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Intergalactic Railways (IR)

Orion based passenger transport.

The Intergalactic Railways corporation is the best known intergalactic passenger transport in the whole known universe.
Its main objective is to connect most inhabited solar systems and have at least one permanent private or mixed station in each of them. Planets with enough passenger flow have a dedicated station.

The Intergalactic Railways is renown for its punctuality, outstanding service and luxury in its first class carriages.


Most stations are mixed, in which the IR holds an important stake and normally handles part, if not most, of the upkeep of the station. In several solar systems, the IR approaches the most dominant existing stations for cooperation.
Recent rumors hint to a new alliance on the planet Gaia (Sol system). It seems that the IR is negotiating a mixed station within the already existing Alpha-XT property of the Central ISTM. But neither the IR nor the ISTM confirm nor deny those rumors[citation needed].


The so-called trains follow the example of the space-trucks, in which a craft similar to a space-truck, the engine, is coupled to a chain of carriages.


The carriages are based on a similar basic design as the cargo-hold containers used by space-trucks, but are specifically designed for the transport of passengers.

First class

The IR boasts that only luxury star-liners provide greater luxury than their first class carriages.

Each first class carriage has the capacity of 120 passengers and is designed for comfort. Half of the passenger capacity of each carriage is divided into two main sections. The forward section is made up of 15 cabins for an average of 4 passengers, up to 6. The middle section holds a bar and a shop. The back section is open with several seating facilities and entertainment options. Further back, toilets and showers are provided for the passengers. A further third section is reserved for the kitchen and personnel quarters.

Free meals are served by stewards and stewardesses from a selection of menus provided by the cooks of the carriage.

First class sleepers

Similarly to the standard first class carriages, they are divided into two sections. One is a common space for entertainment and socializing, and includes a bar.

The main section is formed by 20 cabins of different capacities, from 1 to 4 passengers. Depending on the configuration of the sleeper, up to 90 passengers can enjoy their voyage.
Each cabin boasts of one to three beds. Except for the one passenger cabin, all have at least one king-sized bed.
All cabins include a private bathroom with toilet and shower. Videowalls and other entertainment possibilities are offered.

If the patrons desire, they can enjoy their meals in their cabins or in the common space.

Second class

Despite not being able to boast in luxury, the second class carriages are well received by any passenger. Each has the capacity of an average of 240 passengers.

In contrast to the division into two passenger sections, second class carriages are one large open section with no cabins. However, a smaller enclosed section is dedicated to a bar and restaurant. The restaurant is normally at the back of the carriage where the employees’ quarters are located.

In any of IR’s carriage comfort is granted and as such, each individual seat is reclinable and designed for comfort. The food, although not as luxurious as in the first class, is considered the best of any railway.

Second class sleepers

Similarly to the first class sleepers, the carriages are divided into two main sections, a common space for socializing and consumption. This space includes a bar and restaurant.

The sleeping section holds 30 cabins. Most are configured in half of the cabins for 4 passengers and the other half for 6. Although, there are carriages with solely 6 passengers cabins, thus totaling a maximum of 180 passengers per sleeper carriage. Normally, the beds are configured into two to three bunks.

Keeping in mind their maxim of comfort, the IR provides comfortable beds despite being presented as bunks.

“Third” class

In rare occasions, a so-called “third” class carriage is implemented. Mainly for humanitarian actions, such as urgent refugee transports. These carriages are mostly designed for capacity. Even so, comfort still comes first for the IR who tries to make the transit as comfortable as possible.


As of writing of this article, IR is expanding its habitual routes and should be consulted on their main netpage.

The IR boasts of having a habitual route between all inhabited solar system and with the most important planets in the known universe.

Special routes

IR offers several special routes inside their luxury scenic lines. See their netpage for more information.


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