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Alien species

Class: mammal


Species description


Subspecies and races




“His skin is whiter than any caucasian human… Almost pale… His hair is almost white with shadows of light cinnamon. His movements are incredibly fluid… as if he does not have joints nor bones…”

General description

Elegant movements, fluid like jelly or watery.
Quite “elastic”


Detailed description by body parts

  • Hight: –
  • Arms: –
  • Skin: Soft, almost silky. “Gives in to touch, just like jelly, at most a centimeter.”
  • Ears: –
  • Nose: –
  • Eyes: –
    • Eyelids: upper and lower eyelids
  • Tail: –
  • Lips: Jelly-like, gelatinous
  • Tongue: Smooth, slightly slippery.
  • ..


  • Native Language: Reafan
  • Native Language speakers: Approx. 231 billion.
  • Known dialects: –
  • Other acquired languages:
    • Gaian English (approx 98 billion fluent speakers),…
  • ..

Regions of influence

  • Home Planet: –
  • Home Galaxy: –


Regions by population


Genetic compatibility with other species

Reaf are known to be quite broadly compatible with other mammal species. Outside of mammals, there is no known compatibility with them.


List of known compatible species

  • Gaian-humans

Name etymology


Plural of Reaf: Reaf

Belief system and Religion


Political system


Political involvement


Local policy


Interplanetary policy



Upon the discovery of Gaia-Earth many[Citation needed] Reaf emigrated to Gaia and settled with down.


Mestizo and species mixing


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