Alien species

Class: mammal


Species description


Detailed description by body parts

  • Hight: –
  • Face: Oval
  • Arms: –
  • Skin: Platinum gray
  • Ears: –
  • Nose: –
  • Eyes: Quite big.
  • Tail: –


  • Native Language: ïihah
  • Native Language speakers: Approx. 98 billion.
  • Known dialects: –
  • Other acquired languages: Gaian English (approx 59 billion fluent speakers),…

Genetic compatibility with other species

ÏIha are known to be quite broadly compatible with other mammal species. Outside of mammals, there is no known compatibility with them. ..

List of known compatible species

  • Gaian-humans


Upon the discovery of Gaia-Earth many[Citation needed] ÏIha emigrated to Gaia and settled with down. ..

Mestizo and species mixing



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