Although still called cars, the resemblance with old twenty-first century vehicles is reduced to basic shapes. Modern vehicles lack wheels and are hovering, reducing friction only to air-pressure.
The “steering wheel” is superseded with a multipurpose joystick.
All cars have Augmented Reality displays embedded in their windshields for safety and navigation.

Space Truck

Space Truck

Huge space crafts designed to pull cargo holds. Most powerful space trucks are able to leave and reenter atmospheres with full cargo.

Space Trucks are the cornerstone of the exploration of space and to haul cargo across the universe.

Space Bus


Also called Shuttle, SpaceBuses are a type of buses especially designed for open space cruise. Most[citation needed] are able to leave and reenter atmospheres.

Of the three typical bus types, SpaceBuses are the only ones design for zero-G travels. Other bus-types are the AirBus and the GroundBus.