret it afterward. I don’t want to hurt you, Aia.”

Aia sighs deeply in relief.

“You’re a darling, Kira. I accept.”


Aia hands me a miniaturized oxygen mask. It looks like a simple respirator from my times but holds a small oxygen tank I have to fix on my chest.

“Better?” asks Aia preoccupied.

“Yeah, much better. Sorry, Aia. I know it’s a bit extreme, but I don’t want to hurt you.”

“I know, Kira, I know,” she sighs and kisses me on the cheek.


Finally, Betelgeuse… Swiftly, we enter the Gaian gate.

“Kira?” Aia finally interrupts the terrifying silence. “Could you fetch a coke?”


I float back and bring her a pouch of coke.

“Here, Aia.”

“Thank you~” she giggles. “Ah, you could have taken one for you too.”

“Thanks,” I sigh. “I don’t feel like it. Plus, I’d have to take this mask off…”

“Sorry, Kira…” She slumps down.

“Don’t worry, Aia,” I tell her while strapping me back into the seat. “I insist, it’s not your fault at all. You don’t do it on purpose.”

“I know… even so, I fell horrible. Ugh… I don’t know what I feel… On the one hand, I feel terrible. On the other, I’m horny. My body is attracted to yours, it wants you.”

“And mine to you, Aia,” I sigh. “But let’s be real. What would you feel afterward? Would we be a couple? Or, would we not be able to come face to face ever again? It would be a decision only taken by mere chemistry… Not something we do based on feelings, that’s for sure…”

Aia looks at me with a beautiful smile.

“You’re right, Kira. Truly right,” she sighs cheerfully. “My heart tells me, I need more, even if just a little bit more time.”

“That’s why I insist on being apart for the time this phase of yours is active. If we were a couple, it wouldn’t be a problem, don’t you think?”

“Right…” She nods. “You’re absolutely right. Even so, it saddens me…”

“Okay, then what would you say to have a great dinner together when your excitement phase goes down?”

“That would be great, Kira. Thank you~”

“Great. And I repeat, this decision does not change my feelings towards you. I said it this morning, and ever since you told me, I wait for you. And when you have decided, I’ll await you with open arms.”

“Thanks, Kira…” She sniffs and dries her tears.


Finally, we reach our home.

While Aia showers yet again, I call the ISTM. I need to go back to space, alone. Without much fuss, I got a haul for tomorrow. Great!

“What will you do now, Kira?” Aia asks coming out of the bathroom. “It will be difficult if you… stay here… Ah! I’m not telling you to leave…”

“Don’t worry, Aia. Look, I got a haul for tomorrow. Tonight, I will sleep in the Alpha. I just need to leave your scent a bit behind.”

“Sorry…” Her head drops.

“I told you, it’s not your fault. But I don’t want to get crazy…”

“I know,” she sighs. “But, will you come by these days?”

“Sure, Aia. It’s my home too, isn’t it?”

“Right,” she giggles. “You’ll always be welcome here…”

She hugs me tenderly and gives me a peck.

“Thanks, Aia.”

I get some fresh clothes and pack a backpack. Ready.

“Bye, Kira~” she sings.

“Bye, Aia. In three days, I’ll be back.”

“See you~”


Ah~ My Falcon… finally…

It really feels good blasting off towards the Alpha.

Enya… I absolutely need her… I text her. “Wow…” Is she fast, even in answering my text.

‘Sure! On my way to our private birthday party. Evening free 4 u. Love u! xxx’

That’s Enya for you… I laugh.



Enya jumps into my arms just as I step out of my Falcon.

“Enya, good to see you.”

“You too,” she purrs. “Oh! Someone else is also happy to see me…” she giggles lying her hand on my bulge.

“Yeah,” I say. “Care to come in?”

“Obviously,” she giggles.

I cannot hold back, once the door is closed, I hug Enya and begin to kiss her passionately. She just reciprocates and kisses me back.

Reaching my bed, we are completely naked.

We keep on making out for a long time…


“So ferocious…” giggles Enya out of breath. “Missed me that much?”

“Yeah…” I sigh relaxed, finally relaxed. “But not only that…”

I tell her everything what happened between Aia and me.

“Wooow… No fuck?”

“No fuck…” I sigh. “Sorry for using you as an escape…”

“But you wanted to meet me anyway, right?” she purrs while caressing my chest.

“Of course, Enya.” I caress her scalp. “I wanted to meet you as soon as I got out of the hospital. But this tension with Aia…” I sigh.

“Hmm… seems similar to our heat seasons…”

“Heat seasons?”

“Yeah, haven’t you noticed that on certain days I was friskier?”

“Ah, yeah. Of course, and you had some enticing perfume on.”

“Perfume? Oh, you~” she giggles. “So, you noticed?”

“What?” I ask dumbfounded. “Your perf—”

“My natural scent…”

“But it was—”



“Kira~” she purrs lusciously and snuggles on me. “It’s my scent when in heat, like Aia’s.”


“And you notice it, I’m so happy… My love…”

“Sorry, Enya, I don’t get it…”

“Oh, dummy… Right…” she giggles. “Time for some lessons in heat seasons. Some species, like mine, have heat seasons. That’s the moment we girls are the most fertile. We are, literally, in heat.”

“No way… You mean—”

“Yup, most likely, Aia is in her fertile stage. But you said that hardly any guy ever noticed it, and that you noticed it twice already, right?”


“If it’s similar to us Felii, then it makes sense…”

“How so?”

“You see… Usually, only compatible males are able to notice such faint scents.”

“But hers was everything else than subtle. Even yours wasn’t…”

“That means, that you are the perfect match for us…”

“For both?”

“Yeah~” she purrs happily. “It doesn’t necessarily mean that we are genetically compatible.”

“Genetically compatible?”

“Yeah, to have offspring.”


“What it means, usually, that you are the best available partner, on many levels, not just for making children,” she giggles.

“That’s…” I sigh.

“I know, not every guy smelling my scent when in heat suits me. But it tells that we would be, physically and hormonally at least, made for each other. Of course, if you weren’t fit mentally-wise, I wouldn’t accept you.”


“But… now that I know that you even smell me in heat, only makes me fall more for you. Surely Aia is the same.”

“Do you think so?”

“Yeah…” she sighs relaxed. “It is trust, Kira.”


“Uh-huh… I mean, you stepped back even if Aia’s scent was irresistible. You’re only able to do so because you care for her, because you love her. I’m sure that it would be the same if I would have been in her place. You wouldn’t assault me, like you didn’t force yourself onto me when I showed myself off to you.”

“I think, I get what you mean, Enya.”

“Aia is surely shocked by all this. Most likely, she takes your way of reasoning to heart. You have, actually, just demonstrated that you’re the best partner she could ever find.”

“Enya…” I sigh. “And you?”

“Me? I’m right here, love,” she giggles. “Now it’s clear, you’re the only guy for Aia.”

“But Enya, what about us?” I ask her .

“I know what you mean, Kira…” she sighs. “I was trying to avoid your question, right?”


She sighs and lies onto my chest.

“As long as we can be together like this, I won’t meddle nor try to stop you two, You both are too dear to me. I love you, more than anyone…”

“Enya…” I hug the horny kitten.

“And more now, knowing that we have this bond, the hormonal bond. But it’s also clear that his very same bond is there between Aia and you, even stronger than ours…” she sighs. “I want to go on as we have talked it through again and again—”

“Telling Aia about this relationship we have once we have cleared everything up…” I sigh.


“It won’t be long…”

“I know… I was chatting with Aia via terminal when you texted me.”

“Did she tell?”

“Only that you are the greatest gentleman, and that she knows what to do now…”

“Oh…” I sigh again.

“She told me—You haven’t heard this from me…” I nod. “She told that she’ll take everything in what happened between you two and has set herself a deadline of three weeks.”


“This means…” she purrs, “in three weeks, or so… you and Aia… nudge, nudge… know whatahmean, know whatahmean, eh? nudge, nudge…” Enya giggles lewdly.

“Oh, Enya…” I have to laugh. “Nudge, nudge…” I chuckle while I poke her.

“Yup! By the way~” she purrs sultry. “Up to more~ Love?”

I just pull her to a kiss.



“Are you serious?” I almost shout into Yuuki’s face as I read a voluntary haul she offered me.

“Indeed I am, Kira-san,” she confirms nodding. “It is a long haul, but worth it…”

“With this, I could—” I swallow.

“You could get something nice for Aia-chan,” Yuuki giggles.

“Ah…” Did she just read my mind? “Yeah… It’s really a long haul, but this money… I would recover the income I’ve not gotten while hospitalized.”

“That was one of the reasons I thought of you, Kira-san.”

“Thank you so much, Yuuki-san. I also have to pay back the medical bill…”

“Kira-san,” Yuuki giggles. “No need, it was all covered with your health insurance.”

“Really?” I ask freaking out.

“Indeed. The ISTM’s insurance covers such cases too, even your bionic limbs.”

“I can’t believe it…”

“Your truck’s repairs are also covered with an insurance. Meaning, you have no need to pay back anything, Kira-san. This money,” she points at the manifest, “is entirely yours. Plus, the profit goes to any NGO you prefer. Expenses are already deducted from this sum.”

“I’ll take it, no doubt. And if you need anything, just call me up. You have done so much for me.”

“No need, Kira-san. Remember, we are a family, after all,” Yuuki giggles.


In my Falcon, I select Aia’s contact and put on the video.

“Hi, Aia!”

«Hi, Kira. What are you so excited about?» she giggles.

“You can’t believe it! I just got selected for a humanitarian transport which pays enough to recover my lost paychecks.”

«Wow! That’s great! When are you leaving?» She almost jumps up in happiness.


«Fuck… I won’t be back till tomorrow… I wanted to tell you something. But it can wait till you’re back.»

“Shit… Can it really wait?”

«Yeah, I want to tell you in person, not via video. So don’t worry, I’ll wait till you’re back.»

“But Aia, I will be away for several weeks… almost a month…”

«Ugh~ No, I’ll wait. It has to be in person. So don’t worry. Have a good haul.»

I could swear I saw a tear rolling down her cheek.

“I could—”

«No, Kira,» she interrupts me. «This time, I’ll wait for your return. We’ll keep chatting, right?»

“Of course, Aia. I’ll call you whenever possible.”

«Great! Ah! I’m reaching a station… Call you tomorrow.»

“Sure, good haul, Aia.”


I sigh deeply while I read Enya’s text, ‘be there in 10. xxx.’

Enya keeps me company until the night, when my cargo is ready.


“Let’s go, buddy, let’s go,” I tell my trusty Falcon. “To a galaxy far, far away…”

End of Space Highways: The Awakened

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