Arc: The Awakened

SpaceHighwaySpaceHighway: The Awakened is the first arc of the SpaceHighway series.

Kira has awakened in the thirtieth-century after over a millennium-long sleep in cryopreservation… The enigmatic Aia, an alien of unknown origin, helps him out.

Follow Kira as he discovers new worlds and friends throughout the universe.

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A24 ~ The Ostis Incident

Last chapter of Space Highways: The Awakened.

Aia and Kira continue on their haul to Ostis. What seemed an easy job, becomes more exciting… But this excitement might affect Aia and Kira's future relationship.

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A23 ~ Return to the Space-Highways

Finally, Kira is discharged from the hospital. Aia does not let him rest and forces him to accompany her on a haul on the next day.
While Kira still gets used to his new bionic limbs, the trip to Orion may prove difficult…

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A22 ~ Bionic Phoenix

Kira's life hangs by a thread… Barely surviving the attack on Crushmont, he's admitted to the best bionic hospital of Gaia. A weighty question still lingers… Will he ever be able to return to the space-highways?

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A20 ~ Kitty’s Legacy

While Kira is coming to terms with his feelings, his past chases him down…
He needs all the help he can muster to go through it and keep in the present.

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A19 ~ Stories

It is time for some stories… Aia, Enya, Jim, and Kira meet after a long day at the helm of their space-trucks.
They begin to tell some of the best things that happened to them.

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A18 ~ Cargo 55: The Voyager

A simple, routine haul brings an 'old' friend home.
Kira sees a childhood dream come true… and finds a real voyager.

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A17 ~ Cargo 51: Roswell

A simple joke in the wrong place sends Kira behind bars…
He is under military custody for the time being, and no end is in sight until…

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A16 ~ SOS: Black Hole!

The usual route becomes an emergency… A cruiser is falling into a Black Hole! All truckers nearby unite and try to help them out.
The only mechanic around is Kira, but this is not your average Diesel engine…

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A15 ~ Cargo 34: Schrödinger Project

A long day awaits Kira… He and the rest of the Aces of Aces work together in a huge haul to a secret science space-station.
What secrets lay in this station? What is this ‘Schrödinger Project’ all about?

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A14 ~ All Systems Down!

On his way to the constellation of Fornax, Kira’s truck becomes silent…
Desperation mounts even after help arrives and Kira is about to lose his temper.
Right on time, as usual, Enya appears to help him out, in more than one way…

v 5

A13 ~ Cargo 8: The Space-Highways

Kira meets Jim on the mixed service station Scorpius-23 near Gliese 667 in the Scorpius constellation.
They tell stories about their experience on the Space-Highways.
Kira had some interesting experiences in the past week, and will surely experience more on the station.

v 5

Extra 1 ~ A Day in the Museum

Aia and Kira visit the huge museum.
Kira is awestruck by all the changes and the history of what he missed while deep-frozen in his cryopreservation capsule.
So much to learn and to discover

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A12 ~ Cargo 1: R u Sirius?

Kira‘s first solo-haul! Finally! A ‘short’ hop to the Sirius-sector. What new things and species will he encounter?