e² - Earth Express (Gaia)

e² – Earth Express (Gaia)

Public train service on Gaia. Transit connections with several Intergalactic Railways (IR) stations around Gaia. The transit routes sync with the IR connections.
Also has several lines to and from Mars and Venus.

Despite having changed the planet’s name to Gaia, Earth Express and its iconic e² logo keeps the planet’s old name. The company has been founded before the new name convention and is not forced to change its name. In 2999, the company reached out to the public with several alternative names and logos [citation needed] , by popular demand, the company kept its original

IR - Intergalactic Railways

IR – Intergalactic Railways

Orion based passenger transport.

The Intergalactic Railways corporation is the best known intergalactic passenger transport in the whole known universe.
Its main objective is to connect most inhabited solar systems and have at least one permanent private or mixed station in each of them. Planets with enough passenger flow have a dedicated station.

The Intergalactic Railways is renown for its punctuality, outstanding service and luxury in its first class carriages.

Space Gates

Space Gates

Most big planets with enough traffic have its own Space Gate station. Those with high volume traffic have a Space Gate Complex.

The interior between Gates is similar to old-fashioned tunnels with several lanes apt for the width of a space-truck. Those tunnels are commonly called space-highways. Most space-highways have several exits and access points, similarly to the old Gaian terrestrial motorways and highways.